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How To Bake Cupcakes In a Broiler + 6 Useful Bonus Tips!

A lot of people love cupcakes, but not a lot own an oven. This seems to be a consistent issue among dessert enthusiasts. While buying your favorite batch of cupcakes may be easier, there will come a time when you will seek out the challenge to bake your own.

After all, the idea of creating more of your favorite flavors sounds like a good deal. If you don’t have the best toaster oven just yet, you can make a few trial batches using a broiler. 

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7 Steps To Bake Cupcakes In A Broiler

Step 1 – Use muffin tins instead of a muffin tray when baking cupcakes in a broiler. Your cupcake recipe still works in a broiler, with some very minor differences. 

Step 2 – Preheat your broiler and set it to the desired temperature. As mentioned earlier, you can preheat it until the heating elements turn red. 

Step 3 – Prepare your cupcakes on the side and pour the batter into the lined muffin tins. 

Step 4 – Position the muffin tins and lower the rack inside the broiler. You may need help for this step to keep the cover up. 

Step 5 – Bake according to what is stated in your recipe. The broiler works like a convection oven, so it’s not necessary to tweak it. 

Step 6 – Ask someone to assist you as you lift the rack out of the broiler. 

Step 7 – Cool your cupcakes for a few minutes and dig in!

The broiler is easy to use, making it the perfect tool for beginners. So until you get your hands on the oven you’ve been eyeing for so long, it’s best to start with the basics and practice with a broiler. 

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6 Useful Tips About Baking In A Broiler

A turbo broiler works much like a convection oven but is built differently. It usually comes with a large glass pot and a fan in the lid. It’s effective for food preparation but isn’t as popular as a baking tool. Users have proven otherwise since more than one type of dessert can be made through a broiler. But before we get to that, here are some things you should know: 

  1. Turbo broilers are affordable. Ovens are an investment, which means they can cost a lot. So you don’t have to rush to buy an oven since you can experiment on your cupcakes with a significantly cheaper broiler. 
  2. Preheating is unnecessary in a turbo broiler. But if you need to, you can set it until you notice the heat elements turn red. 
  3. Most turbo broilers are limited to 450 degrees F, so if you need to bake at higher temperatures, you’ll have to make adjustments. 
  4. The trick to baking in a broiler is to use a pan that allows better heat transfer, like an aluminum pan. 
  5. You don’t need to add water while baking in a broiler. 
  6. Cupcakes in a broiler are usually cooked all the way through. Some bakers don’t recommend it, but it has been useful for people who don’t have an oven yet.

Other Desserts You Can Make In A Broiler

If you’re a fan of cupcakes, you must be a fan of other types of desserts. Here are some of the desserts you can make in a broiler:

  • Molten Lava Mini Cake

This delicious dessert only takes 20 minutes to make in a broiler, and after topping it off with ice cream, you’re sure to satisfy that craving sweet tooth. Related: Best Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

  • Brownie Cups  

Brownies are similar to brownies, so making them should also be a breeze, except you’ll need a pan that fits in the broiler and not muffin tins. You can also add your twist with this by adding in coffee or marshmallow. 

  • Cassava Cake

This perfect tea cake is possible in a broiler. The signature toasted cheese topping in a cassava cake can also be achieved in a broiler. 

  • Skillet Cookie

Bake this delicious giant cookie in a broiler-proof dish and move it to a skillet for serving. It’ll look like a professionally prepared dessert that can impress family and friends. 


Desserts are becoming more accessible to us as manufacturers create easy-to-use kitchen tools at our disposal. And as innovation continues, we can only hope for the best cooking and baking experiences in the comforts of our home. Baking in a broiler may not sound easy, but the only thing left is to try.