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10 Best Pans for Glass Cooktop – Updated for 2022!

Best Overall
Best Runner-up
Best Affordable
Best Nonstick
Best Ceramic
Cuisinart 14 Piece Chef's Classic
Duxtop Professional Stainless Steel Induction Cookware Set
Rachael Ray Cucina Nonstick Cookware
T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set
NutriChef Nonstick Cookware Set
No. of Pieces: 14
No. of Pieces: 17
No. of Pieces: 12
No. of Pieces: 12
No. of Pieces: 11
Rating: 4.7/5.0
Rating: 4.6/5.0
Rating: 4.7/5.0
Rating: 4.7/5.0
Rating: 4.5/5.0
Price: $174.99
Price: $293.99
Price: $159.99
Price: $132.99
Price: $100.99

Cooking on the glass cooktop is a bit tricky and needs extra care to avoid any cracking or damaging the glass surface. You cannot use any type of cookware on the glass surface but specific cookware that is recommended by the manufacturer.

To find and explore the best pans for glass cooktop, we started digging and after spending around 35hrs and analyzing 26 different brands and types by their weight, pan size, bottom type, heat conductivity, etc. we finally concluded that Cuisinart Chef’s Classic nonstick cookware set is the best you can get for your glass cooktop, because of its durably nonstick and hard-anodized built quality which makes it lightweight and gives you excellent heat conduction.

Below you will find other, recommended, great cookware set options you can consider that are great to be used on glass cooktop. 


Our Top Picks for Best Pans for Glass Cooktop in 2022!

  1. Best Overall Pans for Glass CooktopCuisinart Chef’s Classic ($199.99)

A multi-functional nonstick cookware set that conducts heat well and lets you prepare everyday meals.

  1. Best Runner-up Pans for Glass CooktopDuxtop Cookware ($293.99)

This one with its state-of-the-art nonstick coating and easy cleanup is an exquisite cookware option for glass stoves.

  1. Best Affordable Pans for Glass CooktopRachael Ray 16344 ($159.99)

With solid make, affordable price, this cookware set beautifies your kitchen interior.

  1. Best Nonstick Pans for Glass CooktopT-fal Ultimate ($131.99)

Highly durable, exceptionally practical, and amazingly nonstick, T-fal cookware is good to go.

  1. Best Ceramic pans for Glass CooktopNutriChef Cookware ($111.99)

This 11 pcs cookware set with its chic and beautiful design never fails to bring in the best cooking results.

  1. Best 15-pc Pans for Glass CooktopFarberware Cookware ($69.99)

Fairly durable, nicely priced, easy to clean, and dishwasher-safe properties, this cookware set is your perfect kitchen companion.

  1. Best Value Pans for Glass CooktopCalphalon Premier ($649.99)

Bearing solid engineering and maintaining healthier and nonstick cooking attributes, this highly-priced set is a worth pondering choice.

  1. Best Budget Pans for Glass CooktopFarberware Millennium ($70.99)

This 12 pcs cookware set with its chic and beautiful design never fails to bring in the best cooking results.

  1. Best Hard Anodized Pans for Glass CooktopAnolon Advanced ($299.99)

This cookware set is versatile, easy to clean up and maintain- a perfect choice for home chefs.

  1. Best Heavy Duty Pans for Glass Cooktop – Circulon 83465 Acclaim ($229.99)

Nonstick, nontoxic, and quick food release make this cookware set cinch to use on glass cooktops.

Best Pans for Glass Cooktop in 2022!

1. Best Overall Pans for Glass Cooktop - Cuisinart Chef's Classic

Cuisinart 14 Piece Chef's Classic Cookware Set
  • Heavier & reliable construction
  • Cool to touch handles
  • Elegant design
  • Budget choice
  • The saucepan is relatively not deeper

What’s best about it?

  • Quantanium nonstick interior
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees F
  • 14 pcs set
  • Tapered glass lids

Features & Benefits:

The Cuisinart 14 pcs chef’s classic cookware set is overall the best best cookware for radiant glass cooktop. Its sturdy and durable construction, nonstick interior, and improved heat conductivity make cooking a less frightening job.

The set includes different-sized pans and pots along with a steamer to prepare ordinary recipes with minimal effort. Besides, it comes with riveted and cool handles for easy gripping, enhancing the user’s comfort level.

Another best thing is its tapered glass lids for watching your recipe’s status. Since this set solely aiming at glass cooktops, it is not a desirable choice for induction cooktops.

Nevertheless, the pans and pots are oven safe and withstand a temperature limit of 500 degrees F. on the other hand, the glass lids can just tolerate the temperature up to 350 degrees F.

User experience:

Have a read to know if the product has received appreciation from its users or not.

  • Cuisinart claims that this product features a Quanatanium coating that is resistant to metal utensils. But sadly, the situation is the opposite. The coating starts discoloring or scratching about two months of utilization. Even when used with plastic utensils, the coating is prone to rust.
  • Another user tells that he vigilantly followed the instructions provided by Cuisinart and kept the heat setting on his electric stove to medium setting to get the most desirable cooking results. But to his anger, this product fails to meet his expectations since its nonstick coating starts peeling off.
  • Alternatively, a user appreciates the build quality and better heat conductivity of this hard-anodized cookware set. He also admires the set since there are different-sized pans and pots to use the right one for the right application.

What we don’t like about it?

This is nice and affordable cookware set for any glass cooktop. However, this product is not one of the most durable options in the market. Apart from this, this one is also not dishwasher-safe and fades very quickly.

Our verdict:

You can find other value sets having the same number of pieces as this set is offering. Being so, why invest in a low-quality cookware set if one can get higher-quality cookware set with rather more durability? Alternatively, if you have just stepped into the world of cooking and want to master the skills, this one comes in handy and allows you to practice the skill with maximum ease and comfort. For starters, this one is a value choice.

Best Overall Pans for Glass Cooktop – Cuisinart Chef’s Classic

2. Best Runner-up Pans for Glass Cooktop - Duxtop Cookware

Duxtop 17PC Professional Stainless Steel Induction Cookware Set
  • Value for money
  • Relatively more durable
  • Healthier and safer cooking experience with ceramic nonstick
  • Environment-friendly
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Not for compact and smaller kitchen needs

What’s best about it?

  • High grade 18/10 stainless steel construction
  • Compatible with induction, glass, and gas cooktops
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Titanium reinforced nonstick coating
  • PFOS and PFOA-free

Features & Benefits:

Duxtop supplies professionally designed food quality stainless steel so that the strong base always ensures a uniform heat distribution across the utensils. The provided frying pans are outstanding for glass stoves since the heat retention is longer than any other brand. Needless to say that the cooking time is also lowered and the results are fast but flawless. The Titanium coating inside the cookware imparts nonstick properties. This cookware is versatile for cooking on every form of a cooktop. The icing on the cake, this stainless steel cookware is dishwasher safe, that’s why easy cleaning makes it a comfortable choice.

User experience:

Let’s dig into what the users have to say about this product:

  • A user added that these pans and pots worked well on his new glass cooktop. They are nice looking, frying pans are beautiful and nonstick thoroughly. Besides this, The cookware is easy to clean is not overly heavy.
  • Another customer says that this product is excellent in both quality and value. Not only it performs brilliant on glass cooktops but its efficiency for induction tops remains nearly matchless. The product lives up to the money you spent and lasts for years.

What we don’t like about it?

To speak our heart openly, there isn’t anything about the product that we haven’t like about it. However, constructed with professional-grade stainless steel, it still tends to catch stains and scratches and its ceramic coating discolors mildly.

Our verdict:

Duxtop 17pc cookware is smart induction cookware set for any kitchen where you do a lot of cooking. This cooking set comes with all the utensils you need to do fusion cooking. PFOA-free ceramic coating is something that gives it its earthy function and never releases cadmium or lead to poisoning the food. The cherry on the top, its easy cleaning makes it an apple of the eye for home chefs and professionals.

Best Runner-up Pans for Glass Cooktop – Duxtop Cookware

3. Best affordable Pans for Glass Cooktop - Rachael Ray Cookware Set

Rachael Ray 16344 Cookware Pots and Pans Set
  • Cool-to-touch handles
  • Affordable choice
  • Nonstick coating for low-fat cooking
  • Stylish design
  • Relatively less durable

What’s best about it?

  • Aluminum and enamel porcelain exterior
  • PFOA-free
  • Dual-riveted rubberized stainless steel handles
  • Oven safe up to 400 degrees F

Features & Benefits:

Serving the mainstream market for more than a decade, Rachael Ray’s cookware sets are popular and honored by chefs. This set also stands apart from the crowd with its modern look, durable construction, far-fetched nonstick properties, effortless cleaning, and PFOA-free coating. Budget-wise, this set is available at an affordable price tag. The 12 pieces set gives you plenty of options to prepare various dishes, without a hint of leaching. What’s more? The cool handles and lids enhance the ergonomic nature of the product.

User experience:

Learn what the reviewers are saying:

  • Despite using the product properly and cleaning them with care, there are still problems. it is prone to stains, fading, chipping, bursting lids, etc. least durable as compared to Teflon!
  • The product is just Ok. The construction is poor and the lids won’t fit the pans and pots as they tend to wrap after some time of use. Low-quality construction.
  • As per one reviewer, the coating peels off and can transfer chemicals into the food. For the price, not the best.

What we don’t like about it?

Overall, for revolutionizing your kitchen interior, Rachael ray’s has imparted this set a beautiful design with nude color. But performance-wise, this set never bears a durable build quality and coating never lasts for many years.

Our verdict:

We have found this product a great choice for gas and glass cooktops since it retains heat evenly and cooks food perfectly. Cleaning the product is less tiring. However, the product could have performed exceptionally well if the interior coating would be constructed with high-grade material.

Best affordable Pans for Glass Cooktop – Rachael Ray Cookware Set

4. Best Nonstick Pans for Glass Cooktop - T-fal Ultimate Cookware

T-fal Ultimate 12 Piece Pots and Pans Set
  • Rust-free and dent-free
  • A great choice for glass cooktops
  • Easy cleaning
  • Relatively more durable
  • Requires more maintenance

What’s best about it?

  • HA Titanium Nonstick coating
  • Compatible with all cooktops
  • Thermos spot indicator
  • Riveted handles and vented lids
  • Oven safe up to 400degree F

Features & Benefits:

For nonstick cookware lovers, T-fal is not a new name. This budget-friendly cookware is intended to work best for a glass top stove. The superior construction combined with brand value serves you the purpose well. Not only this cookware is nonstick but also remains free from scratches and toxins. Thanks to its high-grade Titanium coating. You may use it for your regular cooking as well as for occasional cooking— the ball is in your court. Ergonomic handles and lids enhance users’ experience. Rust-free, dishwasher-friendly, lifetime limited warranty makes it an iconic nonstick set for all cooktops.

User experience:

Know what the reviewers are telling about the worth of this product:

  • It uses hard anodized material that is almost as strong as cast iron, but unlike cast iron, this is less beefy. The product never catches rust and bear dents even and can bear a lot of abuse and scrubbing. The heat retention is outstanding and adjusts quickly with a faster response time. Overall, T-fal has made a great product at a great price.
  • This cookware set is the most practical product, but sadly there’s no egg frying pan. The coating is outclassed and never chips away while working with metal utensils.

What we don’t like about it?

Overall, this is one of the best hard anodized cookware sets that works phenomenally. However, you must use these pots in medium-high heat settings. For high-temperature settings, the nonstick layers start burning off.

Our verdict:

 This is a great product that will last you for years after years but proper maintenance is the key. For regular cooking, this product stands second to none and makes cooking a real breeze. For a reasonable and affordable price, this product gets the work done effortlessly.

Best Nonstick Pans for Glass Cooktop – T-fal Ultimate Cookware

5. Best Ceramic pans for Glass Cooktop – NutriChef Cookware

NutriChef 11 Piece Cookware Pots & Pan Set
  • Solid build
  • Worth the money
  • Heat-resistant
  • Compatible with every type of cooktop
  • It may have cold spots

What’s best about it?

  • Lead-free
  • FDA-approved
  • 5 ply layers
  • Silicone and heat safe handles
  • 10 years warranty

Features & Benefits

This set is a perfect and beautiful addition while being versatile and practical. Its construction is something that imparts this product from its competitors with its exceptional durability. The multi-layered aluminum coating is reinforced with a ceramic diamond layer and improves heat conductivity. Being ceramic coated, it is a safer cooking option. More, it is not only nontoxic but also is easy to clean. Cheers to its nonstick nature. Backed up with a 10-year warranty, the product and its parts make it reliable, too.

User experience:

Highly appreciated by users and have gotten positive reviews mostly.

  • A user tells that he and his wife love this item since it is lightweight and is the perfect basic cookware set. Nonstick and easy to clean, the product does its job done nicely.
  • Another customer appreciates its nonstick feature since it remains on the higher standard side and never chip off quickly even when used abruptly. Handles and glass lids are sturdy. Look-wise it is cute and budget-wise, it is available at an affordable price.

What we don’t like about it?

The pans and pots work well but they have cold and hot spots which imply poor heat conductivity. However, with rapid use, you’ll learn how to set the flame properly for this cookware set. For beginners, this set comes with a learning curve.

Our verdict:

We have found this product reliable, durable, and versatile for basic and professional cooking needs. The reinforced ceramic coating gives you a smooth, nonstick, and nontoxic cooking experience. Works amazingly and for longer when used with silicone utensils. A must-buy!

Best pans for Ceramic Glass Cooktop – NutriChef Cookware

6. Best 15-pc Pans for Glass Cooktop - Farberware Cookware

Farberware 21890 15 Piece Cookware Pots and Pans Set
  • Inexpensive pans and pots
  • Superior quality
  • Nonstick cooking
  • Easy to clean
  • Not for a large family

What’s best about it?

  • High-grade nonstick interior
  • Shatter-resistant glass lids
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe up to 350-degree F

Features & Benefits

If you’re resourcing for your top glass stove on the premium quality nonstick cookware? The cookware for you is the Farberware 15 pieces pots and pans set. The aluminum finish is stunning and delivers an overall regal appearance and outstanding performance. The base comes with an aluminum alloy which uniformly spreads the heat around the vessel, therefore ensuring that this cookware line has no hot spots. With shatter-proof glass lids and easy gripping handles, the pans and pots feature easy maneuvering.

User experience:

The reviewers say:

Some of the users have complained that the pans and pots are too small, but they are regular size and are a great choice for cooking for a family of four. They cook fast while preserving food aroma. However, they are comparatively pricier.

These pans and pots heat up and clean up well. Overall, the make is high quality but do scratch if you aren’t careful with the use. They hold up nicely when put in the dishwasher.

What we don’t like about it?

The product starts giving off a heavy chemical smell and a popping sound starts occurring. This being so, chances are that it releases toxic fumes into the air. So be careful!

Our verdict:

This is ideal cooking cookware set for small family and serve the purpose well. The aluminum coating is better than any other classical aluminum cookware set. For this price range, this product wins the hearts of starter chefs.

Best 15-pc Pans for Glass Cooktop – Farberware Cookware

7. Best Value Pans for Glass Cooktop - Calphalon Premier

Calphalon Premier 15 Piece Pots and Pans Set
  • Inexpensive pans and pots
  • Superior quality
  • Nonstick cooking
  • Easy to clean
  • Not for a large family

What’s best about it?

  • 3-layered interior
  • Tempered glass covers
  • Long handles for relatively cooler gripping
  • Oven safe up to 450-degree F

Features & Benefits

Calphalon Premier is a premium and professional-grade cookware choice that is highly praised by home chefs and pros at the same time. With varying-sized pans and pots, this is perhaps the cookware you need for your urbanized kitchen setting. Primarily, this set is impeccable for its space-saving design. you don’t have to sacrifice the space in your kitchen closet since it can save you 30% more space as compared to other cookware options with the same sizes of pans and pots. As compared to Calphalon Classic, this set owes increased durability. The most remarkable feature that makes it highly beneficial is its extra-long handles for enhancing its maneuvering properties.

User experience:

Since Calphalon is popular and loved by the chefs, the users have given this product good points.

  • These pans and pots heat up well, make cooking easy, and are very versatile. However, the price is not very affordable and things get worsen when pans start peeling.
  • The pans seem sturdy but they are not. They tend to wrap when used in higher temperature settings. The design aims at stocking inside each other, however, this holds well when you stack one pan on the other in default sequence. So for lethargic chefs, this is a bit annoying to remove the whole stack to get the one needed for cooking.

What we don’t like about it?

Performance-wise, this is the best product so far. However, it comes with an inconvenience as they require a lot of labor to reach the exact pan of your requirement. Also, with sky-high prices, these pans and pots should last you for decades, but unluckily they still tend to deteriorate.

Our verdict:

We love this product but not a perfect one, unfortunately. The construction is flawless and cooking results are outclassing. Notwithstanding that, the product is extremely overpriced and still is prone to diminish.

Best Value Pans for Glass Cooktop – Calphalon Premier

8. Best Budget Pans for Glass Cooktop – Farberware Millennium

Farberware Millennium 12 Piece Pots and Pans Set
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Relatively smaller size cookware set

What’s best about it?

  • Teflon coating
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Glass lids
  • Oven safe up to 350-degree F

Features & Benefits:

For the novices who cook just on seldom event, this one is the knight in shining armor. Also, remaining at a cheaper price side, this is the nicest set with 12 useful cookery utensils. Nonstick coating is safe for use and cleanup is effortless. This set contains all the basic pans. The flared sides provide for easy pouring, and the pans are oven-safe up to 350 degrees. These pieces are easy to care for—you may choose to hand wash them, but they can also be thrown immediately into the dishwasher for cleaning. If you can splurge on a cookware set, this is a terrific pick.

User experience:

Read to know what remarks the product has received from its users:

  • Some of the users has added their experience by saying that these pans and pots are flimsy, light, and relatively too small for everyday cooking needs. However, its glass lids seem high quality, and cooking and cleaning are even better as compared to some high-grade Teflon-coated cookware sets.
  • Cookware sets are either expensive or incredibly cheaply priced. This one, being low-priced is the budget cookware option for small cooking requirements. No dents, no discoloration, no scratches, nothing at all! No oil, no grease, and nothing stick to the bottom of the pans and pots. But make sure that it last you this way only when you use it in a low-medium heat setting.

What we don’t like about it?

These are fantastic nonstick pans and pots available at an incredibly cheap price. However, size-wise these are smaller and don’t allow you to prepare meals for large and extended families.

Our verdict:

We think this is the most considerable and useful cookware set if you love cooking for yourself. Set the flame on a low-medium heat setting and see how easily it does cooking. it is probably inadequate cookware set for more than two persons.

Best Stain Resistant Pans for Glass Cooktop – Farberware Millennium

9. Best Hard Anodized Pans for Glass Cooktop - Anolon Advanced Cookware

Anolon Advanced 12-pc Cookware Set
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Relatively smaller size cookware set

What’s best about it?

  • Autograph nonstick interior
  • Doom-shaped glass lids
  • Hand-wash
  • Oven safe up to 400-degree F

Features & Benefits:

Anolon Advanced is one of the best hard-anodized cookware set for electric glass top stoves. It is 400 degrees oven safe, so that you may use the huge parts to roast or keep your meal warm before serving. While cooking, the broad loop handles the glass decks and is simple to take, even with oven mats. These are simple to clean due to the non-adhesive surface. The cooking equipment does not include any harmful matter, that is, no PTFA, lead, PFOA, or cadmium – 100% healthy cooking no more a dream.

User experience:

The product has received mixed reviews:

  • After trying a bigger pan from Anolon, a user has decided to give this 12 pcs set a try and he found them useful. He tells that he intentionally bought this set since he trusted the reliability of the company. Cleanup is a cinch with these pans and pots. When used with nonmetal utensils, these beauties last for many years to come and look brand-new forever.
  • After searching for various cookware brands, a user was hooked up by this product. he tells that it’s heavy but not overly weighty. Cleanup is easy and heat conductivity matches other high-grade cookware sets.

What we don’t like about it?

This is a practical cookware set that includes all the pans and pots you will ever need for preparing your everyday recipe. Nonetheless, it’s not dishwasher-safe and requires manual cleaning.

Our verdict:

This cookware set is neither exorbitant nor low in price. But it is well made and sturdy and lasts you many years when cleaned and maintained properly. The included pans and pots with cool handles and solid lids make everything phenomenal.

Best Hard Anodized Pans for Glass Cooktop – Anolon Advanced Cookware

10. Best Heavy Duty Pans for Glass Cooktop - Circulon 83465 Acclaim

Circulon 83465 Acclaim 13 Piece Pots and Pans Set
  • Nice design
  • A great choice for low-fat recipes
  • Lightweight yet durable make
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Nonstick coating doesn’t lasts longer

What’s best about it?

  • Premium-quality nonstick interior
  • Metal utensil safe
  • PFOA-free
  • Dual riveted handles
  • Tempered glass lids
  • Oven safe up to 400-degree F

Features & Benefits:

The premium quality hard-anodized exterior and nonstick coated interior along with cool-to-touch handles take cooking to the level of perfection. The superior and solid pans and pots are good conductors of heat and retain heat evenly and seamlessly. This set with its pans and pots enables you to prepare fusion recipes in a fraction of effort. What’s more, backed up by a limited lifetime warranty, the product is reliable. Apart from being compatible with glass cooktops, the pans and pots work exceptionally well for induction and gas stoves.

User experience:

The consumers say:

  • The 13 pcs set includes every pan or pot that you require for basic dishes. The pans are hard-anodized, making them less corrosion-sensitive and wear-resistant over time. Don’t worry! Your hands won’t scorch during cooking since rubberized handles make gripping smooth and cool. The handles have metal rings on the ends to prong them on the wall.
  • Even with delicate care, the product quickly wears out. The pans and pots wrap when used on higher temperature settings and never sit properly on stoves. The nonstick coating also tends to fade away. As compared to the T-fal Ultimate set, this one is overpriced when it comes to its durability.

What we don’t like about it?

It works well until the burner remains at a medium-high setting. but as the temperature increases from 375-degree, the quality starts deteriorating and nonstick ability starts diminishing. Even the pans and pots start wrapping.

Our verdict:

Overall, this product is excellent, bearing a reputable brand name and durable build quality. With easier cleaning and healthier cooking, this product is pretty functional. Highly recommended!

Best Heavy Duty Pans for Glass Cooktop – Circulon 83465 Acclaim

Which pans are good to be used on glass cooptops?

Following are the six types of pans that are good for glass cooktops.

  1. Copper
  2. Aluminum
  3. Titanium
  4. Glass & Ceramic
  5. Cast Iron
  6. Carbon Steel

As we can see that from the table that copper is the best heat conductor but you need to be a bit careful while using the copper bottom or full copper pans on the glass cooktop.

Copper leaves residue pretty fast compared to other metals. So it’s better to clean the glass cooktop immediately after cooking.

Never boil dry the copper pan. It will stain the glass cooktop like permanently.


Aluminum is the 2nd best heat conductor following copper.

Heavyweight aluminum pans conduct heat evenly throughout the pan, thus you get perfectly even cooking. It is highly recommended that Copper or Aluminum clad pans should be used for an excellent performance.


Titanium cookware is tested on several cooking surfaces and it is found through research that it performs well on glass cooktops.

Glass & Ceramic:

Glass and ceramic pans are not recommended.

Glass and ceramic are very poor heat conductors, so the cooking time could be very long.

2ndly these pans may scratch the surface of the glass cooktop. The same is the case with stoneware.

Cast Iron Cookware:

Cast iron cookware is also not recommended. It also may scratch the cooktop surface. Cast iron takes time to heat up, but once it heats on high temperatures, it holds a big amount of heat in itself and transfers it down to the source and this can cause damage to the cooktop.

The elements can shut down automatically in response to the auto temperature limiters.

Carbon Steel:

Carbon steel cookware can be used on glass cooktops. Make sure the carbon steel cookware you are using should have a flat bottom.

What is the best cookware for radiant glass cooktop?

Our top recommendation for the best cookware for radiant glass cooktop is Cuisinart Chef’s Classic cookware set because of its quality and durability.

With hard anodized exterior, this 14 piece cookware set is highly wear resistant and specially made for radiant glass cooktops.

If you are looking for the best budget cookware to use for radiant glass cooktop, we will recommend you to go for Farberware 21890.

It’s a 15 piece cookware with pots and pans. With good quality aluminum nonstick interior, shatter resistant glass lids, this cookware is best for you if you are low on budget.

What is a glass cooktop?

A glass cooktop is a type of cooktop that uses heating elements. These cooktops are ideal for those who have allergies to hot burners, or for people who prefer to keep the stove clean. The only downside to these cooktops is that they’re more expensive than conventional cooktops. 

How safe is the glass cooktop to use?

Glass cooktops are quite safe to use, but they do have certain drawbacks. For example, they can scratch and break easily and you will need to be careful while handling them.

What size pan is best for the glass cooktop?

The best size of the cooking pan for the glass cooktop is 8″ in diameter. It’s recommended to use a pan of this size as it fits perfectly inside the glass cooktop and provides optimal performance.

Is a glass cooktop easy to clean?

Yes, a glass cooktop is easy to clean. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and let it dry. But be careful not to use abrasive cleaners as they may scratch the surface and damage it.

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