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14 Best Personal Blender Reviews – Updated for 2022!

We at 111Reviews, only recommend those products that we test in our kitchen and believe that you will love them too. We may receive a portion of the sale from products purchased from this article without adding to the cost. See Disclosure.

Having the best personal blender is the need of the time because of its portability, user friendliness and convenience.

World is changing rapidly and many of us are getting more health conscious to stay fit and live a healthy life.

So, to avoid our regular meals, healthy fruits and veggies smoothies are the best alternative we have.

To make our smoothies on time and whenever needed, the best thing to have is a personal blender.

List of 14 Best Personal Blenders for 2022!

  1. Best Overall – NutriBullet
  2. Best Runner-Up – Ninja Personal Blender
  3. Best Budget – BELLA 13586
  4. Best Design – Ranbem
  5. Best Personal Size – Ninja BL456
  6. Best Value – COSORI
  7. Best Single Serve – Aeitto Blender
  8. Best Personal Smoothie Blender – Foodville PB230
  9. Best Push Down – Cincred Personal Blender
  10. Best with Take-Along Bottle – Epica Personal Blender
  11. Best Cordless – ModernComfort BlenderX
  12. Best for Ice & Smoothies – Willsence Blender
  13. Best for Home Use – Aicok Blender
  14. Best for Smoothies – Sboly Blender

1. Best Overall – NutriBullet Personal Blender

Nutribullet Personal Blender
Best Budget

3. BELLA 13586 - Best Budget Personal Blender

Bella Rocket Blender
Runner Up

2. Ninja Personal Blender - Best Runner-Up Personal Blender

Ninja Personal Blender
Best Design

4. Ranbem - Best Design Personal Blender

Ranbem Personal Blender

5. Best Personal Size - Ninja BL456

What People Say About This Blender

Fantastic. Use this frequently for prepping food. I have had no issues with cleaning or with use at all”

only problem is you really can only make one shake at a time!”

It’s my 2nd ninja. This one is improved

love this product great value, I use it every day


Ninja BL 456 is the best personal size blender for 2022, when it comes to reliability and affordability. This blender certainly has our recommendation besides our Top Pick from the given list.

If we think of Ninja products, it’s like a common thought that their products are expensive and for a particular class of users, but here with this product, they have proven that their products are for everyone by keeping the price at the minimum possible.

Blender Design:

The 900W Nutri Ninja Pro complete set includes the power base, 24 oz. Nutri Ninja Cup + 18 oz. Nutri Ninja Cup and a 75-Recipes Cookbook.

The two cups, which are included in the package, are formed in such a way that after making your smoothie, you don’t need to pour it out into some glass, but you can drink it straight from these cups.

Nutri Ninja Pro BL456 is the limited version of the Ninja’s full-sized blender, so that’s why this blender runs on one speed only.

The one-speed option is sometimes beneficial because you don’t need to figure out what speed to choose for what foods, but sometimes it’s going to take a longer amount of time when you are blending or crushing some harder foods like seeds etc.


Nutri Ninja Pro is equipped with a powerful 900Watts of the power base, which is sufficient to handle the heavy-duty workload. And the single-speed help the motor to work more efficiently while climbing the hill.

If you have noticed, many people have complained about the noise this machine creates; we take that differently. Having a 900watts of power base and one-speed option, this blender will give you a smooth mix in no time.


Ninja products are considered expensive, but with the introduction of nutria ninja pro BL456, they have proved that you can get the job done with a much more affordable price range.

It’s a common thing that if you take good care of your belongings, they will stay with you for a long time. Same is the case with this machine. Regular usage but without cleaning it properly and immediately after the use will cause deterioration in blades and to other materials as well.

As compared to all single speed best portable blender in the market, nutria ninja pro take the cake because of its performance, and the trust people have in this brand.

6. Best Value – COSORI Personal Blender

What People Say About This Blender

this was as good as the one it replaced”

Powerful, but it leaks no matter how tight or aligns I made”

All I can say is, wow, this is much better than I expected

Glad I bought it. Makes a smoothie as well as the other more expensive blenders

By far the best blender ye

Cosori introduced its 800Watts auto-blend upgraded best value personal blender in October 2017.



Cosori personal blender has a high-performance 23000rpm, 800watts motor which is capable of making you smooth mix in no time.

The package comes with:

The motor base

Two 24oz plastic containers

One 12oz smaller container

A recipe book

A cleaner brush (not many blenders have the cleaners with the package) 


Blender Design:

The blender comes with three buttons, On/Off, Auto and Pulse.


By pressing On/Off the start functioning and will only stop when you stop it. The Auto button will start the machine for 3 secs, and it will stop for 1sec. Then 3secs and 1sec and it will keep on going like this for about 10-12 times.


The idea behind this auto button is to have a much smoother smoothie. The pulse button you probably are already familiar with is like you control the blending.



To use the blender correctly, you need to fill the 24oz cup (which is BIG actually) like not more than 70% and add some water or some non-dairy milk, totally your choice.


And give it a spin. After about 5-10secs take the cup off again and give it a handshake to mix the fruits or veggies to which the blades are not reaching due to any reason.


Put the cup back again and run it on auto or pulse. You will be surprised.



So if you are looking for a more affordable personal blender for smoothies, Cosori is the blender you should give a try.

7. Best Single Serve - Aeitto Personal Blender

What People Say About This Blender

High quality product would highly recommend”

This blender is absolutely amazing”

A blender for daily use. Perfect for my wife and me

I love this smoothie- maker. It is compact, takes up minimal space, and it’s a esthetically pleasing

The blender is light, so it could be taken on a trip

As compared to other listed blenders, Aeitto blender is one of the best blender for frozen fruit that will cost you just under $50.


The package you will get will include one 17oz BPA free plastic bottle and one 12oz mason glass jar.

The motor base:

Both the bottles and lids are dishwasher safe.

This personal blender comes with a two-speed motor. Manual and Auto. So it depends on what ingredients you are using.

This personal blender is quiet comfortable while dealing with small pieces of ice and frozen fruits.

8. Best Personal Smoothie Blender - Foodville PB230 Personal Blender

What People Say About This Blender

I already own a Vitamix and I can say that I’m very impressed with what the Foodville blender can do in comparison with a much more expensive blender”

Great, compact personal blender, Bella 1330 rocket, is the best blender under $50″

I ground coffee beans in the grinder, it worked great

I made smoothies in both the large and small cups, it blended amazing, so smooth

“I do feel this is worth the money and your consideration. Good deal, recommended

Foodville Personal BlenderFoodville PB230, best personal smoothie blender, is a 2-in-1 combo. It’s a personal blender and a coffee/seed grinder at the same time. Check Price


The package includes two travel bottles. One is 20oz, and the other one is 10oz.

The 20oz bottle is a fairly large bottle which comes with the lids.


It has stainless steel blades and a 300w motor which will help you make a quick smoothie mix.


What we don’t like about this blender is its power button. This blender has only one power button, has no speed options and no auto or manual control.


You need to hold the button for the motor to do its job. And to us, this is the only thing we don’t like about this blender.


Besides that, all accessories like blade assemblies, lids, bottles etc. are dishwasher safe.

For the metal housing, you need to clean it with the soft damp cloth.



Do not make hot drinks in this blender because it’s not made for this kind of job.

This portable personal blender comes with a 3-year warranty. You can have product replacement or partial/full refund. 

9. Best Push Down – Cincred Portable Blender

What People Say About This Blender

This is the best personal blender I’ve used”

We are in our 70’s and it is really easy to use although it is rather small”

I like that it’s not big and bulky, and easy to store. And for under $30, what do have to lose? Lol, buy it

There is no leaking, super easy to use and clean

“I love this thing. I have been on a keto diet but still love my smoothies and this thing is perfect for them

Cincred portable blender is a push down personal blender that has no button on it, you need to push down the jar to run the motor.

If we talk about the blending method, simply add the ingredients into the 15oz plastic bottle, close the blending lid tightly on the jar, put it on the blender and press it and it will automatically start working.

To keep it running, you need to keep it pressed.

This could be a bit painful for some, but to us, it is easy cause it will start working only with your arms weight, won’t need any extra hard pressing.

With this price range, the performance of this personal blender with grinding seeds and small pieces of ice was pretty impressive.

The package contains just the motor base and a 15oz plastic bottle. Please check the latest price of the product.

10. Best with Take-Along Bottle – Epica Personal Blender

What People Say About This Blender

It’s exactly what I need for protein shakes and smoothies”

Needless to say, I was not happy…I will be sending this one back for a full refund” Check the review here.

Every time I use this blender I find a feature that adds further enjoyment

For the price, this is a decent blender

“I love this blender. It is easy to use and blends anything you put in it

Epica personal blender with take-along bottle is a nice looking sleek designed personal blender which can make your smoothies.

The 20oz good quality plastic bottle is convenient as far as the size is concerned.

With 23000rpm and 300watts of motor power, this personal blender will give you a nice mix smoothy in 10secs.

But when frozen fruits and small ice cubes were tried, it was found that the motor slows down and really struggle.

So you won’t be able to get smooth frozen smoothies from this machine.

The bottle size is very portable, and it fits the most cars cup holders and easily fits into your backpack.

The blender comes with one bottle only, and the thing we didn’t like about this blender is that you need to press hold the power button for the motor to function.

The brushed chrome metal housing gives this personal blender a beautiful sleek look.

11. Best Cordless - ModernComfort BlenderX

What People Say About BlenderX

Blender works awesome!! I’ve had a few of the USB blenders and they just don’t have very much power. This blender is very powerful”

This blender is great, so powerful”

OMG! This blender is as powerful as my countertop blender at home

This blender is very impressive. It is very powerful and its performance exceeded my expectations

This portable blender is super strong. It makes a perfect shake, it crushes the ice in seconds

ModernComfort blenderX, the best cordless personal blender, has some unique features packed inside to give you much more comfort and ease of life.

This is the only chargeable blender which can crush standard size ice cubes with ease.

The customer’s experience with this blender is also excellent. Almost everyone has a great experience with this portable personal blender.

The blenderX package comes with!

  • Stainless steel motor base
  • Travel lid with drinking spout
  • 20oz FDA approved BPA free cordless blender bottle
  • Blade assemble
  • Charger
  • Premium waterproof storage bag

BlenderX features a 260w motor with specially designed four blades can crush regular and standard sized ice cubes pretty easily.

It is recommended that if you crush the ice with this blender, do add a little bit of water to make this personal blender run smoothly.

Hence, this personal blender is a bit expensive as compared to the fact that this is a personal blender, and it cannot serve more than one glass of smoothie in one run.

But remember that this is a rechargeable personal blender. Usually, rechargeable blender doesn’t have enough power to crush ice; they are just good personal blender for making smoothies with soft fruits.

And when it comes to having some chopped ice, most of them are bad performers.

12. Best for Ice & Smoothies - Willsence Personal Blender

What People Say About This Blender

Love this smoothie blender. It’s so easy to use and has a progress bar for when the smoothie is done”

Have some patience with this. You might have to push the button more than a few times to get the job done”

Simple to use. Love that it comes with two containers

I just used this product this morning and let me tell you this thing is so great

After esophogeal surgery, this blender has been a blessing

The looks of Willsense blender, best personal blender for ice & smoothies, is great.

When you look at the blender, it is made of metal with two function keys on the front for smooth and easy operation.

The power base has rubber foundation so that the blender doesn’t slip while operating. 


The package comes with two 20oz shockproof sports titan plastic bottles.

It is equipped with six blades which are for different purposes. Two blades with sharp edges are for smashing fruits and veggies.

Two blades with blunt edges are specially designed to crush small pieces of ice, seeds etc. and the remaining two blades are meant for nutrition extraction.

The package comes with a weight loss recipe book as well. 

The bottles are shock and impact-resistant, so you can carry them with you when you are going out in your car or on foot into the wilderness.

Both the bottles fit in comfortable in the car cup holder and on the bicycle. The bottles are dishwasher safe. 


Willsence personal blender is equipped with 700w of power motor which will give you the max results with the two levels of speeds, i.e. blend mode and Ultra mode.

In blend mode with the 700w of power, the smoothie blender will run for 45secs.

The LED light indicator will give you the idea of how much running time is remaining.

And in Ultra mode the blender will run for 60secs with one-second pauses during running to provide you with a perfect mix. 


To give you an overall picture, this is a good personal blender.

But keeping in mind the fact that this is relatively new to the market like it was introduced in March 2019 and we are reviewing it in 2022 with a limited amount of customers reviews.

So far, the impression is good. With all the necessary equipment like two plastic bottles, having a 700w power motor and six blades for perfect crushing and mixing tasks.

We think it is worth trying.

13. Best for Home Use - Aicok Personal Blender

What People Say About This Blender

This blender is ridiculously simple to use and the motor is incredibly strong”

Love this no stress, no mess, powerful little blender”

much stronger than my previous blender

I really liked my personal blender I can take anywhere because it does not need much space

First time buying a blender, all in all, this blender is quite easy to use, and the milk shake I made tasted pretty good. I’ll give it 5 stars

The built quality of Aicok personal blender for home use is awesome.

Having stainless steel motor base housing, this smoothie blender comes with one 21oz plastic bottle.

The capacity of this plastic bottle is pretty good. If you look at the blender, you will find that its only one button operation blender.

We don’t like this function, and we have mentioned it earlier in our reviews. You will have to keep the button pressed for running the blender.

The housing has a rubber base so that the blender doesn’t slip when it is functioning.

This small personal blender has a 300w of motor power and has four blades which can crush frozen fruits, veggies and small pieces of ice easily.

Smart Operation:

This personal blender has a built-in intelligent operation function. If you haven’t placed the bottle on the blender properly, the machine will not work. So if you find the device not working, recheck the placement of the container, remove it and place the bottle back.


This personal blender with take-along bottle comes with a 2-year warranty and a 90-days money-back guarantee (as per the manufacturer).

14. Best for Smoothies - Sboly Personal Blender

What People Say About This Blender

it’s actually a great little blender at a very affordable price”

We needed a new blender when our nutribullet died, and so far am very impressed”

For the price it’s a great blender

It does a great job with the little ice

I was looking for a blender for shakes and smoothies and this item certainly does the trick

Sboly, best personal blender for smoothies & shakes, is one of the best blender makers in USA and overtime they have improved the quality of their products.


This personal blender has two 20oz BPA free plastic bottles to serve you better.

One bottle is for blending purposes where you can install the 4-blade assembly, and one 20oz bottle is for drinking purposes, and you can carry it with you while you are on the go.

The Sboly personal blender comes with a cleaning brush as well for better cleaning experience.


The overall look of this personal blender is sleek, and because of a nice looking back handle, you can carry it very easily with you.

The brushed metal housing and black plastic top give this portable personal blender a beautiful and elegant look.

Safety Lock:

When you wish to have a smoothie, you will place the personal blender bottle on top of the blender, and if it is not positioned correctly as per instructions, you will find the lock and unlock signs on the front top left corner of the blender, the machine will not work. You need to follow the instructions and place the bottle.

Dishwasher Safe:

The personal blender bottle is easy to clean with the available cleaning brush. The bottles are dishwasher safe as well.

What to consider before buying the best personal blender?

We all know the fact how important the blenders have become in our routine life and whenever we are going to upgrade our blender or if the blender you use almost daily have died, you shouldn’t just pick one randomly.

There are four thing you must consider before you decide on a blender.

  1. Capacity of the blender
  2. The wattage of the blender
  3. Cleaning
  4. Parts replacements


Ok, now you’re asking about the capacity. We all drink a lot of blended drinks these days I mean it’s just true, blended drinks are the big thing now, I mean I have seen people saying that, well it just makes one tiny blended drink. 

To me I would say wow, that’s great, I mean I don’t mind making one single drink at a time, and that’s the reason they have created the personal blenders, to make one single drink at a time, right?

We are not talking about the portable blenders here, that is an entirely different story.

Ok so if you are happy with making only one drink at a time, that’s awesome, but probably most of the time you would not like to have one single drink, that’s where the larger capacity does really help.

personal blender jar with fruits


When we talk about wattage, we are mainly concerned about the blades and the motor.

The motor needs power, especially if you crush regular standard size ice cubes.

Ice cubes can be a little difficult, so you would need to have more power for the motor to get a reasonable crush.

If you have different sort of items in the blender, like say you have peanuts and want to make a peanut butter, how to make peanut butter in a blender, you can do that in a blender, you can do many different sorts of thing in a blender, but to do all that you need power.

So the more power you have, the more powerful your motor is going to be and the more effective it is going to blend and mix thing up, and that’s very important to know.

blender motor


A lot of personal blenders can only be cleaned and washed by hand, but some are dishwasher safe.

That’s completely your choice. Some people find it more convenient if they wash the blenders by hand, and some find it easy by throwing it into the dishwasher.

dish washing

Parts Availability:

I have three personal blender bottles, and that makes my life easier, how? Well, I don’t need to wash the blender bottle every time I wish to use it, and whenever I get time, I can wash them with convenience.

So you need to make sure the parts for that particular blender are available.

So read through a lot of customer reviews, try to find out what people are saying about the availability of the parts and from where will you be able to have them available easily.

So if you think you got a blender which parts are easily available, you’ve got a good blender.

A blender that will last you a long time and it doesn’t mean to need to pay a fortune for it, it simply means you’ve got a blender that works for you.

This was all about the best personal blender.

So what questions do you have in mind about blenders, do let us know about it and we will make sure you get the most perfect and accurate answer that can help you better. 

Personal blender parts