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12 Best Shaved Ice Machine 2020 – #12 Is SUPER AWESOME

shaved ice machine

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Shaved Ice Machine – Shaved ice mixed with your favorite flavors is a genuine refreshing treat for your family and loved ones, especially in hot summer days. You can either shave ice the traditional way with a sharp knife and a block of ice, or you can do that much more conveniently by using a Shaved Ice Machine, which will do the hard work for you.

Find the list below where we have shortlisted 12 of the best shaved ice machine for home available on Amazon. Here we have done all the hard work for you by reviewing so many ice shaving machines in the market and selected the best ones for you.

2nd Best

Nostalgia Vintage Shaved Ice Machine

Nostalgia home shaved ice machine

Top Pick

Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver

snowie shaved ice machine

3rd Best

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine

hawaiian shaved ice machine

The Ultimate Shaved Ice Machine Buying Guide

What you need to consider before buying a shaved ice machine.

If you have been using the shaved ice machine in the past, then you will already be knowing all the critical aspects to consider before buying one, but if you are getting this machine for the first time, then you MUST read below the essential factors which are necessary to consider before you buy shaved ice machine.


It is evident that if you are paying for something you need to make sure the machine or the equipment must have a reasonable time of warranty so that if you face any problems or the machine turns out to be faulty etc. then you can contact the manufacturer to have it replaced within the warranty period.

Size & Space:

The size and space factor is crucial for you to consider. If you have a small kitchen, then it is evident that the space you would have on the countertop will be minimal. It gets a bit compromising when you need to have a larger sized machine, but you don’t have enough space for it in your kitchen, then you need to compromise on the smaller machine.


The durability factor is crucial. Everyone wants their equipment to go miles, who don’t? So if you want your ice crushing machines to be durable and long-lasting, then we will highly recommend that you should go for stainless steel construction. Steel ice shaving machines are heavy, which is not portable and preferred to be placed in one place, mostly on the kitchen countertops, and these machines are a bit harder to clean as compared to those ice shaving machines which are made of plastic. Plastic is hazardous to our environment, but these machines are more portable, lightweight, and easy to clean and assemble.


The blade construction is also very important. It is highly recommended that the blade should be of stainless steel, and the assembly and the replacement of the blade must be easy. Why a stainless steel blade is recommended because it ensures durability and long-lasting performance.


You will find two types of ice shaving machine packages, one that comes with accessories and one that doesn’t offer any accessories. So it’s pretty obvious that you should go for that machine which offers accessories like straw spoons, cone cups, ice molds, scoops, and flavored syrups.

Easy to use:

Shaving machines are different in operation than block shaved ice machine. Its quite straightforward; the simpler the machine, the simpler the process. The simplest of these machines is the Japanese shaved ice machine. So it is highly recommended that when you choose your ice crushing machine, you should also check its usability.


Last but not the least aspect you should be looking at is the price tag. Do you afford the machine you want to have? If the use is less and not regular but occasional, than it is recommended that you should go for less expensive ice shaving machines for home use.

If you are planning to purchase the machine for commercial use, the home use machines will not work for that purpose; then, you must consider those machines which are made for commercial use.

We have mentioned two of the most popular commercial shaved ice machines below, which are widely used.

Best Shaved Ice Machine Reviews


1. Little Snowie Shaved Ice Machine (Best Home Shaved Ice Machine)

snowie shaved ice machine


1. 1yr Warranty

2. 301 Hardened Stainless Steel Blade

3. Easy carry / clean / store

4. 6 flavored syrup bottles

5. 8 Snowie shovels

Little Snowie shaved ice machine package includes the snow shovels, six flavored syrup bottles and a coupon is included so you can order easily. So you will get six small syrup bottles, but when you order more through the coupon, you will get the bigger bottles, and a user manual is also included in the package.

The snowie 2, the best home shaved ice machine, is made of polycarbonate, which is sturdy and durable. This machine can hold nearly half a gallon of ice cubes, which is more than its previous version.

Keeping the safety first, the machine will not run until the top lid is down. If you open the lid while the machine is running, say you want to pour in some more ice, the machine will stop automatically.

This machine shaves ice really nice fluffy and delicate in seconds. It really can make a cup full of shaved ice within seconds. On the order form, which is included in the package, you will find 24 different flavors that are ready to be delivered to you as per your order.

What the buyers say...
  • Awesome shaver! Makes fluffy snow that is light and easy to eat with no ice chunks floating around
  • I love this little work horse! I own a small shaved ice business and this little Snowie gets the job done! Smooth, soft, consistent shaved ice each time
  • Excellent Shave Ice! This is a great machine that provides real fluffy snow-like ice, not chunky snow cone type ice
  • This was absolutely the best gift my 15-year-old son received for Christmas
  • This machine is FAST although quite loud but we are unbothered by it”


2. Nostalgia Vintage Shaved Ice Machine (Home Shaved Ice Machine)

Nostalgia home shaved ice machine


1. Hold 20 cones in one time

2. Stainless steel cutting blade

3. 360 degree viewable chamber

4. Snow cone side shelf

5. Safety switch

6. Comfortable size

Nostalgia SCM 525 home shaved ice machine is the new and upgraded version of SCM 502, which has almost the same look as 502 had, but this model comes with some added features.

Nostalgia 525 shaves ice and directly deposit the shaved ice into a large 360° viewable container. So it’s easy to know when you might want to make more.

It has a very convenient side tray to hole the ice cones, and the size of this machine is small, which can be placed on the countertop pretty easily.

The ice container capacity is enough to make 20 cones at a time. The precision-cut stainless steel blade is long-lasting and can be replaced easily.

What the buyers say...
  • Money wasted, believe me. I tried using it, it starts off strong, but finished weak.  It was almost impossible to assemble
  • So good I actually rented it out once. Just don’t overload it with ice and don’t drop the top, mine cracked
  • This thing is super amazing!!! Lots of fluffy ice in no time at all
  • It makes snow with very few small ice chips in
  • Great product. Shaves ice very well. Used it for a class project. My kids shaved about 10 pounds of ice (enough for more than 60 students) in about 25 minutes”


3. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine (Block Ice Shaver)

hawaiian shaved ice machine


1. Comes with 3 flavor bottles

2. 25 snow cone cups

3. 25 spoon straws

4. 3 bottle pourers

5. 2 block ice molds

6. Longer power cord

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine Reviews:

The Hawaiian shaved ice machine S900A (block ice shaver) comes with a quick how-to card and the user manual. The machine is made of plastic with a stainless steel blade for crushing ice. The height is about 12inches and its about 7inches wide. Its very lightweight and it weight just about 2lbs.

On top of the machine you will find a big gray color button which you press to shave the ice. You will get two plastic cup with the package. You pour water into these cups, put it into the freezer, and once they are solid, you can put these ice blocks into the unit for shaving. You can also use standard ice cubes as well.

It is recommended that after taking out the ice blocks from the freezer, you put them to thaw for about 5 min to get nice fluffy snow. The cord about 38 inches long. You can adjust the blade hight with the screwdriver to get different textures of the shaved ice.

What we dont like about this machine is that when you take out the ice from the mold, you need to put it to thaw for about 5 min. during this time you can make a lot of ice and ice cones on other machines like snowie shaved ice machine.

What the buyers say...
  • Ok, overall for the price it’s great. If it last a year through my abuse I’ll definitely buy another next yet
  • I should really say, “My husband loves it!” He’s a big kid, and he wanted to make shaved ice at home. So we got it. Aaaaand…we like it
  • The problem with this machine is first you have to freeze the ice disks, then you have to let the disks thaw for 10min or the machine doesn’t work very well
  • This is awesome!! My Hawaiian shaved ice machine arrived yesterday so this morning we had shaved ice for breakfast. So easy to use. Very quick
  • So glad I got this little beauty”

4. Cuisinart SCM-10 - Cuisinart Ice Crusher

Cuisinart portable shaved ice machine


1. Use regular ice cubes

2. Portable / Easy to carry

3. Easy to use

4. 4-5 cones in less than a min.

5. BPA free parts

6. 2 fold down cone holders

7. Pull out serving tray

8. Interlock safety feature

9. Professional motor & blade mechanism

The Cuisinart SCM 10 snow cone maker is fast and fun, and having the carnival treats at home is so much fun when you are around your friends and family. The design is beautiful, with a bright red color. It has the foldable side shelves, and you can put them down to place the ice cone in them.

You will get 12 paper cones and 4 BPA free plastic cones and a little scoop for the ice in the package. The one great thing about the scoop is that when you are done crushing the ice, this scoop will help you make beautiful looking now cones as well.

The operation is simple and straightforward; all you need to do is to lift the handle that is on top of the machine. The on/off button is in the front of the machine. A great safety feature in this snow cone machine is that if the machine is in the running position, and you lift the handle, say for adding more ice in it, this home shaved ice machine will turn off automatically to avoid any injury.


What we don’t like about this machine is that it will not give you powdery shaved ice, but the ice will be a bit crunchy. To some users, that’s more preferable.

What the buyers say...
  • This machine is fantastic. I like the safety features in it. The machine will not run if the lid is open or the ice tray removed
  • it’s more like a wanna-be sno cone maker but it does work ok-ish…the handle is plastic so be careful not to put too much pressure on it, and ice has to be small and can’t be put in in chunks or else it won’t chop the ice
  • It is a nice snow cone maker shave ice pretty fine just like snow cones from the fair
  • We love the Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker! I’ve been looking for a good ice crusher/shaver for a while now and found this Cuisinart on Amazon
  • If you are looking for a snow cone maker this is it”

5. Nostalgia Snow Cone Maker - Portable Snow Cone Ice Crusher

Nostalgia home shaved ice machine


1. Hold 20 cones in one time

2. Stainless steel cutting blade

3. 360 degree viewable chamber

4. Snow cone side shelf

5. Safety switch

6. Comfortable size

Nostalgia snow cone maker portable snow cone ice crusher is a beautifully designed unit. It comes with an ice shaving canaster, the ice feed insert unit, and you will find a small locking cap to lock and unlock the assembly.

The ice insert unit goes inside the ice shaving canaster, and lock the cap with the small plastic bolt. Now here you can add the ice cubes, but be careful not to load too much of ice or the lid will not go on top, so make sure you load ice as per the instructions.

With the package, you will get two plastic cones, a shovel and an instructional manual. The unit measures 13.5 inches wide, 10.5 inches in height. The power cord is about 3feet long.

The cone shelf on the front is removable, where you can place two cones at a time. There is a door on the side of the unit to pour out the ice when you are done shaving the ice.

The ice shaving canaster will set on top of the machine. You will not find any on/off button on this machine. And that’s its safety feature. If you want to turn the device on, just plug it in, put some ice in the ice feed insert area, put the lid on and close it by turning it anti-clockwise. And when you want to turn it off, just turn the cap clockwise, and the machine will stop functioning.

It is recommended that if you run it for about 3min, then you need to rest it for about 5min. The unit doesn’t come with any flavored syrups; you can buy them separately.

The top part of the unit is removable. It is recommended not to wash it, just clean it with a damp cloth. The ice crushing canaster, the scoop and the plastic cones should be hand-washed as they are not dishwasher safe.


The ice feed tray capacity is too small

Will need rest for 5min after 3min of running

The unit doesn’t come with flavored syrup

What the buyers say...
  • Mostly plastic this product only lasts about 2 months before a piece breaks and the manufacturer will not sell just the part you need.
  • The texture is not like the fluffy ice, its more like those rainbow snow cones you get from the ice cream truck
  • I used this for a school bake sale. We made a little over 70 Snow Cones in an hour! this thing is amazing, and very easy to use
  • I love everything about this retro snow machine, works great, good price
  • Amazing! We’ve used the machine several times with no problems”

6. VIVOHOME Dual Blades - Commercial Shaved Ice Machine

best commercial shaved ice machine


1. Food grade stainless steel hopper & blade

2. Rust resistant material

3. Dual cutting blades

4. 1400 rpm speed

5. Produces 440lbs of ice in one hour

6. Two rows of heat vents

7. 10mm thick acrylic ice container

8. Can hold the ice frozen for two hours

9. Water resistant on/off switch

10. Overheat protection

The VIVOHOME electrical dual blade commercial shaved ice machine is made for heavy-duty commercial use. Its mainly made of stainless steel that has an acrylic box in the bottom where the crushed ice is stored. The acrylic box has a large size opening door so that you can take out the crushed ice easily.

The powerful 250W motor runs at a high speed of 1400rpm that can crush 440lbs of ice in one hour. The power cord that comes with this commercial ice crusher shaver is about 5feet long.

The 201 stainless steel hopper is sturdy and is of substantial quality. This machine is equipped with two 430 stainless steel blades that give you the dual crushing ability, which results in a significant amount of shaved ice in less time.

The acrylic box is 10mm insulated, which helps in keeping the ice frozen for a more extended period of time, which is ideal for businesses.

For safety purposes, there is a water-resistant rubbery cover placed on the power button, which makes it safe to touch even if your hands are wet.

At the bottom of the acrylic box, you will find a drainage point. This is to drain out the melted ice.

VIVOHOME commercial ice shaver is a cooling refreshment for you in a burning hot summer. Suitable for homes, businesses and parties.

What the buyers say...
  • Great product so far! Easy to use crushed ice quickly
  • Best thing to bring in to the house in the middle of a very hot summer
  • I like because is very easy to use
  • The storage compartment for the shaved ice is large and the blades that shave it are quick and do an awesome job.
  • So far, we are pleased with the quality and speed”

7. Waring Pro - Professional Shaved Ice Machine & Snow Cone Maker

best shaved ice machine


1. Professional motor blade mechanism

2. Pull out serving tray

3. Foldable double cone rack

4. Can take 12 ice cubes in one time

5. Product manual included

6. Four BPA free plastic cones

7. 12 Paper cones

This snow cone maker comes with 4 BPA free reusable plastic cones, 12 paper cones and an ice scoop, which help you to make perfectly shaped cones every time.

This ice shaving machine doesn’t come with flavored syrups, so you need to order them separately, or you can make your own syrups at home using a simple to follow syrup recipe, which comes with the package.

In a matter of minutes, the commercial style pusher handle on top of the machine will turn the ice cubes into shaved ice. Another great thing about this ice shaver is that its safe.

There are two separate mechanisms installed to ensure you never come in contact with the razor-sharp blade while the machine is running. One is located at the top near the ice pusher, and the second one is located behind the plastic snow bin.

Before start operating the machine, be sure to insert the plastic snow bin properly into the main housing, or the ice crusher will not work. To start the operation, put ice cubes into the ice pusher, the ice pusher will hold about 12 ice cubes depending on their size, turn the toggle switch on and begin pressing the ice with the presser in a straight downward motion.

When done, you can wash the snow bin, the scoop and the snow cones with warm water. These are not dishwasher safe.

What the buyers say...
  • We’ve been using this every day for the last month and it’s giving us less and less snow and more and more ice chips
  • Reasonable priced. Very easy to use
  • The only thing I don’t like is the shape of the portion that holds the shaved ice. It has these crevices in the bottom that keeps you from getting all the ice out without using a spatula
  • Works well. Quite a bit of plastic so you cannot get too aggressive with the ice pusher
  • The top handle is deceiving as you think is it metal but instead is plastic”

8. Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine (Small Shaved Ice Machine)

hawaiian shaved ice machine


1. Hassle free 3 piece design

2. Include 2 ice molds

3. Easy to clean

4. 1 year warranty

5. Adjustable blades

6. Longer power cord

The Hawaiian shaved ice S900A (small shaved ice machine), as compared to the party pack, which is a bit expensive than this three-piece pack, is great for small parties and can shave 5-10 servicing at a time.

The package will contain two ice molds, you can use ice cubes as well, but the machine works great with the ice blocks of the standard size. So make the ice block using the ice molds, and when you want to make some shaved ice, take out the ice blocks and let it thaw for about 5min. If you want fluffier snow.

Then drop the ice block in the upper chamber of the machine and place the motor, which has the shaving blade at the bottom, and you are ready to shave some ice.

What the buyers say...
  • I was extremely excited about receiving this ice shaver but after the first use, I am more disappointed than anything
  • I did not expect it to do so, but bought it anyhow for at least small ice. It turns out, it really does make great shaved ice that is not crunchy
  • This machine truly does create fluffy snow!! We froze the water in the included tubs then sat them on the counter for 5 mins as recommended. The 2 tubs made enough snow for myself & 6 kids to have a little treat
  • Great for making shaved ice on a hot day for the family
  • This product is awesome. Make sure you let the ice sit for 5 mins before you use it as it makes the texture more fluffy”

9. VIVOHOME Electric Ice Crusher

best shaved ice machine for home


1. Heavy duty operation

2. 143lbs ice per hour

3. Hopper and blade is made of corrosion free stainless steel

4. Rust proof

5. Easy cleaning

6. Sturdy base

7.  Water resistant on/off switch

8. Auto shutoff when hopper is opened

9. Aesthetic design

The Vivohome electric shaved ice machine is a compact design with a stable base and can be placed easily on the countertop. This ice shaver can make 143lbs of shaved ice in an hour.

The built quality is sturdy. The hopper and the blade are made of stainless steel, which is rustproof. The sturdy base gives you lesser noise and vibration while the machine is running.

The power on/off switch is water-resistant makes you comfortable while using the machine. For safety, the machine will stop operating when the hopper handle is opened to avoid any injury.

The powerful 300W motor runs on 2000rpm, which can easily handle chunks of ice. The package will include the machine itself, a stainless steel snow bowl and a user manual for assistance.

Vivohome electric ice crusher aesthetic design is perfect for homes, restaurants, bars, canteens, snack stands, fairs, etc.

What the buyers say...
  • It’s super easy to use. You just put the ice cubes in the machine and it does all the work for you
  • This thing demolishes ice and produces perfect snowcone ice in no time flat
  • It’s a great value, super easy to use. My only bit of warning would be to put a towel down to soak up some of the ice that makes it through the crushing. It’s a really fantastic buy overall
  • I LOVE this ice shaver machine! It’s easy to use and turns large cubes of ice literally into snow
  • Its loud and a bit messy but shaves a bunch of ice fast”

10. ZENY Commercial Professional Shaved Ice Machine

Zeny best shaved ice machine for business


1. All stainless steel construction

2. 440lbs of shaved ice in one hour

3. water resistant on/off switch

4. 2500 rpm speed

5. Heat vent at the back

6. Double ended stainless steel blades

7. Anti skid design

8. Perfect for commercial use

We are now reviewing the commercial industrial ice shaver from Zeny. This professional shaved ice machine converts standard ice cubes into the snow like ice in seconds. Buying a commercial shaved ice machine is going to give you much better performance in speed and power as compared to a regular household appliance.

This particular commercial ice shaver can give you 440lbs of shaved ice in one hour. The power on/off button is covered in a rubbery coated protection for safety reasons, so you can use it while your hands are wet.

The power cord is about 4feet long. To some, this might be a bit short, so it is recommended that you should use a good quality extension cord.

The high-efficiency high output motor runs at 250W and 2500rpm. This commercial ice shaver has a dual blade system. This ice shaver is a bit loud to use indoor, but it won’t affect much if used outdoors.

The ice bowl and the appliance itself is made of stainless steel. The power speed and performance of this ice shaver, it’s oddly satisfying and pleasurable even fun to crush ice.

So if you like this product, the built quality is pretty good, and because it is for more of the commercial use, so the designer didn’t care much about the appearance.

It is easy to clean, because its stainless steel, all you need is a cloth to wipe it after you are done with it.

What the buyers say...
  • It’s loud but it’s expected for the size, a little noise is worth the end product
  • There is no way a higher priced ice shaver can do a better job than this machine. One of the best purchases I have made online
  • the ice it makes is divine. Just like soft snow
  • We made 300 snow cones for 5 days straight for vbs and worked great. Yes it gets hot but it never gave up
  • easy to use, shaves ice like snow very fast. Minimal clean up”
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11. Avalanche Home Shaved Ice Machine

Avalanche portable shaved ice machine


1. Use regular ice cubes

2. Safety switch

3. Adjustable & replaceable stainless steel blade

4. 1 year warranty

The Avalanche electric home shaved ice machine, and ice shaver by Victorio kitchen products makes entertaining easy and preparing children parties has never been simpler.

With this machine, you can directly use ice from your ice maker or ice cube tray and no special freezer mold to worry about. When you need to use this ice shaver, just open the lid, fill the ice chamber with the ice cubes, close the lid and press firmly on the top.

The stainless steel blades continuously spin and make you fluffy shaved ice for all kinds of beverages and frozen delights in a matter of seconds.

For safety reasons, this electric shaved ice machine will only work when the top lid is closed. The blades of this ice shaver are adjustable to get different textured snow and can also be replaced easily.

What the buyers say...
  • Very poor quality! We have purchased 2 of these shaved ice makers and they on last about 2 months
  • This thing is AWESOME!!! Makes SNOW cones with ice coming directly from my freezer
  • We love it, it’s quick and it’s easy to use. At my daughter’s birthday party children as young as 5 were making their own (with supervision!)
  • Have been using this little machine 3-4 times per day and love it. Shaves the ice right down to a tiny piece
  • I LOVE that you can use any kind of ice cubes in this machine, no special mold needed. I’ve used to the machine about 12 times now, it makes snow comes pretty fast”

12. Dash Portable Shaved Ice Machine

Dash portable shaved ice machine


1. Use regular ice cubes

2. Compact & lightweight

3. Easy surface cleaning

4. BPA free plastic material

Dash portable shaved ice machine is a perfect little machine that will take the minimal space on your kitchen countertop and can make you some tremendous snow-like ice in a matter of seconds.

This ice shaver machine is perfect for a single person or small family use. To make shaved ice, you need to fill the top container with ice cubes right out from the freezer or ice maker and close the top lid.

This is a very lightweight machine and can make you nice ice cones in seconds. The material used is BPA free plastic with stainless steel blades.

For safety reasons, the machine will not work if the top lid is not closed correctly. The distance between the shaver and the bowl is pretty decent.

What the buyers say...
  • Tried, cubed, crushed, and softened ice, the machine design leaves no way to force the ice towards the cutter head resulting in a bunch of ice just spinning around the chamber. Not worth the price and has been returned
  • I don’t know if my kids or my husband likes this more! It makes a great shaved ice with the ice straight from your freezer
  • I bought this because I was pregnant and NEEDED SNOW CONES like I need air. This is the perfect solution. it is small and produces shaved ice with no effort
  • I purchased this for my daughter. It works great! The only thing I noticed is after it runs for a bit and warms up you can smell the grease used to lubricate the internal gears
  • family loves it .. easy to use ….. great snow cones”

What is a shaved ice machine?


The ice machine, also known as Kakigori in Japan, was first introduced in the 11th century. At that time, the blocks of ice were saved during winters and were used in summer times as a dessert with flavored syrup to the emperor and the elite class of that time.

The reason it was not for the general public because of the lack of transportation services. Later in the 19th century, when the accessibility to ice has increased, it became one of the most favorite summer desserts.

How It Worked:

Traditionally the hand-driven ice crushing crank machines were used for crushing ice, which had a gripping iron block which was used to hold the ice block, and through the help of hand, the ice was spun on a blade, and as a result, the powered ice was formed. It’s a lot similar to ice cone, but the ice is much fluffier and is more like freshly fallen snow.

This ice desert is also known as Ice Gola in India and Pakistan, where the ice is shaved traditionally. Nowadays, these ice shaving machines are usually electrically powered and come in many varieties and qualities for both home and commercial use. 

What is the best shaved ice machine for home use?

Shaved ice machines come in many different models and brands. Some are specially made for home use, and some are made for commercial use. The best shaved ice machine for home use is no other than Hawaiian shaved ice machine. Currently, its S900A is getting a lot of popularity among users and is preferred over other big names like Cuisinart or Nostalgia or Snowie.

With Hawaiian shaved ice machine, you can enjoy the mouthwatering ice cones and deserts at your home comfort. The package includes snow cone cups, spoon straws, bottle pourers, and block ice molds.

This is the best-selling home ice shaver that can blend perfectly with three awesome flavors! Enjoy the mouthwatering serving of Hawaiian Shaved Ice in minutes.

The design of this home shaved ice machine is remarkable. The precision-cut stainless steel blade ensures delicate and fluffy, just like freshly fallen snow for every serving. The package includes two ice molds along with a non-skid mat for the tray.

The blade can be adjusted as per your desired texture of the ice. Make healthy, refreshing, and kid-friendly treats with the best-selling Hawaiian Shaved Ice machine.

What is the best commercial shaved ice machine?

When we want to have the best commercial shaved ice machine, then we certainly need a sturdy, heavy-duty machine that can handle the workload efficiently. To help you out with finding the best shaved ice machine for business, below we are giving you two options. Both these machines have a proven track record for heavy lifting, so we are quite sure that none of these machines will let you down.

ZENY Commercial Quality Ice Shaver (Best Shaved Ice Machine for Business):

Zeny best shaved ice machine for businessThe ZENY 250W Ice Shaver Machine has a sturdy all stainless steel construction. Its energy-efficient technology will provide you maximum efficiency, which is perfect for all fast food stores, snack bars, cafes, etc.

The blades are made of stainless steel, which is durable, sharp, and strong on ice crushing.

The anti-skid design of the handle gives more robust downward pressure on the ice. The simple design of this ice crusher is easy to use and clean.

The extraction of ice is easy because of the distance between the input and outlet points. The heat extraction point is at the back of the machine that ensures the stable operation and prolongs the life of the machine.

ZENY ice shaver machine is made of refined and durable stainless steel, which is easy to clean. The powerful motor can produce 440 pounds of shaved ice in an hour.

Paragon Snow Cone Machine (Best Shaved Ice Machine For Business):

Paragon’s best selling unit; Paragon is one of the industry’s most powerful ice crushing machine brands. Its robust and heavy-duty frame is made of aluminum, which ensures long-lasting performance & durability. The tempered glass allows a full view of the interior at all times.

The machine is equipped with a removable drain deck, and it also includes a 36-inch drain tube to help control runoff. A snow cone scoop is included in the package, which makes it easy to remove the crushed ice from the. This snow cone machine has a powerful 1/3 hp motor having the capacity to grind 500 lbs of ice in one hour.

How to change blades on little Snowie shaved ice machine?

The process of changing the blades of little snowie shaved ice machines is simple and easy to follow.

If you are in a hurry, watch this short video below and follow the process or continue reading below the video.

First, you need to unplug the machine for playing safe.

Four screws hold the hopper. We need to remove all four of them.

By removing the four screws will allow you to remove the hopper off.

Be careful because the hopper is hooked to a safety switch, so be gentle while removing the hopper, if, by accident, the safety switch is unplugged, it is easy to plug it back in.

You will notice that the blade is exposed, and you can see the blade easily, which is in the front. To take out the blade, there is a slot in the very front.

This slot allows for draining the ice as well as allow you to press up the blade out with the help of a screwdriver.

Now that you have removed the blade, take a new blade and pop it in place and you are done.