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10 Best Knife For Cutting Raw Meat – Updated for 2022!

Best Overall
Best Runner-up
Best Carving Knife
Best Boning Knife
Best Slicing Knife
DALSTRONG - Slicing Carving Knife
Mercer Culinary Genesis Carving Knife
Zwilling Professional Carving Knife
Imarku Boning Knife
TUO Slicing & Carving Knife
Size: 8-Inch
Rating: 4.9/5.0
Rating: 4.8/5.0
Rating: 4.9/5.0
Rating: 4.7/5.0
Rating: 4.6/5.0
Price: $79.99
Price: $35.99
Price: $129.99
Price: $29.99
Price: $28.99

When looking for the best knife for cutting raw meat, the blade length of around 8 cm and a width of around 1,5cm is suitable for cutting raw meat. The blade should be very sharp for cutting raw meat, but not serrated.

Also, the blade should not be too thin or too thick. This is because if the blade on the knife is too thin it will break easily while cutting raw meat.

However, if the blade on the knife is too thick it will cut through the meat very slowly and thereby make more work for you when you are cutting up all your raw meats.

Below you will find the list of knives, reviews and a detailed buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision.


These knives are not meant to thin slice the meat, for that purpose you should be looking for the best meat slicer that are made to do the job.

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With Dalstrong, best knife for cutting raw meat, you can perform all your day-to-day tasks in your kitchen without any trouble.

Its imported premium quality, high-carbon German steel, and ultra-sharp blades can perform better than any other knife.

This knife is not only meant for carving meat, but it will also help you at slicing perfect slices of fruits and other foods. Its unique blade maintains its razor-sharp edges even after using it for months.

Due to its moderate weight, you can produce the finest cuts with minimal effort, and it is also easy to maintain due to its stainless nature.

However, with the handle, balance and handling are incredible because it gives you a strong grip. It comes with a protective sheath that helps to store the knife after usage.

You can prefer a Mercer carving knife, runner-up best knife for cutting raw meat, over different blades for your typical preparation with meat, fruit, and veggies.

It is a high carbon durable knife made up of good steel that resists stains, rust, and corrosion. It has a fairly sharp tempered edge blade that gives the strength, stability, sharpness, and efficiency for easy chopping, honing, and cutting pieces.

The ergonomic handle is best for an average hand size that offers you an excellent non-slip and well-balanced grip even when it is wet.

You can easily manage meats, fruits, and veggies due to their excellent length. It is easy to maintain and worth its price.

You can use the versatile Zwilling J.A. Henckels, the best value Professional Carving Knife, for everyday slicing and carving purposes. J.A. Henckels is always the first preference of professional chefs due to its high-quality assurance.

It has robust and ice-hardened steel, which assures its durability and strength. This well-balanced and attractive knife has a simple design with a bolster at the end that gives finger support.

It has sharp blades that make it easy to create even and thin slices. The handle gives excellent support extra grip while cutting and chopping. At a reasonable price, it offers great features.

You can have a professional meat cutting best budget chef’s knife at your home in the shape of the IMARKU Boning budget Knife.

This exceptional knife has a sharp narrow blade that makes the de-boning, filleting, chopping, and skinning of meat easier. This premium product is made up of high carbon stainless steel and resists corrosion.

The blade provides maximum sharpness and sturdiness for precise slicing and chopping. It comes with an ergonomically designed and polished wood handle. It is non-slip even if the handle gets wet or oily while working. The maintenance and usage of this knife are quite simple and easy.

The size of the handle is good for average hands and gives great balance. You do not need to put extra force while de-boning, preparing, filleting, skinning, or cutting because it goes through heavy tasks easily. It comes with a protective shield.

Overall, Imarku carving knife is a great tool that makes cooking much more smoother.

You can have a TUO 8-inch slicing & carving knife that is most suitable for handling all types of meat cuts.

It has good German high carbon stainless steel blade that produces more precise cuts.

It provides excellent hardness, rust resistance, and edge retention, which gives the you long-lasting performance and durability.

Triple-rivets used for fixing the ergonomic handle that gives it strong stability and an excellent appearance to the knife.

The handle shape feels good to the hand and gives perfect balance and a strong grip while working. The knife size is best for making the finest cuts of veggies, meat, and fruits.

TUO carving knife makes working in the kitchen more exciting and easier, even for beginners.

Sky Light kitchen knife is the Best Kitchen Knife for Cutting Raw Meat that gives you an effortless meat cutting experience at a very affordable price.

Most of the chef’s knives are multi-purpose knives that are used to do different cutting jobs.

The 8” blade length that is hand sharpened to 15 degrees each side, is perfect for cutting raw steak.

The mirror-polished double bevel blade is perfect to do everyday cutting jobs.

The ergonomic design of this raw meat cutting knife makes it comfortable to grip with max balance and manipulation.

The perfectly designed bolster and innovation geometry ensure the chef knife a balanced weight distribution. This best chef knife under $100 for cutting raw meat, moves naturally around the focal point for agile and effortless work.

Military Grade High Polymer Handle fits firmly and comfortably in your hand. Highly impervious to heat, cold, and moisture, a perfect knife for both wide grip or leading grip.

Incredible Sharp Edge with 15° angle per side for peak performance handling kitchen tasks, curved blade for efficient cutting, this professional chef knife can meet all your need for cutlery in the kitchen.

The knife is made of a single piece of forged stainless steel to increase its durability and performance.

For max and enhanced hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance, the knife is precisely tempered for added durability and nitrogen cooled.

Overall, Sky Light chef knife is the best knife for cutting raw meat and to perform other cutting jobs for you.

So to answer a very common question, “what knife is best for cutting raw meat?” we will highly recommend Sky Light Kitchen Knife for this purpose.

KUMA multi-purpose chef knife has the perfect length to do most of the cutting job for you in the kitchen. The knife is razor-sharp right out of the box.

KUMA meat cutting knife gives you the best of control over your cutting by providing an agronomical handle design that sits very comfortably in your hand and with perfect weight and balance, the cutting and cooking become so easy.

KUMA kitchen knife features a 3Cr13 stainless steel blade which is softer and easy to sharpen as compared to other stainless steel blades.

The stainless steel blade handles corrosion well and resists various acids that are encountered daily.

During the production process, the metal is tempered carefully to produce a fine balance between toughness and sharpness retention.

Overall, KUMA meat cutting knife is the best kitchen knife that is affordable and gives you the best value against money.

Wallop Black Hawk series 8-inch knife is the best and most trusted butcher knife which features the combination of beautiful design and best performance. Each blade of the Wallop Black Hawk series crafted using the premium High Carbon German Stainless Steel for max performance.

The handle is made of extra durable Pakkawood with triple rivets to ensure the handle lasts for a long time and is designed to give max grip comfort and maneuverability.

Each chef knife is tempered with a precise vacuum heat-treatment at 56 Rockwell hardness and is nitrogen cooled for flexibility, hardness, and long-lasting performance.

Using the traditional 3-step Honzabuke method the edge of every chef knife is sharped at 8-12° per side.

Full-tang structure of this best meat cutting knife with triple rivets built-in balance each knife and ensure solid durability and superior resilience.

Amosteel Chef’s knife is one of the best-designed meat cutting knives in this affordable price range. Amosteel kitchen knife features 440-A stainless steel blade that is corrosion resistant.

The blade is hand polished for perfection. With 56 Rockwell hardness, Amosteel chef’s knife is built to perform and last more than expectation.

The 8-inch blade can cut through large chunks of food with ease and it ensures optimum precision for easy handling.

Well balanced and ergonomically designed wooden handle of this best knife for cutting raw meat gives you a comfortable grip while working on the routine cutting job.

Amosteel 8-inch chef’s knife is so impressive that it makes a great thoughtful present – especially with the magnetic knife holder that is included in the package.


MSY BigSunny is a nicely built kitchen knife that features German steel because German steel is considered one of the best suited stainless steel for knife blades.

MSY chef’s knife is best for vegetables, fruits, fish, and meats. DO NOT use it for cutting frozen items, this can damage the blade.

The knife is made of excellent quality German stainless steel at 58 Rockwell hardness. The is hand polished extra-sharp blade is 15degree on each side makes it super easy to do the cutting jobs.

With the inclusion of the Pakkawood handle, this best chef knife for cutting raw meat is very balanced and it gives you that extra comfortable grip without putting any pressure on your wrist.

The blade of this best affordable chef knife is hand polished to a satin finish revealing a stunning look.

Premium Pakkawood handles highlights the harmony appearance of the whole piece.

What to know before buying the best knife for cutting raw meat?

Cutting meat is an art in itself and everyone cannot do it correctly. It needs skills that can be improved over time.

Nowadays for many of us diet-conscious people, meat is the main source of protein in our diet. If so, then dealing with raw meat is routine work probably once or twice a week if not daily.

To learn and improve any skill, we need to use the proper tools. The same is the case with cutting raw meat. We need to have the right and best meat cutting knife to get the max output.

So how do we choose the best knife for cutting raw meat?

There are several essential things you should be considering before buying the best meat cutting knife.


Specifically for cutting meat, you should be looking for the thinner blade. The fat blade will make you use more force that will make you tired soon enough.


Another most important aspect is the flexibility of the blade. When we are dealing with raw meat, it is difficult to use the knife if the blade is not flexible. A flexible blade makes it easier to maneuver within the meat and makes it easy to cut through the difficult areas.


The sharper the blade the easier the work done. The dull and fat blade makes it very difficult to cut meat. It is very important to choose a meat cutting knife that keeps its sharpness for a longer period. Otherwise, you will be sharpening it every often.


The grip and the handle design is as important as other aspects because if you are not comfortable holding the knife, you will be looking for other alternatives.

So the grip and the handle design is very important. The ergonomically designed handle with non-slip material makes the meat cutting knife easy to grip and use.

Blade Length:

Blade length also plays a vital role in a knife’s performance. The too short or too long blade could be difficult to use. The best blade size for meat cutting knife is 8-9 inches, so you should be looking for this much of length so that you can perform at your best.

Frequently Ased Questions:

What knife should be used for cutting raw meat?

There are several big names in the market that are best for cutting raw meat and other more demanding cutting job but one that stands out from the rest is Wusthof Classic German Knife.

Wusthof Classic 8-inch chef’s knife is best knife that can be used with confidence for any cutting job you can think of.

Should I cut raw meat with a serrated knife?

You should not, because serrated knives are mostly for performing tasks like slicing bread and because of its serrated/wavy blade called teeth make cutting raw meat almost impossible.

Cutting raw meat may demand more force and hardness of the blade. Now this task can be a difficult one if we use a wrong or poor-quality knife. You require some high-end and luxurious knives for performing such tasks.

There is special meat cutting knives like boning/fillet knife and slicing/carving knife. Any sharp and flat blade knife is perfect for making the meat cutting task easy to do.

Is it good to cut raw meat with Santoku knife?

Santoku knives are great knives for meat cutting. They are easy to use because they have a wide but thin blade that is ideal for cutting through the thickest meat. The best part about a santoku knife is that it is the perfect size for any kitchen. It is easy to carry and store in your kitchen.

Is it good to cut raw meat with a utility knife?

It is absolutely fine to use a utility knife to cut raw meat. However, it is not the best choice. A meat-cutting chef’s knife will be much better. A utility knife is designed for use when you are cutting and chopping ingredients.

What is the difference between carving knife and a fillet knife?

Here are the main features of Carving knife and Fillet knife that will help you understand the main difference between these two types of meat cutting knives.

Carving Knife

  • Carving knives help to carve out the exact quantity and quality of meat.
  • With a long thin blade and a sharp point, this knife will cut through cartilage smoothly and easily to get as much meat as possible.
  • The blade on a carving knife is wider than the fillet one and makes it easier to keep the direction of the cuts straight.
  • Due to the large edges, various kitchen tasks and food preps become quicker and more convenient to accomplish.
  • They can cut thin slices of meat, including roasts, poultry, and other types of cooked meats.

Fillet Knife

  • Fillet knives give precision control while removing bones, cartilage, and skin from the meat. 
  • Their flexible and thin blades make it much easier and quicker for your blade to move around bones and joints and makes slices according to your requirement. 
  • It removes so finely that at the end you will have with more food and less waste.
  • Their straight or curved blades are thinner that gives more maneuverability to cut and move around bones.
  • They are also helpful for filleting fish because of their slim, sharp blade, and good control.