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Frying Pan vs Saute Pan! Things To Know Before Buying!

For people who love to cook, a kitchen is a place of wonderment and magic. Sitting at the countertop, stirring a delicious soup, or stirring a pot filled with vegetables can be fun. But for some dishes, you must invest in cooking equipment that will make your work easier.

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The frying pan and saute pan are two different kinds of pans that make cooking easier.

A frying pan is a utensil that’s flat bottom and a long handle with sloping sides. While saute pan has straighter, vertical sides. Saute pan is more suitable for shallow frying. On the other hand, a traditional skillet or frying pan has slanted sides and deeper dimensions which are ideal for frying food using less oil and also with more control over the cooking.

Both frying pan and saute pan are widely used utensils in the kitchen these days, both come under the category of pans or skillets which have a long handle and a flat bottom. Though their appearance is similar, they vary widely in their structure.

A frying pan is a pan with low, sloping sides and a long handle that is deep enough to fry food inside it.

A saute pan generally looks like a skillet but it has straighter vertical sides instead of the traditional slanted sides. It’s widely used for shallow frying, pan-frying, or sauteing.


Frying Pan vs Saute Pan! What’s the difference?

The main difference between a frying pan and a saute pan is that a frying pan has slanted sides while a saute pan comes with straighter vertical sides which will help you cook the food more evenly and also with better control.

Another difference between the two is that a saute pan has straighter sides and will take less oil to fry food while you can’t use an inordinate amount of oil while using the skillet or frying pan.

Also, though both pans are used for cooking food and not for baking; however, a saute pan is mostly preferred to bake or broil dishes while a frying pan is mostly used for cooking food.

A saute pan has straight sides and uses less oil while a frying pan has slanted sides. Another difference can be that you would use a lot of oil in a skillet or frying pan when you have to fry food since it absorbs more oil as compared to the straighter saute pan.

A frying pan is used for more cooking techniques like deep frying, shallow frying, and skillet browning while you can use a saute pan for only one kind of technique which is to cook food on high heat by using less oil than the traditional skillet or frying pan.

At times it can be confusing to know whether you want to use a saute pan or a frying pan. Here are some factors you can consider to know which one is better:

What should you consider while deciding which is better for you!

Before starting learning about the difference between a frying pan and saute pan, it’s important that you should be familiar with what each of them looks like, how they work, and how to use them.

A saute pan is cookware that you can use for frying and browning your meat using less oil as compared to the traditional skillet or frying pan. If you would like to flip food over when cooking so it cooks on both sides then you should consider investing in a saute pan.

A frying pan is a long-handled utensil that has slanting sides and is deep enough to fry food in oil. If you want to cook your food using a small amount of oil, then investing in a frying pan would be the best option for you as compared to the straight-sided saute pan.

So, now you know what the difference is between a saute pan and a frying pan. If you want to cook your food using less oil then buy a saute pan otherwise, if you are confused about which one to use, just get yourself a skillet or frying pan.

In the case of both pans, you will need to have an understanding of how much heat you need to cook your food properly. To get the best out of both of these pans, you just need to know how much heat is required for each pan and then choose the one which suits your needs right! 

Frying Pan vs Saute Pan