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Best Japanese Chef Knife Under $100 Reviews – April 2021

Our list of Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 100 will ensure you get the best value Japanese knives in 2021 that will give you max quality, performance, reliability, and durability.

List Of 8 Best Japanese Chef Knife Under $100 To Buy in 2021!

  1. FANTECK High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife – Best Japanese Chef Knife Under $100
  2. FAMCÜTE Professional Runner-up Best Japanese Chef Knife Under $100
  3. Tojiro DP Gyuto Chef KnifeBest Gyuto Chef Knife Under $100
  4. Shun Sora Chef’s Knife
  5. AUGYMER 8″ Professional Chefs Knife
  6. Japanese VG-10 Chef Knife  Best Budget Japanese Chef Knife Under $100
  7. Japanese Damascus Steel Chef Knife
  8. Yaxell Mon 8″ Chef’s Knife – Best Overall Japanese Chef Knife Under $100

1. FANTECK Chef KnifeBest Japanese Chef Knife Under $100

FANTECK High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife


  • Hand sharpened to 10-15°per side
  • High Carbon VG10 Damascus Steel
  • Stain resistant
  • 62+ Rockwell hardness
  • Pakkawood handle with acrylic rim

If you are looking for the best Damascus chef knife, FANTECK chef knife is the most popular Japanese chef knife on our list. It is a beautifully crafted chef knife that is designed & built to last longer than expectations. The ergonomically designed Pakkawood handle with acrylic rim gives a very superior look to this chef knife.

The blade is hand sharpened to 10-15degees each side that gives this chef knife a razor-sharp edge.

FANTECK is the Best Damascus Chef Knife Under $100 can cut through the bulky food pretty easily without making you put extra weight and strength.

The 67 layers of Damascus steel keeps the knife stay sharp for a long time. The Damascus steel is vacuum heat treated and nitrogen cooling techniques are also implemented to keep the steel fresh, sharp and stain-resistant.

Overall, the FANTECK is a fantastic chef knife that has a solid built with a razor-sharp edge that will last longer if properly taken care of.

2. FAMCÜTE Professional – Runner-up Best Japanese Chef Knife Under $100


  • High quality stainless steel blade
  • Blade length is 21.2cm
  • Overall length of 36.5cm
  • Handle made of African rosewood
  • Max grip and stability
  • 60 Rockwell hardness

FAMCUTE knives use high-quality steel so that the knives can withstand the harsh treatments and last longer.

With 60+/- Rockwell hardness, the blade is made to hold the edge for long and you don’t need to sharp it pretty often.

With the clad dimple design, the food doesn’t stick to the blade and this makes it easy to wash and clean the knife.

With the pinch grip, the blade length is 8” and due to the blade design, it easy to maneuver the blade for food cutting.

The handle is made out of African rosewood that is non-slip and gives you a comfortable grip.

Overall, FAMCUTE has perfectly designed this 8-inch chef knife that will cost you well under $100 and will be a great help for you in your kitchen.

3. Tojiro DP Gyuto – Best Gyuto Chef Knife Under $100

Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 100


  • Stain Resistant
  • Even Edged for Both Hand Easy Use
  • Blade Length 8.2″
  • 369 Customer Reviews

Tojiro DP Gyuto chef knife is the best Gyuto knife under $100. The weight is around 250g.

Tojiro DP best Gyuto knife is known to be the Best VG10 Chef Knife with a three-layer sandwiched cladding on either side of the core.

It has a triple-riveted handle with full tang going through it.

Spine thickness Gyuto chef knife is just about 2mm coming out of the bolster and almost keep the same thickness to about 3/4th of the spine length.

The handle is made of Stamina wood which feels comfortable and durable. It’s a bit meaty, a bit longer and angular. It has a straighter spine and belly curve, which reduces your rocking, chopping, and cutting motions.

Handle’s fit n finish is excellent. And If you have big hands, you will find it easier to use it because of its slightly more substantial and meaty handle.

When holding the knife for the first time, I mean first time out of the box, plz check if the spine and the bolster areas are sandpaper treated, if not you need to do that yourself cause there might be some sharp edges around these areas, so you can prevent yourself from getting hurt.

The knife is pretty ready to use and sharpened out of the box. I will rate the “out of the box sharpness” a pretty decent 6 or 7 out of 10. You can sure make it extra sharp by putting your own edge on it.

The general profile of the knife is not too flat and not too curvy, but you tend to go a bit higher while rocking, the point of the blade can get stuck in the cutting board.

4. Shun Sora Chef’s Knife, 8 Inch

Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 100


  • Blade length 8in.
  • Proprietary composite blade technology
  • VG10 Steel core
  • One layer of steel on each side
  • Hand wash only
  • Double bevel blade

A good chef knife is the essential kitchen knife. But what you probably dont know is that since the Sora line from Shun, features traditional Japanese blade and handle shapes, the Sora chef’s knife would be called a Gyuto.

It is used for all the same purposes as any standard chef’s knife—all-around food preparation. But the Sora chef’s cheap Japanese kitchen knives have less curve than a Western chef’s knife, which means it contacts the cutting board along its length, so more food is cut per slice.

The Sora has a gentle roll off the tip compared to the large roll of a western-style knife, so the Sora needs to be lifted less, which makes cutting more effective.

5. AUGYMER 8″ Professional Chefs Knife

Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 100


  • High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef Knife
  • Perfectly Balanced for Max Performance
  • Ultra Sharp Knife Perfect for Home & Professional Use.
  • Blade Length 8″
  • Net Weight 186g

AUGYMER 8″ Professional Chefs Knife is an excellent quality razor-sharp chef knife.

The blade is a quality piece of stainless steel with a perfect profile and a nice rocking curve. Nicely balanced and a very comfortable handle.

It comes with the blade guards in the box.

The knife is good for vegetables, meat, regular cutting but not for fish filet nor sashimi for work.

The blade is not a real “Damascus” but patterned like one.

It has a slightly curvy blade when carefully viewed along the edge, which helps you while rocking on the cutting board.

It has a nice balanced weight, but it entirely depends on your preference.

This knife has many great customer reviews.

6. Japanese VG-10 Chef Knife – Best Budget Japanese Chef Knife Under $100

Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 100


  • VG 10 Damascus Steel
  • Rust Resistant
  • Max Durability for Life Time Experience
  • Handle Made of Pakka Wood
  • Easy To Handle with Comfortable Grip
  • Multifunctional Usage

XITUO is one of the best Japanese kitchen knives, made of VG-10 High Carbon Stainless Steel, and is an excellent chef knife for most kitchen purposes.

The knife steel is a basic 440a stainless steel which will hold the edge for a fairly long period of time.

The shape of the knife can be compared with Wusthof’s Classic Ikon series, but its blade is nearly 5mm thinner than Wusthof Ikon. You will not notice until you do some heavy cutting and chopping through fruits, vegetables, and meat.

It normally comes with already razor sharpened blade, but there are a few instances where the buyers have experienced a factory sharped blade which will need to be sharpened as per your requirement.

I must say that the blade is NOT real “Damascus” but laser patterned for Damascus effect. Obviously, we don’t expect a Damascus blade in this price range.

It has a nice glossy handle made of wood and is thick enough to feel comfortable in hand.

It is well balanced and relatively lighter in weight as compared to other cheap Japanese knives of this length.

7. Japanese Steel Chef Knife (Best Affordable Damascus Chef Knife)

Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 100


  • Premium Quality Damascus Steel
  • Blade Length 8″
  • High Carbon VG 10 Core
  • Blade Sharpened to 15 degrees per side

Greater Goods, hand crafted Damascus steel Japanese kitchen knife offers the best budget Japanese Chef knives with superior quality carbon steel blade that will retain its edge for long and will serve you for longer than your expectations.

You will be surprised when you hold the knife in your hand for the first time, it is surprisingly light, almost like Shun.

After use, you must hand wash it and wipe it with a cloth or the water drops will leave its marks on it.

This knife will need extra care, its certainly not a “use it 50 times and then put it in a dishwasher” kind of a knife.

You will need to use it on a plastic or bamboo made cutting boards.

The knife comes razor-sharp, and if you are “extra careful about your kitchen tools” kind of a person, then you can consider this, and if not, don’t go for it.

The best budget Japanese chef knife has a thin blade which makes the blade lighter, and the handle is a bit heavier because of its size to fit in larger hands, so this makes it a bit back heavy.

To some users, the look and feel of this knife are way too higher than its price.

Perfectly designed for both hands use, and the handle is in perfect size if you have a large pair of hands.

This knife has very good reviews by its users, should check them as well before making your decision.

8. Yaxell Mon 8″ Chef’s Knife – Best Overall Japanese Chef Knife Under $100

Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 100


  • Superior High Quality 3 Core VG10 Steel Blade
  • Sandblast finish blade
  • 61 Rockwell Hardness
  • Approximate 12degree blade angle
  • Clad by high quality stainless steel both sides
  • Katana sword waveline
  • Black resin & linen canvas mikarta handle
  • Engraved stainless steel end cap on handle
  • Weight 209g
  • Blade height 45.5mm
  • Handle size 5″

Since 1932 Yaxell has produced some very fine high-quality kitchen knives and surely this is one of them.

The blade has from 3 layered VG10 superior-high-quality stainless steel, Clad by high-quality stainless steel from both sides.

Sandblasted finish give it a superior quality look.

The handle is made of resin and linen Canvas Micarta (FDA Approved), with two stainless steel rivets.

The knife weighs 209g, and spine thickness is 2mm.

As out of the box, this knife has incredible ergonomics and the sharpest of blades.

It is so good with one slide cutting, no back n forth cutting.

For this kind of knives, you must have a soft, high-quality wooden board to keep your knives super sharp and for a long-lasting experience.

With this price range, you expect this quality, but according to some reviews, the knife is of much higher quality as compared to its price. (Must check out the customer reviews).

Our Recommendation

Yaxell Mon 8-inch Chef’s Knife Review – Best Overall Japanese Chef Knife Under $100

Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 100

After putting a lot of hard work analyzing all the knives mentioned above, watched a lot of related videos and read out so many customer reviews, we have concluded that for you, the Best Japanese Chef Knife Under $100 is Yaxell mon 8-inch chef’s knife). Here’s why…

Best Features:

  • The blade core is made of 3-layer. Cobalt Molybdenum Vanadium.
  • VG10 superior stainless steel clad
  • Sand-blast finish blade.
  • Katana sword wave line gives this knife an outstanding appearance
  • 61 Rockwell hardness
  • Black resin and linen Canvas Micarta handle (FDA approved) with two stainless steel rivets
  • Full tang handle construction for strength, durability, and excellent balance
  • Hand wash only with warm water and very low chemicalized detergent;
  • Approximately 12° blade angle
  • Handcrafted in Seki City, Japan
  • lifetime warranty

Yaxell Mon 8″ chef’s knife, in comparison with other 10 inch Japanese chef knife, is one of the best best cheap Japanese kitchen knives.

There are models which are much more expensive than this one, but under $100 the quality of Yaxell Mon is outstanding.

Yaxell produces around 500-1000 knives a day, and it seems a lot but, trust me, it is not. There are knife manufacturing factories which produce 5000 to 10000 knives in a single day, but the quality doesn’t come near Yaxell’s knives.

Related: How to remove rust from stainless steel knives.

There are so many manufacturing stages where the individual knife is crafted, measured, balanced etc. by hand. This certainly means that Yaxell focuses on quality and not quantity.

So our recommendation without any doubt is Yaxell Mon 8″ Chef’s Knife to be your next main kitchen knife.

5 Tips For Taking Care of Cheap Japanese chef knives!

If you are using a cheap Japanese kitchen knives and want to keep it running for long, there are some very important tips you need to keep into consideration that will make sure your kitchen knives are well taken care of.

Watch this short video.

What is the best chef knife under 100?

Yaxell mon 8 chef’s knife is the best chef knife under 100.

This 8inch chef knife has some great features where it gets all the credits over others that can be purchased under $100.

Its main features are!

  • It has three layered core stainless steel blade.
  • VG10 Stainless steel clad
  • 61 Rockwell hardness
  • FDA approved Micarta handle with rivets
  • Full tang handle
  • Life time warranty


When you are searching for the best Japanese kitchen

knives, especially for chef knife under $100, you must keep in mind that every knife comes with its Pros n Cons, but it really depends on your preferences and needs.

Every Japanese kitchen chef knife needs care, and it will go miles for sure. Here we have talked about all those kitchen/chef knives which are relatively cheaper than some of the very professional and robust knives like Wusthof Knives Reviews, so you must keep this in mind while making your decision.

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