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The 10 Best Space Heater Reviews – Updated for 2021!

Having the Best Space Heater is one of the highly recommended solutions for warming up the freezing cold areas of you home or your office.

If you use internal heating system which worms up the entire house of yours, a space heater will warm up a specific area of your house of office and will certainly save you a lot of money.

As winters are here, this is the right time to invest in a good quality space heater and prepare yourself for the season.

To make it easy for you, we have carefully selected the best space heaters that will be beneficial for you having them near you whether you are at home or in your office.

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List of Best Space Heater for 2021!

1. Alfaw personal space heater 4.8$39.99
2. OPOLAR Electric Ceramic Tower Space Heater4.2$59.99
3. Brightown Portable Space Heater 4.4$22.99
4. ProBreeze Mini Ceramic Space Heater4.5$24.99
5. iSiLAR Space Heater4.4$35.95
6. TrusTech 2in1 Space Heater4.4$38.99
7. OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heater4.4$39.99
8. Multifun Portable Space Heater4.3$32.99
9. Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater 3.9$27.30
10. Crane personal space heater 4.0$22.31

1. Trustech Portable Oscillating Space Heater

Best Space Heater

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  • Ceramic heating elements
  • 3 Fan speed levels
  • Compact sleek design
  • Over-heat protection
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Low fan noise
  • Tip-over protection
  • Auto shutoff
  • Cool to touch exterior
  • ETL approved

Trustech, the best space heater 2021, features ceramic heating elements that are perfect for small rooms to quickly warm up in cold winter season. If you are looking for the heaters to be placed in larger rooms, this space heater will not work for that.

Heating Setting:

This heater has three fan setting. Low heat, High heat and fan. On low the heater runs on 750w and High it will consume 1500w. It’s entirely up to your need whichever you want to set for your self. The fan option can be used in summers.


Alfaw personal space heaters are safe to use. It has over-heat and tip-over safety features in case of any mishap the heater will automatically shut off to avoid damages.

Carrying Handle:

An integrated carrying handle is what you will find at the back of the heater for easy carriage and movement.

Cool Exterior:

The ceramic body will stay cool while the heater is running, so it is safe to use this heater is there are kids or pets around.

2. OPOLAR Electric Ceramic Tower Space Heater


  • ETL Certified
  • Over Heat Protection
  • 85degree Oscillation
  • Tip-over protection
  • Cool to touch exterior
  • Timer & Remote Control
  • 1500/1000W Quick Heat
  • 45db Low Noise
  • Energy Efficient

OPOLAR is one of the reliable brand names in space heaters. The said space heater has some great and beneficial features. 

 Heat Setting:

Opolar, the best electric personal space heater, comes with three fan speeds. Low heat, High heat and fan. The low heat runs on 750w, and high heat runs on 1500w, and the fan option can be used during summers.

Energy Efficient:

You don’t need to use the indoor heating system for your house if you want the heating just in your workroom or bedroom. This will save you a hell lot of money. The space heaters are handy to warm you in the winters, and if you are warm, everything is fine. 


The portable space heater has a large carrying handle on top, which makes the heater very to carry from room to room while it’s running. 


The safety while using the room heaters in small areas is vital. So OPOLAR has installed the tip-over safety feature is case it’s accidentally tipped over by anything, the heater will automatically and immediately shutoff to prevent any damages.

Cool To Touch:

The exterior of the portable personal space heater is cool to touch while running. So it is safe to use with kids or pets around. 

3. Brightown Portable Space Heater


  • 2 Heat Levels (1500/750W)
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • ETL Approved
  • Energy Efficient
  • Tip-over Protection
  • Auto-shut off
  • 45db Low Noise Level
  • Cord Length 6ft
  • 1yr Warranty

Comfortable Warmth:

This compact ceramic electric heater is perfect for your personal use to keep you warm in cold icy days and nights. 


Safety is vital. This personal space heater had the added safety of auto shutoff if it detects that some parts are getting overheated. 

The tip-over protection also shut off the heater immediately if knocked over accidentally. 

Quick heating:

The heating element used in this heater is capable of providing the heat within seconds. So no need to wait for it when you are cold. 

Heat Settings:

This personal space heater provides two heat settings, Low and High. It runs 750w on low and 1500w on high fan speed, giving you more heat if you require. 


This compact space heater has a unique 90° oscillation feature which is beneficial not for you only but for your partner as well. And it heats the area faster than other one spot heaters. 

4. Pro Breeze – Best Space Heater for Office

ProBreeze space heater


  • Ceramic heating element
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Auto shutoff
  • Over-heat protection
  • Tip-over safety
  • Portable compact design

Heating Elements:

ProBreeze, the best space heater for office, is a 1500w mini ceramic space heater has advanced ceramic heating elements which are quite efficient in providing quick heating for you to warm you up in icy cold days.

Adjustable Thermostat:

With the adjustable thermostat, you have the option to increase or decrease the heating temperatures as per your needs. 

Fan Speed:

This portable space heater has three fan speeds to choose from. Low High and Fan only. It runs 750w on low and 1500w on high. The fan option can be used during summer days. 


This heater also comes with Overheat protection and tip-over safety features. The heater will automatically shut off if the components reach a certain level of temperature or the heater is tipped over, which is very beneficial if the heater is near kids or pets. This feature will avoid some severe damages. 

5. iSiLER – Best Portable Ceramic Space Heater

iSiLAR space heater personal


  • Made from fire-resistant materials
  • Premium PTC ceramic heating elements
  • Do not consume oxygen
  • Auto shutoff feature
  • Over-heat protection
  • Adjustable thermostat at back
  • Energy efficient
  • 1500w output
  • Portable and easy to carry

This beautiful looking compact personal heater has the following features.

Heating Elements:

This heater is made from fire-resistant material and has used premium quality PTC ceramic heating elements which ensure quick heating, and it doesn’t make the air dry by consuming oxygen.

The self-regulating elements with overheat protection will shut off if the temperature reaches a certain level and will automatically start running when the temperature is normal again. 

Adjustable Thermostat:

This portable personal space heater has an adjustable thermostat which ranges from 41° F to 95° F. running the space heater on low will also costume lesser energy which will eventually lower your heating costs.


  • The surface of the heater gets hot while running, so do not touch the surface or it may cause burns. 
  • Do not use the heater if the kids or pets are around. 

6. Trustech – Best Portable Space Heater

space heater with tilt feature


  • 2 Heating and 1 fan option
  • Low fan noise
  • Tilting feature
  • Portable compact design
  • Auto shutoff
  • Over-heat protection
  • Tip-over safety
  • ETL certified

Heat Setting:

This 2in1 portable space heater has three fan speeds. Two works for heating and one is fan-only which works in summers. So you can use this space heater year-round. On low the heater consumes 750w, and on High, it consumes 1500w power. 

Tilting Feature:

The tilting feature in the portable compact space heater is very beneficial. You have the room to adjust the tilt from 0° to 45° angle.


The safety features are standard. Its auto-shutoff function prevents any damage to occur to your assets. That includes Overheat and Tip-over protection. 

7. OPOLAR – Best Ceramic Space Heater

portable space heater


  • Ceramic heating elements
  • 2 Heating & 1 fan mode
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Low fan noise
  • Power indicator
  • Auto shutoff
  • Over-heat protection
  • Tip-over protection
  • 1 Year warranty against manufacturing faults

Ceramic space heaters from quality brands are long-lasting and effective in winter as well as in summers. Because they usually come with three fan speeds. Two works for heating and the third is Fan Only which works in summers. 

Same is the case with this portable ceramic space heater. The Low speed consumes 1000w and High consumes 1500w

Its adjustable thermostat allows you to choose your required heating level to keep toasty and warm throughout the day and at night. 

This compact space heater is low on noise levels. It generates 50db (light traffic or refrigerator) of noise. So it’s not very quiet. 

The safety feature includes Auto shutoff in case of Overheat or tipped over to avoid any damages to valuables. 

This portable personal heater comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing faults or defects.

8. Multifun – Best Portable Ceramic Space Heater 2021

best space heater 2019


  • Flame resistant material
  • ETL/UL certified
  • Power indicator
  • Ceramic heating elements
  • Portable easy to carry design
  • Adjustable thermostat at the back
  • Comfortable carrying handle on top
  • Self-regulating thermostat
  • Over-heat protection
  • 24 month warranty

Metal Shell:

The components used in this portable ceramic space heater is fire resistant surrounded by the fire-resistant metal shell other than the plastic covers that can be seen in most cases. 

Heating Elements:

The premium quality ceramic heating elements with large air opening provides quick heating for you to get warm instantly. 

Adjustable Thermostat:

At the back of the heater, you will find the adjustable thermostat knob through which you can adjust the temperatures from 41° F – 95° F. 

Self Regulating Thermostat:

The self-regulating thermostat will automatically shutoff this space heater if the room temperature reaches 176° F. It also shuts off the heater if the inner components reach a certain heat level. This feature helps in minimizing the risk of potential damage to your valuables or to the heater itself. 


  • Body gets hot

9. Honeywell UberHeat – Best Ceramic Heater for Small Bedroom

Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater


  • 1500w heating power
  • Energy efficient
  • 2 Heat settings
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Auto shutoff
  • Over-heat protection
  • Tip-over safety feature
  • Cool to touch housing
  • Portable compact design
  • Non slip rubber feet

This Uberheat ceramic space heater is energy efficient. The low heat option doesn’t consume high wattage, and that reflects on your heating costs. 

It’s cool to touch body while running is beneficial if your kids or pets are around the heater. So you can use this portable smart heater without any worries. 

The programmable thermostat gives you the option to adjust the heating level as per your requirements. 

This 1500w ceramic space heater will give you a robust 1500w heating instantly at the High level of fan speed. 

The Tip-over shutoff protection helps in lowering the risks of damaging the assets and valuables, and it certainly stops the heater from getting damaged. 

10. Crane – Best Personal Space Heater

Crane personal space heater



  • Ceramic heating element
  • 1200w heating power
  • 2 Heat setting
  • Brushed aluminum exterior
  • Low fan noise
  • Cool to touch exterior
  • Unit has a short life
  • Front gets hot

Crane personal space heater comes with ceramic heating elements backed by a powerful fan to ensure you get instant and quick heat when you need it the most. 

It comes with two heat settings. Low and High. At low it runs on 800w and High it runs on 1200w. So its better in Low run from most of the space heaters which run on 750w when on low speed. But runs a bit short on the high-speed level, because most of the space heaters run on 1500w when on High. 

It has beautiful brushed aluminum housing which gives this personal space heater a premium look.

The housing is cool to touch if the heater is running.

General FAQs

What is the best personal space heater?

The best personal space heater is the one that provides instant heating and doesn’t take time to heat up. The one that is portable and compact, and can be carried very easily without any trouble. 

As per our test and review, we have found that Alfaw’s Personal Space Heater is the best option available. 

What is the Safest Space Heater to buy this year?

DeLonghi KH390715CM space heater is, after reviewing so many space heaters, the safest space heater to have in your bedroom or office or wherever you want it to be used.

The dimensions of this safest radiator heater are 13.8 x 5.9 x 24.8 inches and the product weight is 22.1lbs.

The heater is equipped with thermal shutoff settings where the space heater shutoff automatically to avoid overheating.

Through comfort temperature settings option of the heater, it maintains optimal room temperature and power consumption, thus it lower your electricity bills.

This oil compartment of this heater is sealed to perfection and you will never be needing any refilling.

Is it safe to run the electric space heater all night?

Although many new and best electric space heaters come with the safety features, it is advisable to take following necessary precautions to avoid any accident. 

Smoke Detectors:

You must install smoke detectors throughout the house and make sure that the sensors are cleaned regularly with compressed air. 

Gas/Propane Heaters:

The use of gas/propane heaters could be hazardous if using it without the installation of Carbon Monoxide Detectors which is an odorless and colorless gas that kills hundreds of people around the world every year. 

Direct Plugging:

Always plug your electric personal space heater directly in the wall. The use of extension cords or other supporting material is NOT RECOMMENDED, as they can overheat and can cause burning. 


Always place the personal tower heaters on the floor and never on the table or any other furniture, because it can tumble and can cause burn and damages to valuables. 

Good Distance:

If you are using forced air, radiant or gas heaters, make sure that the heater is at a safe distance from any flammable objects like curtains etc. if it is a radiator or oil-filled heater, that can be placed within one foot space from wall but even these heaters must be kept at a fair distance from flammable objects.