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Best Mug WarmerThe Best Mug Warmer is supposed to keep your coffee/tea hot whenever its needed.

That’s why we have shortlisted the best coffee cup warmer with auto shut off to make sure its beneficial for you without any damages.

In the process, we reviewed both wired and cordless mug warmers, and this is our recommendation for you that you should always go for wired coffee mug warmers instead of the cordless mug warmer.

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List Of Best Mug Warmer 2020

Customer Reviews
1. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer (Best mug warmer 2020)
2. Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer - Best coffee cup warmer 2020
3. Guodun Armor Mug Warmer
4. Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer - Best For Office Use
5. Bravo Line Coffee Mug Warmer - Best Coffee Cup Warmer
6. VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer - Best Energy Efficient
7. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer
8. Imperial Home Desktop Coffee Warmer
9. Home-X Electric Mug Warmer
10. ToullGo Cup Warmer
11. BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Warmer
12. Misby - Best Coffee Warmer For Desk
13. KUWAN Coffee Mug Warmer
14. Sumind Coffee Cup Warmer

1. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer (Best mug warmer 2020)


1. Temperature control

2. Spill resistant

3. Tough technology

4. LCD display


COSORI is a remarkable company who makes beautiful and durable products for its customer and the COSORI coffee mug warmer is no exception.

COSORI stainless steel mug warmer, the best mug warmer for 2020, is a sleek, beautifully designed digital coffee mug warmer which has great features.

Cosori, the best coffee mug warmer, enables you to set the temperatures from room temperature up to 230°F.

So the range is pretty big, and you can select the temperature control as per your requirement.

COSORI coffee mug warmer comes with a little adapter, so when you plug it in, the power light will turn on, and you simply tough the power button and the device will turn on.

For precise temperature control, you have the choice of switching between Centigrade and Fahrenheit.

The brushed stainless steel look gives this coffee warmer a beautiful and elegant look.


Temperature control

LCD display

Spill resistant

  • “Cosori coffee warmer is the best mug warmer I’ve ever owned”
  • I’ve had the Cosori stainless steel warming plate since early November 2017 and love it. I was a bit concerned based on the poor reviews but it has been phenomenal for me
  • “This works perfectly, keeping my hot beverage at the same temperature as I started–I love it”
  • Finding a higher power mug warmers is hard enough, most are 17 watts or less, but finding one of this quality can’t be done. Yes, it’s more money than most warmers, but you can feel and see the quality
  • It does keep my tea in these huge pots warm for the entire day!

2. Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer - Best coffee mug warmer 2020


1. Reasonable length cord

2. Include 10oz ceramic mug

3. Perfect for home/office use

4. Illuminated mickey power light

5. One year limited warranty

Mickey mouse coffee mug warmer is the best coffee mug warmer for 2020 which has this unique design that is we all love and it adds a good look to our desk.

The power on/off button on the side of the coffee mug warmer is in the shape of mickey’s head, and it illuminates when you turn it on.

The Mickey Mouse mug warmer comes with a beautiful looking 10oz ceramic mug which is red from the inside and black from outside with mickey image.

The size of the heating plate of Micky Mouse Mug Warmer is suitable for almost all size of mugs.

The mickey mug warmer comes in two colors and styles.

One is mickey mug warmer with red color, and the other one is Minnie mug warmer with is in pink color.

Both have the same qualities and characteristics.


Decent cord length

Suitable for all size mugs

10oz mug included

  • I come back to my coffee or tea, and it is still HOT. SOOOooo nice
  • “If you need a durable warmer to keep your beverages hot from first sip to the last, this is the warmer for you
  • The is THE BEST COFFEE MUG WARMER I have ever owned/used
  • My husband and I are slow sippers. We’ve tried different mugs, smaller portions, and even a wax warmer base. This keeps the coffee at the perfect temperature, for extended periods
  • this warmer is awesome”

3. Guodun Armor Coffee Mug Warmer


1. 3 temperature control settings

2. Smart Gravity Switch

3. Auto power off timer

4. Self-protective timer

5. Waterproof glass panel

Guodun coffee mug warmer comes with three temperature settings where you can warm milk for your kids and hot coffee for yourself.
With a sensitive gravity switch, it is very convenient and energy-efficient. When you put your cup on the heating plate the mug warmer will turn on automatically.
With the built-in 4-hour timer, the device will automatically turn off if not in use after four hours.
The waterproof glass panel is heat resistant and easy to clean with a damp towel or cloth.
It is highly recommended that you should you a flat bottom cup or mug for the drinks, where almost all the mug warmers perform best with flat bottom cups and mugs.
A great gift for your loved ones.

4. Norpro Decorative Mug Warmer - Best For Office Use


1. 24Watts of heated plate

2. Portable / Easy to carry

3. Nonstick heating element

4. On/Off switch

5. Neon light indicator

6. 60 inch long power cord


NorPro is into business since 1973 and since then they have introduced many amazing and well designed products in kitchenware industry.

The Norpro decorative best coffee mug warmer is the top of the line product which is very easy and efficient in use.

The Norpro desktop coffee mug warmer is great to be used in office and at home giving you the convenience of enjoying your coffee or tea.

The 24w, UL approved nonstick hot plats keep your coffee mug warm enough so you can enjoy every sip to maximum.

The nonstick heating plates are very easy to clean. The desk mug warmer has an on/off button with a neon indicator light and a 60 inches long cord.


Great for travel

24w heating plate

Nonstick heating plate

60 inch long cord


Complaints of bad smell when plats are hot

  • I’ve been using this for less than a month and the heating element is already burnt out after use for 4-5 non-consecutive hours each work day
  • I use this cup warmer at my desk at work. I love that it keeps my coffee nice and hot since i’m a super slow drinker
  • I liked this warmer. I’ve tried a number of them and this keeps the coffee hot as long as you use a coffee cup with a pretty much FLAT bottom on it
  • I do recommend this if you like to keep your coffee at a comfortably warm but not steaming hot temperature
  • Beverage stays VERY warm–no complaints”

5. Bravo Line Coffee Mug Warmer - Best Coffee Cup Warmer


1. Constant temperature 180˚F

2. 4″ in diameter

3. Two free silicone lids

4. Automatic shut off

5. 100% waterproof

6. On/off button


Bravo Line coffee mug warmer is a beautifully designed device that can be used in your office and home.

This coffee mug warmer will keep a constant temperature of 180°F that is favorable to get the best coffee taste.

The heating plate of this ceramic coffee mug warmer is 4” in diameter that can withstand almost all cup sizes.

It is advisable that if you need the max output from this or any coffee mug warmer, you need to have a flat bottom cup to make the max contact between the cup and the warming plate.

This teacup warmer comes with FREE two silicon lids that are useful to prevent your coffee from heat evaporation.

Bravo Line coffee mug warmer features an Auto shutoff mechanism where the warmer will automatically shutoff after 3hrs to prevent any damages.

This mug warmer is 100% waterproof, so no worries if in case the tea or coffee spills over the heating plate.

So if you are looking to have a cup warmer that is reasonably priced with reasonable performance, Brave Line definitely worth trying.


4″ diameter heating plate

2 Free silicone lids

Automatic shutoff


  • This coffee warmer does not heat up fast very slow but the quality of how its made its good
  • Nice hot coffee when the flat bottomed clay mug I use is full, but gets to hot as the cup empties. When the levels go down I have to switch it off or let it sit off the cup heater to cool down.
  • The plate gets extremely hot. I was really excited when I got it because I sip coffee and it always gets cold.
  • I tested it and it seems to get pretty hot.
  • I like the larger size heating element. I put my Glass tea pot right on top of the warmer plate after making a brew and it keeps the pot warm.”

6. VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer - Best Energy Efficient


1. 3 temperature controls

2. Auto-shutoff option

3. Easy surface cleaning

4. Water proof heating surface

5. On/off button

6. Thermostat adjuster


VOBAGA coffee mug warmer is equipped with thermostat adjuster where you can choose from three different heating temperatures, i.e. 104°F, 131°F and 149°F.

This electric coffee mug warmer if left for nearly four hours, the auto-shutoff feature will automatically turn it off to prevent any permanent damage. You have the option to manually turn it off by touching the on/off button.

The material used in the manufacturing of this electric coffee mug warmer is very durable and is heat and fire-resistant.

A great gift on the coming charismas for your loved ones.


3 temperature settings


Water proof


Doesn’t work on double walled mugs

  • I find it better to use the highest setting when the cup is full, and then work your way down as you consume your beverage
  • BEST DECISION EVER!!!! Not only does it keep your coffee warm, it keeps it HOT on the highest setting
  • I like HOT coffee! This warmer is awesome and I can only hope it lasts! Been using for a month now and so far, so good
  • It’s just as expected and keeps my tea hot as long as its on so I can sip and enjoy for a long while
  • Finally, a cup warmer that stays HOT! I’ve tried three other products and they were all a disappointment”

7. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

  1. Features:
  2. 17 Watts
  3. Portable / Easy to carry
  4. Easy surface cleaning
  5. On/Off switch
  6. Indicator light
  7. Longer power cable


Mr Coffee Mug Warmer is a well-known brand and is in the business since 1970. Brewing coffee is their primary concern, and now they have introduced their Mr Coffee Mug Warmer.

Mr coffee mug warmer has easy to clean surface, convenient cord length, which is very useful because most of the coffee mug warmers in the market doesn’t come with a suitable length cord.
Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, the is excellent for a variety of beverages and soups, so you cannot just warm your coffee only, but tea and a lot of other beverages and soups as well.

The cord length of Mr coffee mug warmer is pretty decent and very convenient. It has an on/off button on the top beside the hot tray. The built quality is excellent.

Mr Coffee Mug Warmer is lightweight and has rubber pads at the bottom prevents this Mug Warmer from slipping.


Good cord length


Built quality is good

  • “It will not keep coffee hot. Don’t waste your money with foolish hopes. I tried a ceramic mug and it did not stay hot”
  • “Works great! Produces 220+ degrees while drawing approximately 17 watts and has plenty of cord”
  • “It’s going on a little over a year since I got this coffee warmer & I felt I needed to let everyone know that this is the best coffee warmer I’ve gotten”
  • ” Initial review is: It is the best coffee warmer that keeps beverage hot to the last drop – gotta love that! The closer you get to the bottom of your drink the warmer the temperature”
  • “Do be careful with the last 2-3 mouthfuls of hot beverage because it gets very hot when the cup is nearly empty”

8. Imperial Home Desktop Coffee Mug Warmer


1. Nonstick heating plate

2. Portable / Easy to carry

3. Easy surface cleaning

4. On/Off switch

5. Melt wax

6. 40″ Long power cable


ImperialHome desktop coffee mug warmer is 17W with a 3.5 inches diameter heating plate which is suitable for all sizes of cups and teapots.

It is recommended that the heating plates should not be touched while it is powered on.

This portable mug warmer can be used in your office or bedroom, or if you are travelling, you will get the convenience of sipping through your favorite hot coffee till the last drop of it.

The on/off switch is on the cord itself, about 12 inches away from the heating plates.

The heating plate is nonstick and very easy to clean. When you want to clean the surface or the device itself, make sure the mug warmer is turned off and unplugged.

ImperialHome mug warmer works efficiently in keeping your hot beverages warm so you can enjoy it, and it melts the scented wax safely as well.

It can work great with both wick and no wick candles efficiently.


5.25″ heating surface

Indicator light

40″ long cord


Some complained about the low built quality

No auto-shutoff

  • Very handy. On/off switch is on the cord 12 inches from the warming plate. I’d prefer it right on the front of the unit, but works ok. The desk under the unit does get quite warm, despite the little legs to elevate the plate, but not so hot you can’t put your hand on it
  • Love this as a coffee warmer. Use it everyday. Beware that it is very easy to forget it’s on because there isn’t an automatic shutoff
  • works marvelously for keeping my mug warm. My office is surprisingly cold and I often forget my mug while working
  • Maintains heat all day…with help from a kid’s cereal dish. Even on my large cup
  • Love this one. Bought it for office and I have use it w/flat bottomed mug and a stainless steel flat bottomed frothing pitcher/mug with handle”

9. Home-X Electric Coffee Mug Warmer


1. Mug warmer

2. Candle & wax warmer

3. On/off light

4. 3.5 inch diameter

5. Extended power cord


HomeX Coffee Mug Warmer is designed to give you a reliable source of keeping your hot beverages and ceramic of glass mugs warm all day long.

Its extended cord length is convenient to plug it in the wall and put the device on your table comfortably.

It is very easy and convenient to carry because of its lightweight and compact design.

This electric mug warmer is built from a sturdy plastic material. It is recommended to use only ceramic and glass cups and bowls.


Indicator light

Extended power cable

3.5 inches diameter


Only for ceramic and glass mugs

  • I will say that this isn’t the most beautiful cup warmer. It is a replacement for a great one for my wife that finally stopped working. It just feels lower quality
  • Came fast and works like a charm. Giving it a 4 star because it gets really hot
  • it will warm and not hot enough. However it stays warm enough enough for drinking
  • It warms perfectly.
    However, I wish that there was some back insulation. It generates a lot of heat on my tables surfaces
  • The cord is short, but overall, it works great and is easy to use”

10. ToullGo Mug Warmer - Best Simple Design


1. Mirror glass panel

2. 9hr timer option

3. 2 gear positions

4. Spill resistant

5. Touch technology

6. Energy efficient

7. 18W

8. 150cm cord length

9. Intelligent cup identification


ToullGo mug warmer is beautifully designed coffee warmer which really looks lovely on your table. It has some great features.

ToullGo mug warmer’s intelligent mug identification sensor will automatically sense if the cup or mug is placed or not, so if you touch the adjustment button and the cup is not placed it will not turn on, when you put a cup on the glass surface it automatically detects that and the adjuster will be activated.

Besides the timer option on the glass surface of Toullgo coffee mug warmer, you will find a gear touch button. There are two gear options available. The gear one is for high temperature, and gear two is for low temperature.

The other option available on the glass panel is the timer option. You can set the timer from 1-9hrs. And on the expiration of the mentioned time, this coffee mug warmer will turn off automatically.

When you turn off this coffee tea mug warmer and turn it on again, the smart cup recognition is turned on automatically. To turn off the intelligent cup recognition sensor, you need to keep the gear button pressed for 10sec, and this will turn it off.

It is recommended to use flat bottom cups and mugs on the heating plate for maximum performance.


Timer option

Temperature adjustment

Touch panel

Cord length 150cm

  • It keeps my coffee warm. Please be advised that this is a warmer and it maintains the temp at 104-140F
  • I will say you have to be cautious – the metal cup gets warm (obviously), but I actually appreciated it since my office is FREEZING!! LOVE the warmer. I would buy it again
  • Very stylish. Keeps my drinks nice and warm without making them too hot. Perfect.
  • I can actually enjoy my tea hot, and not cold like I used to, since my baby was born… I’m happy with this product, it keeps my tea warm as long as I want, so I’m good
  • I left a cup of coffee on this for over an hour and when I tested it the coffee was a perfect drinking temperature”

11. BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Mug Warmer


1. 19 Watts

2. Gravity induction switch

3. Auto on/off

4. Waterproof design

5. Indicator light

6. Easy to clean


Bestinnkits coffee mug warmer is designed to keep the hot coffee or tea warm enough so you can enjoy every sip.

Bestinnkits smart coffee mug warmer features specially designed and manufactured heating plate that will give you maximum performance if you use a flat base cup and not a concave cup.

The flat cup has the maximum amount of contact with the heat plate, and that’s why it is highly recommended to use such cups and mugs.

The built-in gravity induction switch gives you maximum ease and comfort. You don’t need to turn it on or off every time you want to use it. When you place a coffee mug over the heating element, the device will turn on automatically. The sensors work great with flat base mugs and cups. The weight of your coffee mug should be more than 13oz to activate the gravity induction switch.

The heating plate is water-resistant. The heating plate is covered with thermal conductive glass, so it’s water and spill-resistant, and because of this glass surface, it is very easy to clean.

This mug warmer comes with a 1-year warranty.


Auto on/off


Gravity induction


Power cord is not long enough

What the buyers say...
  • For under $30, this is a great unit. It actually did heat up my cold coffee. It’s not super quick, but it’s better than other units at a similar price point
  • This works perfectly, keeping my hot beverage the same temperature as I started with the whole time it sat on this mug warmer I love it
  • My wife is big on coffee and she likes to enjoy it for hours, so for her a perfect gift.The makes the drink hot and not just warm so it maybe good or bad depending on your personal preference
  • Nice coffee warmer but doesn’t quite keep it hot enough unless I only have a small amount left
  • This thing truly makes the liquid HOT as if you just poured it from the coffee pot kind of hot”

12. Misby - Best Coffee Mug Warmer For Desk


1. 16 Watts

2. 47inch cord length

3. Easy surface cleaning

4. Maintain temperature

5. Gravity Induction

6. Longer power cable


Misby coffee mug warmer is the best coffee warmer for desk that keep your hot coffee hot and lets you enjoy every sip. This device not only increases the cooling time of the hot beverage but also keeps it at 131°F, which is neither hot nor cold.

Misby coffee mug warmer features gravity induction technology, it will turn on/off automatically as you put your on the device or take it off of the device. So you don’t need to turn it on/off yourself.

This electric coffee mug warmer has the heating area of 3.5” diameter, which is suitable for most cups and mugs.

The center of the heating plate gets very hot, so avoid touching the heating surface when its on.

This slim and great looking device can be a great addition to your home or office.


Large capacity

Indicator light

Auto shutoff

Adjustable temperature

What the buyers say...
  • the center round two rings that your cup sits on is EXTREMELY hot after you put your cup there for 15 minutes
  • Not only does it look nice it works good too. I had no problems keeping my coffee or hot chocolate warm with this warmer. overall I’m happy with this purchase
  • It does what it is supposed to, looks on par with the expensive counterparts. Keep your coffee warm till the last sip
  • I like this warmer, it does keep my water/tea/coffee warm and not hot
  • This coffee warmer is pretty good, if you remove your cup the device turns off”

13. KUWAN Coffee Mug Warmer


1. 35 Watts

2. Overheat protection

3. Temperature settings

4. Auto-shutoff

5. Indicator light

6. Longer power cord


KUWAN Coffee Mug Warmer is the upgraded version of the previous one which has the electric film heating technology with a built-in heating chip which ensures the even heating all over the heating ceramic plate.

This upgraded version of KUWAN Coffee Mug Warmer has a unique thermostatic base where you can place your cups securely. The required cup base should be less than 3.5”, this means almost all the cups and mugs can be placed on this device.

It is highly recommended that the cups with the flat bottom should be used on this electric coffee mug warmer where the mug will be in maximum contact with the heating plate, and you will get the maximum output from this device.

With an adjustable thermostat option, you can choose from low temperatures to high temperatures. The auto-shutoff feature will automatically turn off the device after 2hrs.


Fast heating

PTC ceramic

2hr auto shutoff

2 adjustable temperature

  • This warmer works great and looks really good. The only downside is the smell. It smells like plastic burning
  • I like the way it looks but I have to turn it on before getting my coffee ready so it will be nice and hit and keep my coffee just the way I like it
  • The object is small and beautiful, the workmanship is fine, and the warm coffee is very good. Thank you
  • I have stomach issues so I can’t stand cold water. This product is just what I want and fits all my different mugs
  • It works well. It keeps my tea warm. If I put a lukewarm beverage on it, it will takes about half an hour to warm it up to a higher temperature”

14. Sumind Coffee Mug Warmer


1. 16 Watts

2. 3.35″ heating surface

3. Easy surface cleaning

4. Waterproof panel

5. Silicon lid

6. 59″ Long power cord


Sumind coffee mug warmer is excellent to keep your hot coffee or tea at a very warm temperature, so you enjoy every sip of it with maximum pleasure and soothing.

Sumind, the best coffee mug warmer will keep your hot drinks in between 104-140°F, which is not very cold and not very hot, just the right temperature where we enjoy our coffee and relax.

The heating plate comes in the diameter size of 3.35inchs which is pretty reasonable because most of the cups have less than the available base, so almost all the cups and mugs can be placed on its surface. You can even put small teapots on it as well.

It is highly recommended that you use the flat bottom cups and mugs for maximum cup and heating plate contact, which will give you maximum output in the shape of nice and warm beverage.

The heating panel is water and stain-resistant. Normal stains can be cleaned with regular damp cloth.

This mug warmer also comes with the food-grade silicone lid to keep your hot beverages hot for long.


Waterproof panel

Silicon lid

59 inch long power cord

16W power

What the buyers say...
  • I wish it was insulated on bottom of warmer. You must use a hot pad to protect your table. Other than that, it is wonderful to have hot tea or chocolate to the last drop
  • Fine product. Really need the rubber cover provided atop the cup to keep coffee hot. Otherwise, drink just kind of stays warm without cover
  • Works great! I even started with a mug of cold water to make sure that the warmer actually heated mugs properly and was thrilled with the results
  • Works well at keeping my tea hot. I would like a longer cord though
  • Not top notch quality parts, it’s plastic, but it gets the job done. Love the slicone cover to keep my drink the hottest”

The Best Mug Warmers Buying Guide for 2020

Things you need to consider before buying the best mug warmer!


The prices of the coffee mug warmer vary a lot. Some are reasonably priced, and some are a bit expensive. It depends on the built quality and features that specific coffee mug warmer has. 

While selecting one, you should keep this in mind that more expensive the beverage warmer is, the higher quality material will be used, and the durability will be much higher than others.



Features of the best mug warmer define the performance of a specific mug warmer. The more the features it has, the better will be the performance in different aspects.


When you are finalizing a cup warmer, you should never ignore the characteristics of that specific device and should go for the one which is offering more features.


In our list below, we have clearly and thoroughly mentioned the features of all the mug warmers.


Power Cable Length:

Different coffee mug warmers come with different lengths of power cables. Some are short, and some are reasonably long. Some users prefer short cables, and some need longer power cables for their convenience and portability. 

We will recommend that you should always go for longest of power cables available with the coffee mug warmer because you will never know where you would be using it. So the longer the power cord, the better. 

Another thing good about the longer power cord is that it will not block the way, and will give you the convenience of using it comfortably.


Cordless Mug Warmer vs Wired Mug Warmer?


When fully charged, a cordless mug warmer will help you warm up your coffee or tea cup instantly even if you don’t have the electricity supply nearby.


But it is highly recommended that you should go for wired mug warmer because it has been observed that even the cordless mug warmer or battery operated coffee cup warmer don’t generate enough heat; hence they just cannot keep your drink warm enough. 


Of course, the cordless mug warmer is portable and easy to carry around and use, but if it’s not serving you better then what’s the point in having one. So we would not recommend you to go for cordless mug warmer.

General FAQs

What is a mug warmer?

The first thing in the morning or to have an extra kick during the afternoon, mug warmer we all love to have a hot cup of coffee, and in that shortest of time when we want to sit down and relax and enjoy that hot cup of coffee, anything can distract us very easily. It can be a phone call, a doorbell, a baby cry or anything and it’s gone, and it is not coming back, because when you reach back to your coffee, it will not be hot anymore and you will not be in that moment anymore. 

So how about you coming back from your redirection, and find your hot coffee still hot? This is now possible with the help of an electric device called a Mug Warmer. 

The mug warmer will keep your hot beverages warm enough for you to enjoy them when you come back to them and immediately go back into that moment of enjoyment. 

You probably will not realize the convenience of having a cup warmer if you haven’t tried it before, and we highly recommend you should, but if you have, then you will agree that we just can’t live without it, right? 

What is the best cup to keep coffee hot?

Contigo AUTOSEAL Travel MugContigo Stainless Steel Travel Mug is the best cup to keep coffee hot for hours and you can enjoy your hot coffee without any worries.

When you are on the go and traveling, away from home  or office, you probably will need a travel mug or a kind of cup that can keep your hot drink; it can be tea or coffee, hot for longer and extended time. To find the right answer to this question, we skimmed through about 20 different blog posts, checked about 25 travel mugs available on Amazon, and we come to the conclusion that Contigo Stainless Steel Travel Mug is the perfect answer to this question. 

Can a candle warmer be used as a mug warmer?

Before answering this question, we must know the difference between candle warmer and mug warmer. 

Candle Warmer: candle warmer

“A candle warmer is an electric warmer that melts a candle or scented wax to release its scent. The candle warmer shown is intended to be used with jar candles or candles in cups, not with taper candles or candles without containers large enough to accommodate all the melted wax. Some candle warmers have a built-in bowl in which the candle is placed”. Wikipedia

Mug Warmer:

A mug warmer is an electric device which is specially designed and made to warm and keep warm coffee or teacups. It has an electric plate which heats up when the device is plugged in, and it keeps the cups of any kind, warm. If you want to enjoy your hot cup of coffee till the last drop, then you should consider investing in having one on your desktop. 


Now coming back to the question if the candle warmer can be used as a mug warmer? The answer is “Yes”. 

Yes, we can use a candle warmer as a mug warmer, but it’s not made for this purpose because the heating capabilities of a candle warmer are different than the heating capacity of a cup warmer, and a candle warmer is not effective if the quantity of the drink is more.

So if you are willing to have a multipurpose warmer, then you should go for a mug warmer, because you can use that as a candle warmer as well but getting a candle warmer and use it also as a mug warmer, is not a right decision to make. 

How hot do coffee cup warmer get?

A coffee cup warmer is designed to maintain the temperature of the drink at a certain level and prevent it from getting cold. 

“According to the National Coffee Association, the optimal brewing temperature is 195 to 205° F; the best drinking temperature, according to a 2008 paper published in the journal “Burns,” is closer to 136° F. While the surface temperature of mug warmers varies based on the wattage used, they typically heat to between 120 and 140° F, which prevents your coffee from cooling to an undesirable temperature”.


How to keep the coffee mug warmer for long?

Following are the tricks and hacks through which we can keep our hot drink mug warm for an extended period. wool coffee mug warmer

  • Pour some hot water in the mug or put it in the microwave to warm the cup before pouring in the hot coffee or tea. 
  • Use thermo cups to keep the coffee hot for a more extended period.
  • We can use thick wool or men’s thick winter socks and wrap the mug with it before pouring in the hot drink.
  • Cover the cup, after pouring in the hot coffee or tea, from the top so that the heat doesn’t go out in shape of evaporation. 
  • Or if nothing works, go and grab a mug warmer.

Do ceramic mugs keep coffee hot?

We all know ceramic has a significant influence in our kitchen and our cooking, ceramic coffee mugseating and drinking utensils and that they have a lot of great benefits too, for instance, they don’t impart any flavor nor leach any chemicals in our food. 

They are microwave safe, but they are not durable like metal or plastic and that they don’t keep our hot drinks hot for longer period of times, but do they keep our hot coffee warm?

Yes, they do. 

And this depends on the thickness of the insulation. One thing is for sure, no matter how good insulation we apply to our ceramic coffee mug, the mug will not keep our hot coffee hot for long enough as a vacuum insulated steel mug can. 

A good ceramic mug, also known as “double walled ceramic coffee mug”, do a good job in keeping the hot drink hot for a longer period. Because of the double walls, these ceramic mugs keep the hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, and your hands will not feel hot or cold. 

Does the mug warmer has an auto shut-off functionality?

Yes, there is a variety of mug warmers on Amazon, where they offer the auto-shutoff functionality. Having this useful feature in a cup warmer may increase the price, but it’s worth it as it will keep your favorite drinks from getting too hot and will keep them on a specific temperature. 

Is the mug warmer dishwasher safe?

As far as cleaning the mug warmer is concerned, it is highly recommended that a mug warmer should always be cleaned with a damp cloth and dish washing it should always be avoided. 

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