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Top 17 Best Carbon Steel Wok Reviews for 2020 – 111Reviews

Best Carbon Steel Wok 2020

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Why would you want to have the best carbon steel wok in your kitchen? Because a carbon steel wok or a deep pan is the most popular cooking item in a Chinese kitchen, but the use of a wok is not limited to Chinese cuisine. You can do stir-frying, steaming, smoking, deep-frying, etc.

Below we have shortlisted 17 best carbon steel wok for you to go through and find the one that fulfills your needs.

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Best Carbon Steel Wok Reviews

1. Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok by M.V. Trading

This best carbon steel wok 2020 has has a 14-gauge thick steel sheet which is perfect for standard size American kitchen stoves. The dimensions are 16.5 x 16.5 x 8.6 inches, and its weight is 6.5lbs.

This is the best flat bottom wok that is perfect to use on electric stoves and grills. This carbon steel wok is available in three different sizes, i.e. 12”, 14”, and 16”.

The wooden side spool allows you to do your cooking more conveniently and having this spool on a bigger size wok, makes it easier to carry when it’s hot and when you have food inside.

This wok is made of unseasoned carbon steel, so you need to season it first before use. You need to season this wok before use, and it is highly recommended that you should always handwash it and dry it immediately.

User Experience:

There are a few users who have complained about the handle construction. “It would start bending when I picked up the wok. Then, the handle completely snapped off”. “Also, the handle would never tighten fully & it spins.” Most of the other users are happy the way it works for them.

To date, 67% of the users have awarded a 5-star rating to this wok.

2. Sur La Table Wok - Best Carbon Steel Flat Bottom Wok

Sur la table 14 inch wok is one of the best flat bottom wok for stir-frying, deep-frying, and perfect for glass tops etc. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

Sur la table carbon steel wok 2020 is 14” in diameter with flat bottom, which is easy to use on various heating surfaces like gas, electric, ceramic, and induction stove tops.

It is highly recommended that you season it properly for long-lasting performance, and when you hand wash it, you should immediately dry it to prevent it from rusting.

The best thing about carbon steel is that it heats quickly, it distributes heat evenly, and this is perfect for high heat cooking. This wok features a sturdy maple handle. The handle construction is excellent and is ideal for easy maneuverability.

User Experience:

There are a lot of happy users of the carbon steel wok; some users were facing issues regarding its seasoning. One user added, “This wok is very nice. It is the good quality we expected. We’ll use it for years”. Another user shared his experience, “Love the size, especially when stir-frying large amounts of veggies. Heavy and very sturdy”.  

3. Best Carbon Steel Flat Bottom Wok - Joyce Chen

In 2009 Joyce Chen, one of the leading brands in the cookware industry, has introduced its classic series of carbon steel wok. This carbon steel wok has a 1.5mm gauge of carbon steel sheet thickness. Because its natural carbon steel, it distributes the heat evenly and you will not find any hot spots.

This 14” carbon steel wok with flat bottom, is perfect for you home and especially for American standard kitchen stoves. The benefit of having a big size wok is that you don’t have to cook your food in batches. It’s large enough to cook the food in one go.

The handle is made of birch wood, which is considered to be lightweight and robust. Because this wok has a flat bottom, it can be placed on gas, electric or induction stovetops. 

The dimensions of Joyce Chen flat bottom carbon steel wok are 23.5 x 14 x 4 inches, and its weight is 0.48oz.

User Experience:

One user complained that “after seasoning, the handle is unacceptably loose and feels like it will fall off any second”. A happy customer added that “glad I did some research and bought a quality wok, instead of wasting money on a nonstick.”

There is certainly a handsome amount of happy users of this carbon steel wok who added their experience and one thing is pretty common among all good reviews is that when you get it seasoned correctly, it works great. 

4. Best Round Bottom Wok - Norpro 10-Piece Wok Set

The NorPro wok set is a 10-piece wok set which comes with a 14” round bottom carbon steel wok that is perfect for your kitchen to cook food in one batch for the whole family.

The ten pieces that come with this wok are wok, reversible burner ring, lid, tempura rack, ten pairs chopsticks, one pair cooking chopsticks, wire steaming rack, turner, spoon, and recipe instruction booklet.

The carrying handle on both sides of the wok makes cooking and carrying easy. When seasoning the wok, oven seasoning is not recommended. This wok is for stovetop use only and can only be seasoned that way.

User Experience:

When we were checking all the reviews people have left for this wok, it was found that most of the users who have rated this wok with a 1-star were not happy because of its rusting problem. Some say it rusts after every use, and some added that it rusted after 2-3 uses.

One user added that,” If you are health conscious, don’t buy this wok! The lid is ALUMINUM! This information was not a part of the description, and it should be.”

One user named Vin has added a useful informational comment, “The Wok Spatula and ladle are pretty flimsy however the wok works great it didn’t season out the prettiest, but it so far has been great. Make sure you transfer your food out of it right away, clean it, and oil it as soon as you are done cooking cause it rusts fast otherwise.” Thank you, Vin.

To date, 58% of the users have rated this wok a 5-star rating and are happy the way it performs for them.

5. Mammafong Best Non Stick Wok

Mammafong has 14” round bottom carbon steel wok. Professional chefs usually use round bottom woks, and they prefer to work on these kinds of woks.

After the seasoning, Mammafong is the best non stick wok that is made in China and the steel is sturdy and heavy-duty.

It is of such quality that it can serve you for years. This is a best hand-hammered wok that is designed and built in China by master craftsmen.

Due to the healthy nature of carbon steel, you can prepare your healthy foods without any health dangers. The handcrafted wok will become nonstick naturally with use. Hence you will use lesser oil for your food prep.

The premium quality carbon steel ensures that the wok gets heat up fast and distributes the heat evenly to the entire wok for perfect cooking.

The wood handle is of the right length, which makes the cooking easy by doing effortless tossing and gives you a safe and comfortable grip.

The dimensions of this best round bottom carbon steel wok are 22.5 x 14 x 6 inches, and the weight is 3.31lbs.

User Experience:

One common issue buyers of this wok faces are the rust. Most of the negative reviews are about rust. Probably the wok was not taken care of as prescribed.

A lot of users are using this wok with perfect results; one user added that he had seasoned it three times. Like, he seasoned it as it arrived and made his first meal in it. After that, he seasoned it again and then for the third time. Now, he said, the food is not sticking and it is not rusting too.

71% of the users are happy with their purchase and has given it a 5-star review for its performance.

best carbon steel wok

6. Best Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok - Craft Wok

Craft Wok manufactures this carbon steel wok. It’s a 14” hand hammered round bottom carbon steel wok with the dimensions of 22.5 x 14 x 6 inches. The weight is 4.39lbs.

The primary purpose if this wok is to stir-fry. Besides that, it can also be used for many purposes such as deep-fryer, steamer and smoker as well.

This best hand hammered wok is made of 1.8mm thick commercial-grade carbon steel, and it was designed back in 2014. The round bottom of this wok is not recommended for flat electric and flat conduction stoves.

You need to season it first before your first use. The instructional manual will be available with the package. The helper handle doesn’t have and wooden grip, so its better as compared to those handles which have a wood piece installed that tends to burn when you are stir-frying on high temperatures.

User Experience:

Most of the times the user are complaining about it getting rusted so easily. “Even though I properly seasoned this pan it rusts everywhere” one user added. “I did all I was told to do, stored it and later when I needed to use it. It was all rusted and totally bad” another user shared his experience.

Nearly 80% of the users are happy with their purchase and are satisfied with its performance.

7. Mecete Best Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok

Mecete, best hand hammered carbon steel wok, features a sturdy carbon steel material with no chemical coating on its surface. This is a 14” diameter wok. Its dimensions are 21 x 14 x 4 inches, and its weight is 6.45lbs.

As compared to machine built woks, this is hand-hammered, and it was made sure that the thickness of the steel stays uniform so that the heat distribution can be kept perfect.

The handle and the handle attachment with this hand hammered wok are strong and sturdy, which is made of cast iron. Cast-Iron Skillet.

Two rivets are utilized to give the handle a perfect solid grip so that you can easily carry the wok with food inside.

The supporting stainless steel handle is also useful to share the load with the main handle. At the top of the handle, you will find a ring that can be used to hang the wok when not in use. Hanging the wok will also save you the counter space.

User Experience:

Some of the users complained that the wok arrived was not in round shape and was dented. Some users were not aware that it’s a round bottom wok, that’s why they were a bit disappointed because they could not use it on traditional stoves without a steel wok rack.

One of the users has contributed something worth mentioning, “All of the hand-made woks look the same except for the handle. Look closely at the handle on this one, and you will see it is far superior to anything else. The connection is a piece of casting. The handles on the other woks look to be rolled sheet metal. The weakest point of any pan with a handle attached to it is the handle.

 Rather than spending 20+ minutes cleaning the oil off of the wok, use lime juice and salt. You will know when it’s clean by the rust that starts to form almost immediately. Great item. No regrets.”

To date, 63% of the users have awarded this wok a 5-star rating and are happy with their purchase. 

8. Best Hand Hammered Flat Bottom Wok - Mammafong

Mammafong flat bottom carbon steel wok is a 14 inch wok with the dimensions of 22.5 x 14 x 6 inches, and its weight is 3.4lbs.

Because of the flat bottom, this hand-hammered wok can be used on any stovetop. It also works with gas, electric, and induction cooking.

The 4.5” long flat bottom of the wok is machine pressed. The wok is designed and manufactured by master craftsmen in Guangdong, China.

With the use of premium quality carbon steel and heavy gauge makes the heat distribution even and very useful for perfect cooking.

The solid built of the wood handle with three Revit connections with the wok makes the tossing easy, and with the help of the helper handle, it is easy to carry the wok when full.

User Experience:

One unhappy user added that the material used is very flimsy and thin. Another user said that he gave the wok four opportunities, but he was getting a strange metallic taste in the food.

One happy user added that this wok is not performing as he has expected, but he admitted that it is because of his own fault. The wok is basically for gas stoves.

Another user added that it’s sturdy, heats, and works well. He was concerned that the metal gets rusty pretty fast, so you need to be extra careful about that and should clean and dry it immediately.

71% of the users have awarded this wok a 5-star rating.

9. Best Carbon Steel Wok With Lid - Helen Chen

The best carbon steel wok 2020 with lid by Helen Chen is made of heavy gauge and lightweight. The dimensions of the wok are 19 x 14 x 10 inches, and its weight is 5lbs.

This is a 10” carbon steel wok with flat bottom with lid. Concentric grooves provide rapid, constant heating and quick heat recovery for optimum cooking.


It is highly recommended that the wok must be seasoned properly before the first use. And to keep that natural non-stick patina intact, you should not use soap for cleaning. Soak this steel wok in hot water for 5 minutes to loosen stuck-on food, then use hot water and soft sponge for cleaning the inside of the wok to protect the patina and for the outside, hot water and scrubber can be used. Dry it over low heat immediately after washing.

The carbon steel wok with lid is made of 1.6mm carbon steel. The handle is made of heat resistant bamboo wood. The handle is connected to the wok with the help of two rivets. The helper handle makes the carrying of the wok easy with food inside.

User Experience:

A very common complained about this wok is that it rusts pretty fast. To some users, the wok rusts even after the seasoning and taking precautionary measures.

Some users have issues over loose handles, and a few said that the handle is not that sturdy as it should be.

48% of the users have awarded this wok a 5-star rating and are happy.

10. Best Souped Up Carbon Steel Wok With Lid

This is the best souped up wok which has 12.5” diameter and it comes with Lid and flat bottom.It can be used on almost all heat sources including electric coils, electric and induction glass tops, gas stovetops.

The printed hammered texture gives this wok a unique look. This carbon steel wok doesn’t have any coating, so it is highly recommended that it should be seasoned properly, as per instructions, before the first use.

The package includes a carbon steel wok, wooden lid, stainless steel spatula, and a link to the video user guide on YouTube.

The lid is natural Fir wood and may have an odor. The handle is also made of wood.

It is recommended that you should do the seasoning before the first use, the video guide will help you with that, to make the wok naturally non-stick and to prevent it from getting rusty.

User Experience:

There is no worth mentioning negative experiences by the users. Some users were complaining that they didn’t get the spatula with it. One user said that the printed coating started to come off after a few months of use.

There are many happy customers of this wok, and many have added their experiences with it. One user added that “The actual wok is beautiful, and is a great size for smaller portions.” Another user said, “I have had this wok for a while now, and I love it! It was great when I first got this wok, and it is just getting better as I use it.”

One happy user added that “I have four woks, and this is by far, my favorite.”

79% of the people, to date, have awarded this wok a 5-star rating. 

11. Best Pre Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok - Timoneylove

This 14” professional carbon steel wok is pre-seasoned, so you don’t need to spend time and effort to make your wok naturally non-stick.

The thickness of this pre-seasoned wok wall is 1.8mm for better heating and even distribution of heat. The handle is hand-welded and is very sturdy, and the wooden portion is made of Imported red eucalyptus.

There is no chemical coated on the wok surface, but it is recommended that you should follow the cleaning instructions to keep the patina secure and to get long-lasting performance.

This is a hand-hammered round bottom Chinese wok and the original iron plate more dense and robust.

User Experience:

Some users are mentioning about the food sticking to the wok, and they added that they couldn’t find the proper instructions.

Some users are concerned about the black inside coating; they think its paint. One user added, “Before first use, I seasoned it again. After first use (today), the carbon coating inside started coming off. Disappointed and returning the wok today. There is a black coating, plus seasoning on top of the coating. The coating comes off. Not good.”

One of the happy users have added, “This is the second time I bought from Timoneylove merchant. Unlike the last time, this is pre-seasoned, thicker, and the handle is welded. It has been used to cook many oriental dishes for friends.”

Another user said, “Overall, very nice wok. Very happy. Non-stick from the first cook. Nice handle stays cool even with high power outdoor burner.”

74 % of the users have awarded this wok a 5-star rating.

12. Best Uncoated Carbon Steel Wok - Mecete

Mecete uncoated carbon steel wok is a 14” hand-hammered carbon steel wok that has a metal thickness of 1.8mm. The uncoated steel surface needs to be appropriately seasoned before use.

As compared to machine-made carbon steel wok, this hand-hammered wok is uniform in density without any air bubbles.

The wooden handle is sturdy and is attached to the wok with the help of three rivets.

User Experience:

Some users who have negatively rated this wok mentioned that they received the dented wok with a loose handle. To some users, the wok is more on a heavier side.

One of the happy users has added, “I am beyond happy with my new wok. The care instructions were very clear, and the seasoning process was quite enjoyable. Thank you very much for a well-made product and good information about proper care.”

63% of the users have awarded this wok a 5-star rating.

carbon steel wok

13. Best 8 inch Carbon Steel Wok - Ecolution

Ecolution 8” carbon steel wok is made of high-quality carbon steel to ensure even distribution of heat for perfect cooking. The riveted handle makes the wok sturdy, and the soft grip of the handle makes the cooking and tossing very easy and fun.

The dimensions of this 8 inch carbon steel wok are 15 x 8.5 x 5 inches, and the weight is 1.14lbs.

This 8” carbon steel wok is dishwasher safe. In this 8” wok, you can cook a variety of meals like stir-fry to steam fish with the premium quality non-stick coating; it is effortless to cook food.

The flat bottom of this 8” cooking wok makes it Suitable for Electric, Gas, Glass, or Ceramic stovetops.

The addition of a ring on the top of the handle allows you to hand the wok when not in use. This enables you to free more space on your countertop.

User Experience:

One common complaint we have noticed about this wok is that it gets rusty within a couple of months (as per user’s comments). The coating starts to chip off.

To some users, this wok is not even non-stick.

One of the happy users has added that he has purchased this wok to replace his 20yr old wok, which is non-functional now, and this wok works pretty good.

Another user said that this has the perfect size for a single person.

48% of the people have awarded this wok a 5-star rating.

14. Best 11 inch Carbon Steel Wok - Mauviel

Mauviel 11” carbon steel wok is made in France. The steel is 1.3mm thick which is perfect for even heat distribution and excellent cooking experience.

This 11″ wok is considered to be perfect for searing, and the thickness of the steel withstands high temperatures to make delicious foods for your loved ones.

The extra-long steel handle is very sturdy. The handle is securely attached to the wok with the help of three rivets. No heat resistant material is used in the handle. It could get hot with high temperatures and thus can affect the cooking experience.

The helper handle on this 11″ carbon steel wok is also made of steel that helps you carry the wok with food from cooking place to the table.

As this is a flat bottom wok, it will work perfectly on gas stoves, and almost all other heating sources and cooktops.

The dimensions of this wok are 20.9 x 11.8 x 3.8 inches, and the weight is 6lbs.

User Experience:

Couldn’t find any worth mentioning negative review about this wok. This is a good quality wok. One of the happy users have mentioned, “Really great quality wok, but I wish it came with a lid.”

Another user said that the wok is way too heavy for easy, pleasurable flipping and tossing.

“Truly top quality, great size and the flat bottom makes it much more practical for traditional stovetop cooking” a happy user added.

“Very solid piece. It is pretty heavy. I think my gas burner can’t get it hot enough, having trouble seasoning it.”

“Totally nonstick after seasoning. The seasoning instruction that comes with the wok is a little misleading though.”

A compelling 84% of the users have awarded this heavy carbon steel wok a 5-star rating.

15. Best 12 inch Carbon Steel Wok - Helen Chen

Helen Chen 12-inch carbon steel wok is perfect for stir-frying, stewing, steaming, frying, and deep-frying and more. The dimensions of this wok are 12 x 20 x 3.1 inches, and its weight is 2.65lbs.

The steel material is 1.6mm thick that makes the wok lightweight and easy to use. The sturdy handle is attached to the wok with the help of two rivets, and 2-tone heat resistant bamboo wood is used in the handle to make it more robust and to ensure that it serves you for ages.

This machine made 12-inch carbon steel wok features an even gauge of steel which distributes heat evenly, and you get the perfect cooking experience.

The 12” carbon steel wok features a flat bottom that sits comfortably on any cooking stoves. Since this wok is not pre-seasoned, you need to follow the instruction (included) to get it seasoned before your first use and should take necessary actions to prevent this wok from catching rust.

User Experience:

Rust is a very common complaint users are having. They say that they are taking all the necessary precautions, but at the end of the day, it gets rusty.

Some users have hard times cleaning it too.

Some happy users of this wok added that this is like a cast-iron skillet and treat it as such.

Someone else added, “it’s a nice compromise between super thick steel and super-thin steel. It heats up pretty fast, and amazingly fast on an induction burner.”

“Can’t beat the wok if you take care of it.”

To date, 48% of the users have awarded this wok a 5-star rating.

16. Best Non-Stick 12-inch Carbon Steel Wok - Ecolution

Ecolution 12-inch carbon steel wok features a non-stick coating that is PFOA free. This material is actually safer to use. This non-stick wok is versatile where you can cook a variety of food from stir fry to steam fish to deep-fry.

The dimensions of this non-stick wok are 19.5 x 12 x 5.8 inches, and its weight is 2.4lbs.

This is a flat base cooking wok that sits comfortably over different cooking tops like Electric, Gas, Glass Ceramic stovetops.

The sturdy riveted handle provides max durability and strength to carry the wok or even tossing the food. This 12” cooking wok features a soft grip handle, which makes the cooking and handling the wok very comfortable.

This non-stick wok is available in three different sizes.

User Experience:

You will find a mix of user experiences with this wok. One unhappy user said, “You get what you pay for. It worked great once, but the second time I used it, it scratched.”

Another user added, “Non-stick coating started coming off. Also, the bottom of wok left some hard to remove marks on the stovetop.”

29% of the users have awarded a 1&2-star rating for this wok.

One of the happy users has added that he loves it because of its size and that it enables him to make large meals in it.

“super nice wok, I am glad I have invested in this wok” another user who is very excited and happy to have this wok added, “Its the best. I just need to order a Wok lid.”

17. Best 14-inch Carbon Steel Wok - Chef’s Medal

Chef’s Medal carbon steel wok, as per our recommendation, is the best 14-inch carbon steel wok which can be used in your kitchen and your restaurant as well. This is the best 14” hand-hammered carbon steel wok which will last for ages if maintained properly.
The dimensions of the wok are 22.5 x 14 x 6 inches, and its weight is 4.8lbs.
The carbon steel thickness is 1.8mm, that is the professional-grade steel used in most restaurants for perfect cooking tastes and experience. The wok is manufactured by professionals in Guangdong, China.
Before seasoning this 14-inch carbon steel wok, you need to remove all the protective oils from its surface and must reach the bare steel for perfect seasoning.
This 14-inch wok features the handle made from bamboo wood which is heat resistant and long-lasting. This wok comes with the lifetime warranty.
The handle is attached firmly with three rivets that make this wok very robust and heavy-duty.

User Experience:
A retired chef who worked in HongKong for 30 years purchased this wok and is delighted to have it in his kitchen. He added “I believe this wok to be a good investment. I would certainly recommend this wok to anyone in the market to purchase one.”
Another user said, “This is about as close to an authentic, restaurant-quality wok as you can get, a very well made, sturdy, functional wok that will last a lifetime.”
To date, 80% of the users have awarded this wok a 5-star rating for its built and performance.
Highly Recommended

“Best Carbon Steel Wok”

What is the best flat bottom wok in 2020?

Sur La Table Professional Carbon Steel WokSur La Table wok is THE best flat bottom wok which has a sturdy solid built to serve you for so many years. CHECK PRICE

The flat bottom wok is normally preferred by many professional cooks because they can be used on almost all cooking surfaces with ease.

The best thing about this flat bottom wok is its size. The 14in diameter of this wok makes it very useful for families where the food can be prepared in one batch.

Pro Tip:

  • You should properly season it two or three times for excellent nonstick performance.
  • After use, hand wash it and immediately dry it.

The maple handle gives you excellent nonslip grip.

The handle is triple riveted for strength and durability.

with the inclusion of support handle on the other side makes it easy to carry when the wok is food heavy.

What is the best wok spatula for carbon steel wok?

best wok spatula for carbon steel wokPaderno World Cuisine is a 14inch long perforated wok spatually that is equally best wok spatula for carbon steel wok.

It is made of PA+ composite which is actually the blend of nylon and fiberglass which makes it very suitable to used on carbon steel wok.

Due to its construction, this professional quality spatula is dishwasher safe.

If you are looking to have best wok spatula for carbon steel wok, then Paderno World Cuisine is our best recommendation.

How to season a carbon steel wok the right way?

Not every type of wok need seasoning. But if you have just purchased a new Carbon steel or cast iron wok, you need to preseason it to make it nonstick.

Most of the time we end up having a failure in seasoning the wok. So here is the right way to do it properly and correctly. Read More

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