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How To Clean Cast Iron Frying Pan Without Taking Much Time?

A cast-iron frying pan is a great tool to have in your kitchen. It’s heavy and durable, which means it can take high heat without warping or changing how the food cooks. But how to clean a cast-iron frying pan?

This article will teach you how to keep your cast iron skillet & frying pan looking shiny and new with just a few simple steps.

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How to clean a cast-iron frying pan? 7 Easy Steps!

Follow the provided seven easy to follow steps to clean a cast iron frying pan or skillet!

  1. If possible, clean the pan immediately after use, while it is still hot or warm. If you can’t do that right away, don’t leave it on your countertop—it may rust and become unusable before you need to use it again.
  2. Wash the pan by hand using hot water and a sponge. Avoid dishwashers, soap, and steel wool as they may damage the seasoning.
  3. To clean a cast-iron frying pan with food residue, scrub the pan with kosher salt and water. To remove stuck-on food, boil water in the pan.
  4. Dry the pan on low heat or you can apply a towel to dry the pan completely.
  5. Cover the inside of the pan with a light coating of vegetable oil or melted shortening, then rub to remove any excess.
  6. Now the pan is ready to be stored, but store it in a dry place.
  7. Use soap, steel wool, or any other abrasive sparingly. If the skillet is well-seasoned from years of use, a small amount of mild soap will not do much harm.

How do you clean crud off a cast iron skillet?

To clean the crud off cast iron skillet, you should have a scrub brush or some kosher salt and have some boiling water.

You should then rinse the pan with the soapy water and scrub if needed before filling it with hot water and adding a generous amount of kosher salt.

Boil water for about 10 minutes to let it sit in the pan, then dump it out and rinse the pan with cold water.

Can I clean cast iron’s stubborn spots with steel wool?

No, unless you’d like to damage the surface and have it rust.

I recommend using a metal scraper or pairing a pinch of kosher salt with oil to keep cast-iron from sticking. For some cast iron pans I also use an acid cleanser after scraping. Rinse well, dry thoroughly with paper towels and rub in cooking oil (vegetable or olive) before storing the pan until next time. Occasionally pour liquid soap onto your scrubby sponge for an extra cleansing boost.

What happens when you use steel wool on cast iron?

Steel wool should never be used on cast iron. You’ll cause damage to the pans surface and remove seasoning from the pan.

How To Clean Cast Iron Frying Pan & Skillet