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31 Best Cooking Gifts for Beginners in 2022 Are Super Cheap!

Whether your friend is trying to become a self-proclaimed chef or you know someone who needs handy kitchen equipment, there are tons of ideas that can be the best cooking gifts for beginners.

But there’s a slight catch to it. If you are looking for cooking gift ideas, the marketplace is full of low-quality cooking products targeted towards amateur cooks. That’s why we have designed this list of gifts to help you find the best cooking gifts for beginner cooks.

31 Best Cooking Gifts For Beginners!

1. Cuisinart Silicon Oven Mitts for beginners:

Cuisinart Silicon Oven Mitts: Almost everyone starts their cooking journey with baking some delicious treats. It is easy to roll, efficient and most of all, yummilicious to eat. If your loved one is fond of baking and you want to show them extra affection, then try giving them these quirky polar bear oven mitts. It not only helps them to have a grip on hot trays and moulds becoming convenient but also shows your care and thoughts towards them. 

2. Best Instant Pot for beginners:

Instant PotIf your loved one often has a busy schedule and got less time to prepare food, then an instant pot or a slow cooker is undoubtedly a thoughtful gift. This versatile pot is ideal for multipurpose cooking whether you want to steam your salmon, slow cook your turkey, or fry some doughnuts. This instant pot is not only affordable but also a space-saving appliance with all-in-one capabilities, making it an ideal gift for beginners.

3. Best Mortar & Pestle for beginners:

Mortar & PestleFinding a gift for your beginner friend? Try giving mortar and pestle. Yes! You heard it right. Before grinders and juicers were common, mortar and pestles used to be the essential part of every kitchen. It brings the juiciest flavour out of every bit of ingredient, maintaining all the nutritional aspects. It is handy and easy to use. This amazing mortar and pestle kit is scratch and slip-proof, giving your ingredients a perfect smash without damaging your skin.

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4. Complete Cookbook For Young Chefs:

Complete Cookbook For Young ChefsWhat’s more helpful for a beginner cook than a detailed cookbook filled with all sorts of delicious dishes? This is the best seller by New York Times, offering yummy local, continental, and oriental items, including breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. It is a step by step tutorial with extra facts and nutritional chart as well. This is a complete package and a perfect present for any beginner chef.

5. Urban Trend Ringo Multi Peeler for young chefs:

Urban Trend Ringo Multi PeelerWant to gift your mini chef something that is not only accessible but helpful too? The Ringo Multi-peeler is the perfect gift for them. It is safe to use having straight and serrated blades that can peel all sorts of veggies and fruits in just a snap. It is designed to work at different angles without straining your arms. Not only that but this amazing peeler has potato blemish remover that can carve out all types of blemishes without cutting.

6. Organic Bamboo Cutting Board for starters:

Organic Bamboo Cutting BoardBeginner chefs are often fond of cutting like a professional. If your loved one adore cutting too then give them this amazing wooden cutting board. It has scratch free timber wood especially made to handle all the roughness from knives. This wooden cutting board can not only help them become expert in cutting but also keeps the counter clean. This will give them a sense of admiration and enhance their confidence too.

7. Food Storage Containers for new cooks:

Food Storage Containers with LidsThere often come times especially after family gatherings, when a bulk of different dishes stay uneaten. You want to store them but you don’t have enough containers for that. If you have such perfect hosts who cook many delicious dishes then gift them this amazing set of containers. This whole kit has 40 plastic containers with lid having effective spill proof material and extra storage space, making it ideal for huge party leftovers.

8. Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware Set for new cooks:

Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware SetIf your loved one is fond of baking and they keep trying to ace in that field then try giving them a Calphalon 6-piece Bakeware Set. This ideally complete bakeware set has every essential mold for baking. This includes cake molds, baking trays, muffin trays, etc. Bakeware sets usually make perfect gifts for all your baking dreams.

9. Meal Prep food containers for young chefs:

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kids Box and Meal PrepIf you want to gift something extra ordinary to your beginner friend which can cater to their busy schedule then go for these highly recommended meal prep bowls. You’ll find them a very considerate gift, as you can prepare your meal that you’re going to eat throughout the week in advance. This is highly time consuming and will ease their daily routine.

10. Stainless Steel Colander for new cooks:

LiveFresh Stainless Steel Micro-Perforated 5-Quart ColanderWhen it comes about gifts, you should only consider giving those types of gifts that are helpful for the other person. Similarly, one of the most important cooking essentials, that could be highly needed for a beginner chef is the colander. These flexible hole drainer can strain all the dirt, debris, and water out of your vegetables and meat after the wash. It is made of stainless steel giving you all the ease without any fear of decaying. Make their lives easy by giving them this super accessible colander.

11. Salt Pepper Spices Grinder for young cooks:

Manual Stainless Steel Salt Pepper Spices GrinderYou can make the taste and aroma of your dish better by just adding freshly ground spices in it. Using powdered spices will not give you that effect as the ground ones. A manual stainless steel spice grinder provides a fairly simple way and helps you to grind up ingredients into tiny bits. For getting your required texture of spices, you can do multiple grinds. It also suits perfectly for dish decorating purposes.

12. Paring Knife for starter cooks:

Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Paring KnifeYou can bring ease and precision for cutting and peeling fruits, veggies, or doing any detailed kitchen tasks with good quality and a sharp paring knife. Due to their small size, they perfectly fit in your hand and allow you to chop, slice, or trim delicately. For garnishing or any on-off work, the all-purpose paring knife is a perfect choice.

13. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife for beginners:

Victorinox Fibrox Pro KnifeThe key to performing your heavy-duty tasks in a kitchen is a sharp edge chef knife. This versatile knife is perfect for helping you do a variety of kitchen tasks. With its broad and sharp blade, it can do almost every cutting work in the kitchen. It is a must-have tool in your kitchen as it performs tasks from cutting meat to Dicing vegetables, Slicing herbs, Chopping nuts, and can also separate meat from the bone without using to much force.

14. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet for new cooks:

Cast Iron SkilletThe cookware set is incomplete without a cast-iron skillet. A thin coat of oil on the pan prevents sticking food on the pan, which will be a great help for a beginner. This cost-effective and versatile tool is unmatched in functionality. That allows you to fry, bake, broil, roast many more options to cook. This heavy duty equipment also does the task of keeping food warm for a long time. This workhorse is also easy to use and clean.

15. Food Tongs for beginners:

Food TongFor moving, rotating, or turning the food, tongs can be helpful. These utensils provide a comfortable grip to hold something hot and lift it without burning fingers. Tongs can be used for various purposes like grilling, serving salad, pulling toast out of the toaster, flipping burgers, rotting meat on the skillet in time to cook it properly. A helping hand in the kitchen, as it can be used to get a grip on a hot stainer and also to tackle hard to reach places.

16. Cast Iron Dutch Oven for new cooks::

Cast Iron Dutch OvenDutch ovens are ideal for making soups and stews, slow-cook meat, and to make delicious quick bread. The versatile, seasoned cast iron dutch oven evenly distributes heat for excellent cooking results. It is well-designed cookware with a big pot and a lid perfect under regular use.

17. Immersion Hand Blender for new cooks::

Immersion Hand Blender Immersion or hand blender is one of the most powerful, versatile, and convenient appliances for preparing super quick recipes. The immersion blender can be wired or cordless. Equipped with the best cordless immersion blender, will allow you to make smoothies, milkshakes, beating, blending, and pureeing within no time and without the hassle of wire getting in the way. They become user friendly and easy to handle and clean because of their compact size and design. They are affordable and work more than they cost.

18. Cuisinart Salad Spinner for new cooks::

Cuisinart Salad SpinnerA salad spinner is an essential kitchen tool that comes with a powerful spinning mechanism. It quickly rinses and dry the salad dressings and speeds up the dinner prep when you are getting late. You have to wash and dry the salad ingredients to make a properly dressed salad, and for this salad spinner is the best option. This handy tool can also spin excess water out of pasta, draining beans, and many more.

19. Stand Mixer for new cooks::

Sunbeam Stand MixerA stand mixer is a multipurpose machine that comes with different attachments. If you are new to the cooking world, then the mixer does a great job of performing a variety of tasks and requires almost no work on your part while making your prep breeze. The power motor can handle all tasks, like making cookie dough, bread dough, brownie or cake batter, beating eggs, whipping cream, shredding, mixing, and mashing.

20. Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup Set for starter chefs:

Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup SetAs a beginner do not have much idea of adding the right amount of ingredients, for that measuring cups makes this easy for them. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing you to measure the right amount of liquid and solid ingredients like flour, sugar, etc. This affordable tool helps in measuring accurately and make you a better cook.

21. Digital Kitchen Scale for new cooks::

Digital Kitchen ScaleWith a large surface weighing area, this food scale weighs your grocery goodies with maximum precision from 0.1 ounces to 1 gram. The basic LCD is effortless to use and read. Even though the scale is a snap to grab, the scratch-resistant feet keep it stable. Also, don’t sweat about cleaning its stainless steel surface as it comes with a container to measure messy ingredients. Undoubtedly, a grand gift for the budding chef.

22. Carbon Steel Wok for new cooks::

Joyce Chen Carbon Steel WokCooking up some broccoli stir-fry or healthy tofu on this four-piece best carbon steel wok set will be an intimate process for the new cook. Safe to use on either electric or gas cooktops, this makes an ideal gift of a birthday or housewarming present. The birch wood handles will keep the hands from burning, and the carbon steel will give even heat, eliminating any guesswork. Make the early cooking endeavors of the budding chef adventurous with this easy-to-clean wok set that comes with a nonstick dome lid.

23. Knife Sharpening Stone for beginners:

Sharpening StoneWhen it comes to a kitchen knife, a budding chef should be the last person on earth struggling with a less-than-sharp knife. Crossing the line from a gift to an obligation this sharpening stone has medium 1000 grit on one side and fine 6000 grit on the other. The bamboo base keeps the knife steady while you sharpen your tools. Also, the angle guide helps avoid any injuries. An easy-to-understand instruction manual will guide the beginner cook to sharpen any kind of knife on this whetstone.

24. Master Series Blender for new cooks::

Master Series BlenderThis blender makes for a serious upgrade for pretty much any person in your life. From zipping up zesty salsas to blending chilled smoothies to whipping up rich soups, this blender has got you covered for everything. The budding chef will love tangling their tastebuds in all kinds of flavors thanks to the food chop, smoothie, and shake mode. Also, the blade is powered by 800 watts, and the glass is shatter-resistant.

25. Instant Read Meat Thermometer for new cooks:

Instant Read Meat ThermometerAn accurate Instant Read Meat Thermometer is the best gift you can give to a person who is entering into the world of cooking. It will make the cooking process more reliable and will eradicate any guesswork. Don’t wait for the stove to settle as this thermometer will show the temperature in 2 seconds with accuracy from -58°F to 572°F. Also, you can easily switch between °C and °F. Help a friend bid goodbye to their mumbo-jumbo style of cooking by gifting them this waterproof thermometer.

26. Adjustable Bib Apron for young cooks:

Bib ApronSave the novice cook from getting lost in the world of aprons. Wrap up this cooking apron that makes a wonderful option for a gift. Made for beginners, intermediates, and even professionals the polyester fiber can easily take a splash of grease or a spill of sauce. Also, the two large front pockets and the adjustable neck straps make it comfortable for a beginner. Moreover, the cleanup is pretty simple.

27. Wooden Cooking Utensil Set for beginners:

Wooden Cooking Utensit SetA spoon that is flimsy and doesn’t work properly can undoubtedly become a nightmare for the growing chef. Stirring and scraping are the primary tasks spoons have to do. Say goodbye to hectic arm work with this durable wooden cooking spoon set. These 6 wooden spatulas are easy to clean and will not scratch your precious cookware. Also, they are resistant to heat, and you can easily stir your favorite sauces to perfection.

28. Circulon Nonstick Roasting Pan for new cooks::

Circulon Nonstick Roasting PanIf your friend is getting along with cooking and is also a meat-lover, you should ask yourself why haven’t you gifted this pan by now. This nonstick roasting pan can mingle your taste buds with all kinds of juicy meat dishes from roasted turkeys to prime ribs to legs of lamb. The rack and pan combo allows even heating and is oven safe to around 450°F. Let the budding chef explore the meaty world with this heavy-duty versatile roasting pan.

29. Electric Griddle for new cooks::

Electric GriddleThis is a gift for anyone who loves aesthetic breakfasts. Cook everything be it waffles, bacon, eggs, pancakes, and burger patties. Cleaning and storage is a breeze, all thanks to the detachable handles. The texture of the nonstick surface keeps your pancakes from sliding off. Also, the drip tray will gather any grease from fatty foods like patties and bacon. The budding chef will be in complete control with the 231 square inch area and a versatile heat control system.

30. Magnetic Knife Bar for new cooks::

Magnetic Knife BarHelp your friend ditch the wooden knife block by gifting them this badass magnetic knife bar. This stainless-steel knife bar with a satin finish elevates the class of your kitchen by ten folds. Also, the powerful magnet holds your heaviest and largest knives instantly. The installation is pretty simple and once done, just grab the kitchen knife from this bar, cut your veggies, and place it back there.

31: Rotisserie Oven for starter cooks:

Rotisserie-Oven-for-ChickenWhen ever you are planning to cook large joints of meat or chicken or turkey, you will need to have the best rotisserie oven in your kitchen. This is the perfect machine cooking whole chicken, turkeys, legs of lamb and beef roasts.

The rotisserie oven comes in variety of options like, glass door, digital or analog controls, drip trays, double burners etc.