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13 Best Juicer For Celery Reviews – Updated for 2022!

To enjoy your Celery juice regularly, you need to equip yourself with the Best Juicer For Celery because celery is a leafy green vegetable and extracting juice out of it is a headache for many juicers and blenders.

To do that effectively, we need a slow masticating juicer to work for us.

Below we have carefully selected and reviewed 13 best masticating juicers for celery that are specially designed to do the job for you effectively.

List of 13 Best Juicer For Celery in 2022!

  1. Omega Juicer J8006HDS – Best Juicer for Celery
  2. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer – Runner-up Best Juicer for Celery
  3. Tribest GSE-5050 – Best High-End Juicer for Celery
  4. Aicook Slow Masticating Juicer – Best Budget Juicer for Celery
  5. KOIOS Juicer
  6. Aobosi Juicer – Best Premium Quality Juicer for Celery
  7. Picberm Juicer – Best for Home Use
  8. FAMTOP Juicer
  9. AMZchef Juicer
  10. BioChef Axis Juicer – Best High Yield Celery Juicer
  11. CIRAGO Juicer
  12. Tribest Solostar 4 Juicer
  13. Jocuu Juicer

What are the Pros n Cons of Celery Juice?

  • The juice is extremely hydrating and effectively manages body temperature. The more you consume the juice, the more you take the minerals, vitamins, and hydrating water in your body.
  • The juice contains a high range of vitamin C, much more than citrus. It effectively works on the skin.
  • It possesses anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of phytonutrients.
  • Since it is low in sugar, it is a blessing for people having high blood sugar problems.
  • The juice is easier to digest. It can help you lose weight.
  • The juice contains less fiber, which means you take a lesser amount of phytochemicals.
  • A 240 ml cup of celery juice contains high salt content, almost 215 mg of sodium.
  • Celery contains the chemical psoralen, which reacts to sunlight. …
  • Some people may have an allergy to celery, which can cause a range of symptoms, including skin reactions, digestive upset, and respiratory problems.

1. Omega Masticating Juicer J8006HDS - Best Juicer for Celery

Best Features:

  • 80 RPM motor speed
  • 200 Watts
  • 3 adjustable pressure settings
  • Minimum heat and oxidation
  • Easy cleaning 
  • Auto dry pulp ejection
  • Extra-large 5 inches insertion tray
  • Built-in handle
  • Quiet operation
  • 15 Year parts & performance warranty
  • 3 adjustable pressure settings
  • Perfect for green leaf vegitable
  • Easy cleaning 
  • Built-in handle
  • Quiet operation
  • 15 year warranty
  • Extended juicing time
  • Narrow feed chute

Omega J8006HDS Celery Juicer

Omega J8006HDS celery juicer is by far the best juicer for celery, and is the upgraded version of J8005.

It processes the food at a very low speed of 80rpm.

At this rpm, the food is processed, crushed in a very delicate manner so that the enzymes and valuable nutrients are not destroyed but extracted.

Most of the high-speed juicers run on very high 15000rpm, which is not always healthy because it just cannot extract the healthy enzymes and nutrition from the food. 

As compared to other Personal Blenders and best portable blenders, omega j8006hds celery juicer can also be used for making nut butter, grind coffee and even can mince herbs. 


Low Noise:

If you have used masticating juicer before, you will know the fact that these juicers produce very low noise as compared to other Portable blenders or Juicers. But Omega j8006hds celery juicer is extra quite. Making juices early morning is not a big deal; you can do that without disturbing your baby or anyone else. 


As compared to centrifugal juicers, Omega j8006hds celery juicer has two-level food processing system. It crushes and squeezes the food to get the max amount of juice from the food. 

No Foamy Juice:

We all know that when we use our regular juicers, we find a bitter-tasting foam on top of it, which is very unpleasant. Omega j8006hds celery juicer process and squeezes the food in such a way that you will not get foamless maximum nutrient of juice from the food. 

Multipurpose machine:

This is mentioned earlier that Omega J8006 is not just a juicer; it can be used as a food processor, coffee grinder and herbs and garlic mincer as well.


Omega j8006hds celery juicer comes with a good 15-year warranty. Usually, other juicers and blender come with one or two year warranty, and that’s it. The 15-year warranty claim shouts out loud that the product is of superior quality and you don’t need to worry about if it breaks down after several years of use. 

User’s Comments

I absolutely love this juicer! I recommended it to friends and they love it too! The pulp comes out dry which means it does a great job getting all the juice out and clean up is super easy. Worth every penny”

I wanted to start juicing along with my daily smoothies, but I am finding the cleaning process is hard. I am keeping the juicer as I feel it is a great quality one and the cleaning is going to take some logistical timing on my part.”

The prep time took too long due to the narrow chute. Cleanup wasn’t easy. Produced lots of pulp. Liked the design but wish it had a wider chute.

This is not my first juicer. I’ve been juicing since 1996 but my other juicer finally needed to be replaced. This one is incredible. Well-designed, easy to use and clean, quiet, and I find I’m getting more juice from my fruits and vegetables. I highly recommend this juicer to anyone

So far I have had a great experience with this juicer. I had the vertical juicer, but I like this one much better it handles my celery very well!

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2. Aicok Juicer - Runner-Up Best Juicer for Celery


Aicok, the runner-up best juicer for celery is compact in design, lightweight and awesome performer.

As compared to centrifugal juicers, this is the best celery juicer that is a lot easier to clean.

Just take out all the six components, which are very to easy to assemble and disassemble, get it clean quickly and put it back together. Very quick and easy.

The reverse button on the back of the machine helps if some blocked somewhere down with the auger and is not moving forward, just hit the reverse button for a few seconds and it will be fixed.

With a masticating juicer, the juice you get is of much more superior quality as compared to centrifugal juicers.

Because its slowly squeeze out the juice, which is much healthier. The nutrients hidden deep inside the food are extracted perfectly by this kind of juicer. The juice doesn’t oxidize much.

Aicok slow masticating juicer utilizes this amazing technology to produce less waste of vegetables and green leaf food.

Aicok masticating juicer processes the food so much better than other juicers that the waste is minimum and completely dry.

As far as leafy greens are concerned, centrifugal juicer doesn’t do the job.

These juicers are not made to deal with leafy greens. If you are a person who often wants to have a green juice, then you should go for masticating juicer.

Juices made from masticating juicer can last up to 72 hrs.

Aicok masticating juicer comes with a 2-year warranty.

User’s Comments

“I have owned several juicers, and this one is by far my favorite. It is the cheapest, and best juicer I’ve ever used. There is a minuscule difference in yield between this juicer, and my twin gear masticating that I paid $600 for. It is very easy to clean and reassemble compared to the twin gear and the centrifuge juicers I also own. I will never buy another over priced juicer. I’m very happy with this purchase.”

it is easy to install and uninstall. This means it is convenient to use and wash it after usage. Second, it doesn’t produce loud noises and this definitely is a plus for the users. With the above reasons, I would recommend this product to my friends and family.”

Very disappointed that this lasted only a few months before breaking. We sent requested proof to manufacturer, who stopped answering our emails

“I just received my juicer today. I love it. Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. I juiced kale, celery, a green apple, and a lemon. The juice was so good I could have smacked myself. Lots of it and pulpless. Ahhhhhh… good

I love this slow juicer! It’s easy to install and use. It’s more quiet than my expectation. I don’t worry about the noise wake up my baby. I’ve used strawberry, apple, kale, lemon – it works well. Cleanup is also not as bad as I thought. I cleaned up all parts within 2 minutes.

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3. Tribest GSE5050 - Best High-End Juicer for Celery

tribest celery juicer

Tribest GSE 5050, the best high-end juicer for celery, is the only masticating juice extractor which uses a revolutionary advanced jumbo twin gear set and a three-stage juicing process.

Tribest juicer also maximizes your juice yield from various fruits and vegetables compared to any other juicer.

This modern lightweight, the streamlined shape looks great on the kitchen counter. Let us have a look at the parts of this juicer.

There are fewer parts of this juicer, that’s why it is very easy to clean.

Tribest juicer assembles and disassembles in just one snap.

Another option is that you can fit the juicer with a blank plate.

This is what you will use if you want to puree your ingredients rather than juice them.

For example, we want to make ice cream.

We can put frozen fruits like frozen bananas, peaches, strawberries, etc., in the juicer fitted with this blank plate, and I will end up with delicious soft served ice cream.

Tribest GSE5050 Elite runs at a slow speed of 110rpm, and on a low temperature, so it’s not noisy at all and is gentle on the greens as well.

Because the Tribest juicer is gentle on the greens, you can keep the fresh juice in a mason jar up to two days.

User’s Comments

We purchased this juicer 5 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. We have made a pitcher of juice everyday for the last 5 years and this juicer is still going strong. I can’t recommend it enough! And my husband is winning his battle with cancer. No chemo, no radiation just building up his body to do what it does best….Win”

“Finally, we purchased the Green Star GSE-5050. We’ve been using it weekly for over a year and are extremely happy with it. Takes about 30min for us to juice what turns into about 12 cups of green juice. That includes washing the produce and cleaning the machine afterward”

How did I ever live without this? I’ve been using the GSE-5000 daily for about 4 years now. The volume of juice I get from it is terrific. The pulp is very dry, so I feel confident that I’m getting the maximum possible amount of juice out of each fruit or vegetable I put in

When I read reviews of this juicer, two things are apparent:

1. This is a very reliable juicer.
2. It is very difficult to clean.

Now, when I got the Green Star juicer (which was packaged very well), I juiced some kale, carrots and green apples. The wooden pusher worked better than the plastic one. The juice somehow tasted better than what I made in the past with my Hurom.”

This is my first juicer and I am so impressed with it. I found this one from the Medical Medium as his recommended juicer and I’m happy I went with this one

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4. Aicook - Best Budget Juicer for Celery

aicook slow masticating juicer

Aicook is so far the best budget juicer for celery in the market which is efficient and sturdy and has a very low price tag.

The Aicook slow masticating juicer has the following features which need to be elaborated. 

The motor runs on a very low 80rpm speed which breaks down and squeezes the fruits, vegetables and greens to extract the maximum amount of juice and preserve the nutrients without destroying it. Due to the low speed, Aicook masticating juicer for celery produces lesser heat and froth.

The assembly of the parts of Aicook, the best affordable juicer for celery, is very simple and easy to be done. The auger and filter integration is very smartly managed, which makes the assembly and disassembly of the juicer parts are easy.

The assembly parts are also dishwasher safe. But it is recommended that the parts should be hand washed with warm water and mild liquid cleaning soap. 

The noise level of this cold press slow juicer is below 60db, which is equivalent to normal conversation and soft music. The best thing about masticating juicer is its very low noise level. 

After the juice extraction from the fruits and vegetables, the remaining pulp from Aicook juicer is so dry which clearly states that every drop of juice has been extracted along with the vital nutrients.

User’s Comments

I really like this juicer. It has a nice black finish and is really easy to assemble and clean. I use it mostly for celery and it does a great job.”

So I’ve had this for about 3 weeks and use it every day. This is my first juicer. I found it easy to assemble and I’m not very good at that. I know most people are in a hurry but this is a slow masticating one. It takes my carrots and celery beautifully and the greens need help from bulkier veggies so as not to get bound up”

I am always want to try out a slow juicer machine, and there is the result of using it. It works well!! I tried to use it for Watermelon, Orange, kiwi, and also some vegetable. the machine was able to separate the fruit and the juice. AND it is DELICIOUS!!! I would recommend my other families and friends to get this one too! A healthy life begins with JUICER

I got this one because it is cheaper and lighter and if it got lost or stolen it would not be as bad as loosing my expensive juicer. As for the juice, the cleaning, the overall operation, I am pleased. It’s just fine. Several months later, still working, I use it almost every day

I love this juicer! It brings much convenience for my life. It is easy to assembly and clean. It doesn’t produce loud noises. The juice was so good I could have smacked myself. My baby can drink fresh juice every day.

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5. KOIOS Juicer - Best Juicer for Carrots & Celery

Main Features:

  • 3-year warranty
  • Low speed of 80rpm
  • Slow squeeze technology
  • Minimal heat buildup and oxidation
  • 7 level spiral system
  • Perfect for fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and wheat grass.
  • fewer parts
  • Easy to clean
  • Cleaning brushes and shovel is included for easy cleaning
  • Net weight 9.7lbs
  • 100% BPA free safety materials
  • Reverse mode
  • Attachments must be hand washed

KOIOS, the best celery juicer, works on very low 80rpm that extracts the juice perfectly without heating up.
It is equipped with a 7-level spiral system that helps in juicing out the green leafy veggies and fruits the most precise way.
Cleaning is simple and easy with the inclusion of cleaning brush and shovel.

User’s Comments

I was looking for something that would juice kale very well and this is it. Very easy to put together, take apart, and clean

So far, we’ve used it on carrots and watermelon rind. It did a great job of removing the juice and leaving a dry pulp. I’m looking forward to trying other fruits and vegetables in it. It is easy to assemble/disassemble and to clean

I love this juicer, it’s so quiet compare to my other juicer machine that I used for years. It’s very compact , easy to assemble and disassemble

I have become a fan of this juicer in just a few days. From the easy to read guide book to the quality of the materials

The motor seems under powered slows down a lot on hard setting when juicing carrots, this makes me worry it will stop working soon. However, other than that, I have no issues with it making juice

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6. Aobosi Celery Juicer - Best Premium Quality Juicer for Celery

Main Features:

  • Multi purpose juicer
  • 7 upgrade spiral masticating system
  • Best for leafy greens
  • Auger speed 80rpm
  • No heat buildup
  • Less oxidation
  • 150W motor
  • Safety lock for easy assemble and disassemble
  • Reverse function
  • Brush included for easy cleaning
  • Juice freshness lasts up to 72hrs.
  • Cannot make jams, jellies and apple sauce

Aobosi masticating juicer for celery extracts juices from soft fruits and leafy green veggies and preserve the natural color, taste, vitamins, and nutrients.

Aobosi juicer for celery and greens features a powerful 150W motor that runs on 80rpm that extracts the max amount of juice and separates the dry pulp that ensures a lot less foamy juice.

With the reverse function, you will not get stuck ingredients in your juicer. The assembly and disassembly are effortless with the help of the locking system.

User’s Comments

LOVE IT , does not make so much noise , easy to clean the pulp comes out pretty dry. AND THE JUICES TASTE AMAAAAZING . VERY HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT SO FAR IF ANYTHING CHANGES I WILL UPDATE

This juicer works so good! I have tried bunches of fruits and vegetables and it does all of it with no problems. I would recommended to anybody it is a great price and I love the cleaning brush it comes with. works very well

The feeder is a nice size for how I plan on handling my fruits and veggies. I was impressed with how quickly this juiced each item and I absolutely love that it is not a horrifically loud kitchen appliance

I have no complaints for this product! The motor is quite, very easy to clean. Literally took less then 5 mins. Assembling is easy as well as taking it apart. Produces a great amount of juice. The foam separater is genius. Flavor is amazing

The product is quite good, the juice is very pure, no residue, it is very convenient to use, the efficiency is very high, the best juicer I have ever used! It will be used every day, and it is very quiet, no noise! Very affordable

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7. Picberm Juicer - Best for Home Use!

Main Features Of Picberm Masticating Juicer:

  • Motor speed 80 rpm
  • Small chute design
  • Low oxidation
  • Upgraded spiral masticating
  • Less foamy juice
  • Less than 60db noise level
  • Over current automatic shutdown
  • 2 speed control, Soft / Hard
  • Best for fruits, vegetable, leafy greens and wheat grass
  • Reverse function
  • One button assemply
  • Cleaning brush
  • High quality BPA free materials
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 2-year warranty
  • Juice yield up to 90%

Picberm, the best juicer machine for home, extracts the juice from fruits and green leafy vegetables at 80rpm that ensures the preservation of max nutrients and vitamins and more of juice.

With the upgraded spiral masticating system, the extracted juice is a lot less foamy and is more pure and natural that has the max amount of nutrients.

The quiet motor generates noise that is less than 60db, which prevents the motor from getting heat up.

Another very handy feature is the over-current auto-shutdown mechanism, which safeguards the juicer from getting damaged.

The 2-speed controls make it possible to extract juice from fruits and vegetables easily, and the cleaning is very easy as well.

All plastic parts are BPA free and are dishwasher safe.

User’s Comments

The thing about it was it’s smaller than many juicing machines out there, but the performance of this machine did the job just like any other

I wasn’t sure about getting this blender as I already have one and I didn’t need another junk juicer. Well… Surprisingly this machine is smaller yet more efficient

its a lovely juicer that basically could make any type of juice i like, works fast and effective. very easy to disassemble when u need to clean it, the only thing is u have to cut everything into really small pieces or it doesn’t fit

This juicer exceeds my expectations. Fruits can be easily masticated thoroughly, The noise level is much lower comparing to my previous centrifugal juicer

This juicer is very convenient for both fruit and vegetable extraction, and also for juice separation, so that you can drink real juice or vegetable juice! For cleaning, this juicer is also easy to clean! It’s really worth it

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8. FAMTOP Juicer - Best Portable Juicer for Celery

Main Features:

  • Motor speed 80rpm
  • Generate less heat and froth
  • 7 segment spiral masticating system
  • Juice yield up to 80%
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Unique auger and filter integration
  • BPA free detachable parts
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reverse function
  • Motor noise less than 60db
  • Best for vegetable, fruits, leafy greens and wheat grass
  • 150W
  • Not easy to clean see comments

FAMTOP, the best portable juicer for celery, runs on very low 80rpm that produces the max amount of juice from you desired fruits and vegetables and separates the dry pulp and doesn’t let the motor to heat up.

The juice extracted from the celery juicer is at the purest form the has the max amount of vitamins and nutrients.

The assembly and disassembly of the parts are effortless and straightforward. The unique 7-level spiral system squeezes the max amount of juice from the fruits and vegetables in its purest form.

All plastic parts are of BPA free material and are dishwasher safe.

The juicer generates a very low noise of 60db.

User’s Comments

It’s easy to clean, but extra attention is needed in cleaning the cylinder grating device, otherwise tiny bits of food will dry and clog the tiny holes”

“The juicer is not really easy to clean, the pulp will hide into the gap, need the help of cleaning tools

I love this juicer, it’s easy to use and easy to clean. I bought this because my daughter doesn’t like vegetables. After my first time making vegetable juice, my daughter loves it! Worth it!

I juice daily for my grandson who has health problems & I’ve always hated the cleanup in my old juicer. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is too clean

my mom likes it very much, and always said it works very well. The sound is quiet and it’s convenient to use

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9. AMZChef Celery Juicer

Main Features:

  • 7 segment spiral masticating system
  • Motor speed 80 rpm
  • Juice yield up to 90%
  • Small chute design
  • 20min stop safety
  • Reverse function
  • Detachable parts are BPA free materials
  • Cleaning brush
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 2-year warranty
  • Life time technical support
  • Noise level 60db
  • 150W

MZCHEF, the best small juicer for celery, features a slow speed motor that ensures the max squeeze of the fruits and vegetables that result in retaining the max amount of nutrients and vitamins that is not extracted by conventional juicers.

The 7-segment spiral masticating system ensures the perfect juice and pulp separation to give you the purest form of juice with max nutrition.

The juicer machine will automatically shut down after the constant running for 20min to protect the motors from getting damaged.

The reverse function in this best small juicer for celery is convenient, where you can easily wash and clean the machine without any stuck ingredients.

The plastic BPA free parts are all dishwasher safe.

User’s Comments

This slower juicer is comparatively easier to clean than the others, without strong noise. However, it’s juicing yield is a little bit less than the other brands

This juicer can be classified as one of those high-end products because unlike those cheaper juicers it can automatically separate the juice from the residue, makes it easy and safe even for babies

This jucier is great but, its little hard to untwist the nose peice after you juiced you vegetables. So for older generations this is not ideal juicer it would be hard for you to take it apart. Other then that this juicer is great and juices well

I have owned several juicers, and this one is by far my favorite. It is the cheapest, and best juicer I’ve ever used

At first, we loved it until it just stopped working. Had it for a about 4 months and barely used it. We didn’t even use it for any hard veggies and fruits, mostly oranges and limes… very disappointing… we wasted our money for nothing. I do not recommend this juicer

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10. BioChef Axix Juicer - Best High Yield Celery Juicer

Main Features:

  • Wide feeding chute
  • Energy efficient
  • 150w motor
  • Super quiet operation
  • Motor speed 60 rpm
  • Strong Tritan BPA free materials
  • 20-year warranty
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual
  • Slow on harder vegetables

BioChef Axis, the best juicer for juicing celery, features wide feeding shute that can take a more considerable amount of fruits and vegetables like wheatgrass, celery, kale, spinach, etc.

BioChef Axis is very energy efficient that runs on a 150W motor to give you max output and healthier juices.

The motors run on a very slow 60rpm speed. This ensures the max squeeze out of fruits and vegetables to get the max juice out of them and to ensure that the pulp is completely dry and well separated from the juice.

All BPA free plastic parts are of good quality and are dishwasher safe.

BioChef Axis comes with a 20-year warranty.

User’s Comments

I love it, it is everything that I expected and more because it has attachments that make pasta, nut butters ect. it is ez to assemble and ez to clean and very quite when it is on”

This broke within a few weeks. they sent me new parts that weren’t exactly like the original parts. Broke again. I asked for refund, no response

I love it! It is fairly simple to assemble (which I always have trouble with). The mouth is wide enough so pieces don’t get stuck

Very happy with juicer. Use it every sun to juice for the next four days. I juice the soft fruit first then finish with the tubers. Merely damp solids when I’m done

This is the best juicer I’ve ever used and works really well with celery, which I and my sister juice every day. It’s also by far the quietest and is super sturdy and much easier to clean than other juicers I’ve had”

Check User Comments

11. CIRAGO Celery Juicer

Main Features Of Cirago Slow Juicer:

  • Motor speed 80 rpm
  • 150w motor
  • Reduce oxidation
  • 7 segment spiral masticating auger
  • High density 304 filter
  • One button disassembly
  • Detachable parts are of high quality BPA free material
  • Detachable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Motor noise level 60db
  • 2 soft/hard speed control
  • Reverse mode
  • 2-year warranty
  • Life time technical support

CIRAGO, the best celery juicer runs on a slow 80rpm that is a bit higher than our other selections, but it reduces the oxidation rate.

With the juice and pulp separation function, you get pure juice without any foam and pulp. The pulp is left dry and is extracted to its container through the pulp outlet.

CIRAGO features the 7-segment spiral masticating to ensure the food is squeezed to the extreme to make sure the max amount of juice, vitamins, and nutrients are extracted.

The one-button assembly and disassembly is very helpful. The plastic parts are BPA free and are dishwasher safe.

The machine runs very quietly on 60db, where you can make your morning juices without disturbing others.

The 2-speed, soft/hard allows the juice extraction easy from fruits and vegetables.

CIRAGO, best celery juicer comes with a 2-years warranty.

User’s Comments

Since it doesn’t oxidize the juice, it last longer ,tastes great and it is healthier

It’s very easy to use & clean. Just a little bit louder (I’m super sensitive with sounds so it’s might a problem for me only ;)) but It’s juices good, that’s all matter. Work great so far. I like it

This new one is easy to use , simple to clean and surprisingly silent and powerful when operating

I have been using it for one week and use it almost every morning. It’s easy to use and clean. You can learn how to use it within one minute. The usage of the food is high

Best juicer I’ve ever used. This one is awesome cuz it could Separate juice and pulp, so I can have a pure juice

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12. Tribest Solostar 4 Juicer

Main Features:

  • Dual stage extraction
  • Motor speed 57 rpm
  • Lesser oxidation
  • Energy efficient
  • Larger Ultem auger
  • 26% more torque
  • Compatible with Tribest Zstar manual conversion kit
  • BPA free materials
  • 15 year warranty

Tribest Solostar, the best juicer to make celery juice, features dual-stage extraction with a larger auger.

Because of the larger and more powerful auger, the squeeze is maximum to make sure every drop of juice is extracted from the food with all the vitamins and nutrients.

Tribest Solstar, the best cold press juicer, runs on a very low 57rpm that gives the food more squeeze, prevents the motor from getting heated, and reduces oxidation.

With 5.4HP motor and 26% more torque, the juice will be foamless, and the max amount is squeezed out from the food leaving dry pulp that comes out from the front.

All plastic parts are of BPA free food-grade material and are dishwasher safe. This best celery juicer comes with a 15-years warranty.

User’s Comments


We’ve been using this every week for months now. Sturdy and reliable, does an excellent job of pulling out most of the liquid

Delivers on performance. I juice a lot of green leafy veggies with fruit and carrots and celery. Alternating hard veggies such as carrots then apple and so on, keeps the machine running smoothly. It only backed up a few times when forgot to alternate

Happy with this juicer. It’s quiet, the yield is good and the pulp is dry. Cleaning takes 2 to 3 minutes

I have been really Happy with the Solostar 4. We have juiced a variety of fruits and vegetables without any problems

I spent a lot of time researching masticating juicers. Although this one wasn’t the worst a few things made me return it

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13. Jocuu Celery Juicer

Main Features:

  • 150W motor
  • 2 Speed controls
  • Noise level 60db
  • Energy efficient
  • One-touch assembly design
  • Reverse function
  • Cleaning brush
  • BPA free materials
  • 4 year warranty

Jocuu, the best slow juicer for celery, features 150w motor is powerful enough to squeeze the food to the maximum level where the pulp is left dry, and the max amount of juice is extracted with all the nutritional value.

With the slow masticating process, it reduces the rate of oxidation that is very beneficial for your health.

Jocuu cold press juicer features 2-speed juicing option where you can set the juicing speed for different fruits and vegetables to gain max benefits.

The noise level of the Jocuu celery juicer is 60db, which is very reasonable and quiet as well.

One-touch disassembly makes it very convenient to use, and all detachable plastic parts are made of BPA free, antioxidant material, which is dishwasher safe.

The reverse button allows the release of any stuck ingredients, and it makes the cleaning easy as well.

Jocuu slow masticating machine comes with a 4-year motor warranty and 2-year parts warranty.

User’s Comments


Assembled quickly and did a great job of juicing celery. Quiet and quick.

Works well, apart from the pulp coming out too wet. You can run the pulp through a few times, and get more juice

Excellent machine for the price. Quick and easy clean up

Assembling and using the juicer was quite easy. It is a bit loud but not a big issue as I am only using it for a few minutes 6-8 mins max

OH almost forgot, this juicer doesn’t create any foam. AMAZING!

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What to consider before buying the best juicer for celery in 2022?

Were you heading out to buy the best juicer for celery? Do you know how you’re going to decide which one you want? No? I thought so. Purchasing a juicer today is quite an investment. So, you want to know exactly what you’re looking for before you make your purchase. A criterion of preferences and requirements can reduce your chances of regrets later. That being said, here is a complete buyer’s guide for the best celery juicer.

Performance and Efficiency

When you are buying a juicer for celery, or any juicer for that matter, its performance and efficiency is a priority.

Several things indicate how well a juicer works. For example, the weight, power, and other specs on the machine give you a good idea of its power. However, most people don’t have an idea of what these numbers mean.

For such buyers, there is one definite way to see how well your device extracts produce juice. If the pulp at the end is dry, it means the juicer successfully extracted all the juice from the produce.

If you notice messy, wet pulp, it means there was still juice inside that could have been extracted. This criterion helps you qualitatively measure the efficiency of your machine.

Speed and Functionality

The speed of a machine indicates how fast it will do the job. Plus, it also determines what kind of efficiency the device has. The faster the juicer, the better the extraction, and the less time it wastes.

  • Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers are slower. You have to cut the ingredients into small pieces to make the job easier for the machine. However, this extra step only adds to the overall time it takes to make the juice.

The juicer crushes the celery and extracts all the possible juice out of it. The pulp is usually very dry, indicating higher efficiency, which is always a plus.

  • Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers are much faster. These machines have spinning blades. They move at a speed of hundreds and thousands of rotations a minute. It is still best if you cut the ingredients into smaller pieces, but you don’t necessarily have to do it.

However, the efficiency levels are slightly lower than the masticating juicers. It produces much more heat, which risks the nutrition content of your celery juice.

  • Twin Gear Juicers

Consider these juicers cold-press machines. Twin gear juicers break down the ingredients for you, so you don’t have to cut them yourself. Then, it extracts all the juice from your produce by separating the fiber from the liquid.

In the end, you have a very small amount of messy pulp to deal with. For celery, this one is the best type of juicer to go with. The price tag is a bit higher, so if you can afford it, definitely consider it.

Nutrition Retention

If you’re drinking celery juice, it’s obvious that you want all the nutritional content in it. So, keep that in mind when you’re choosing a juicer. As mentioned earlier, juicers that produce a lot of heat damage a drink’s nutrition. A masticating juicer does a much better job at keeping it safe and healthy.


You are never going to enjoy making your celery juice if it takes an hour every single day. The machine you select should be easy to use and simple to navigate.

Make sure you understand how the juicer works before you buy it. Plus, ensure that it has an informative guidebook along with it. This way, if you have any troubles, you can get a solution right away.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Some machines are not easy to clean at all. Their jugs and containers can have unreachable crevices and corners. If left unclean, pulp starts to accumulate.

Over time, it can mess with the nutritional value of your juices. So, when you’re buying one of these machines, keep cleaning ease in mind and make sure it’s simple to maintain. Some models have self-cleaning features, while others don’t.

Even if the juicer is not self-cleaning, it should still be simple enough to clean in a dishwasher or by hand.

Design and Aesthetics

Generally, there are two types of designs available on the market. You can choose one based on its pros and cons, your personal preferences, and the kind of space you have in the kitchen.

  • Horizontal Juicers

Horizontal juicers require minimal manual work. Less labor means more fun and ease of making juices every day. Horizontal juicers are also generally very easy to clean because of their shape.

  • Vertical Juicers

Vertical juicers usually have smaller ducts and outlets to extract the pulp. These small ducts can clog very quickly, so they are challenging to maintain. However, if you like a vertical design, you can always chop up the ingredients before putting them into the juicer.


How much money do you think you are willing to invest in your juicer? Considering this is important because you don’t want to overspend. Make a budget, and then look for juicers that fall into that price range.

This way, you can narrow down your options by several folds, and choosing one will be much easier.

Brand and Warranty

Some brands offer warranties. While these warranties don’t guarantee that the product will last you years, they are still a useful safety net.

Plus, some brands have a better reputation for high-quality products. So, if you have a brand that you particularly trust, make them a priority, and then go towards other companies.

What is the best slow masticating juicer for celery in 2022?

To date, Omega J8006HDS is THE best juicer for celery and other green leafy vegetables.

omega J8006hdsHow can we say that?

After reviewing near about 49 slow masticating juicers, reading out about 12 different high-quality blog posts regarding slow masticating juicers, we have come to the conclusion that Omega J8006HDS is overall the best juicer for celery and greens that is available in the market with a reasonable price tag.

Best Features:
  • 80 RPM motor speed
  • 200 Watts
  • 3 adjustable pressure settings
  • Easy cleaning / storage
  • Extra-large 5 long inches insertion tray
  • 15 Year parts & performance warranty

How to make celery juice?

You can chop the celery stalks into small pieces to put them in the juicer. Add 1/4 cup of purified water and shut the juicer’s mouth with a lid. Blend until the mixture becomes smooth. Pour some milk into a bowl and mix the blended celery into it to make your celery juice.

Can I mix anything with celery juice?

Celery juice is extremely robust if you do not add anything to it. However, if you wish, you may add parsley, apples, and cilantro to it.

Why celery juice good for me?

Celery juice improves the working of the digestive tract. It acts as a natural laxative. Since celery is rich in silicon, calcium, and vitamin K, celery juice can make your bones stronger.

Relief from anxiety:

The juice helps to keep a balanced pH in the body, cleaner blood and detoxed liver. Hydration properties of this juice lower down anxiety, migraines, and panic shocks. You can enjoy a night of better sleep as well.

Fatty people can lose weight:

If you drink it regularly, the juice may help you lose weight. But in that case, you need to get rid of high-calorie beverages.

Improvement in hair growth:

A large amount of water and vitamin A in the juice is great for our hair. The juice keeps the scalp hydrated treats dandruff. In that way, it takes care of hair roots and helps in their growth and improving their texture.

Is celery juice good for my skin?

The presence of water hydrates the skin. Drinking enough celery juice maintains skin cells through well-maintained hydration levels in the body. As a result, the skin brightens.

Packed with Vitamins

Drinking celery juice instead of eating the whole vegetable gives more vitamins and minerals as the juice contains low fiber.

Celery Juice resolves digestion issues

Since it contains high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients, it safeguards the whole digestive tract and provides great comfort to your stomach.

Acne Cure

Although, there are no concrete pieces of evidence of getting rid of acne problems with drinking celery juice. However, low sugar and high level of antioxidants can cure acne problems.

Does drinking celery juice on an empty stomach has benefits?

While consumers of celery juice may favor drinking it on an empty stomach, citing the reason that it will improve digestion issues, there is no scientific proof that endorses this claim. Besides, when you drink celery juice, you lose the necessary macro nutrients required in your diet, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fibers. Therefore, if you still wish to drink celery juice on an empty stomach, you should take care of your rest of the diet containing whole, nutrient-rich foods later in the day.

Is It Ok To Juice Celery The Night Before_Is it OK to juice celery using the best celery juicer the night before?

Juicing celery the night before is not a good practice. It’s merely because enzymes won’t stay active for 30min or so.

If it’s not just about enzymes, and you prefer the taste more than nutrition, then its fine to do once a while, but you will be missing a lot of nutrition the fruits or veggies have that are very beneficial for our health.

Quick Tip:

If you want to preserve the celery juice or any other juice and use it later, say you are leaving for a road trip, and you really need to juice before time. Its recommended that you preserve the juice in a mason jar and must not expose the juice to sunlight at any cost.

Is Blending or eating celery better than juicing?

Consuming the pure celery juice is the best option to gain from the health benefits celery has because when we juice celery, the pulp is removed, and the healing enzymes become a lot more powerful to gain from especially in chronic illness.

Eating celery stalk is good and important, but it’s not as good as drinking pure celery juice. And by juicing celery, you will be able to consume far more celery rather than eating it.  

Health benefits of Celery Juice:

health benefits of celery juice infographic