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Best Ice Cream Maker For Home – Updated for 2022!

If you have kids, you would understand the importance of having the best ice cream maker for home usage. Even if you don’t have children, you would still relate to it! Let’s be real, we all crave ice cream at 2 am watching our favorite show.

But buying the best ice cream maker machine is as easy and straightforward as it sounds? Not always!

If you need help choosing the ice cream maker that’s ideal for your home, you’ve come to the right place.

Please read our detailed Buyer’s Guide so you can make a better and informed decision!

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Best Ice Cream Maker for Home in 2022!

  1. Best Overall Ice Cream Maker – Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker ICE70 –  $139.95
  2. Best Automatic Ice Cream Maker – Whynter Automatic Ice Cream Maker – $291.99

  3. Best High-end Ice Cream Maker – Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker – $799.99

  4. Best Budget Ice Cream Maker – Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Maker – $69.95

  5. Best Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker – Lello Musso Lussino 4080 Ice Cream Maker – $648.59

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1. Best Overall Ice Cream Maker - Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker ICE70


Cuisinart ICE70 is the best ice cream maker for home that features LCD screen, three push pad speed control setting and can make you 2qt of ice cream within no time. Watch Video Below!

The appliance itself is an improved version of ICE models. It can make 2 quarts of ice-cream within a short span of time.

The product integrates a control panel with a modest LCD screen with three push pad settings to keep the desired speed.

A measuring cup, two-quart freezer bowl, and a lid are there with the ingredient column. There is an upgraded paddle to enhance the speed of processing time.

The appliance features a countdown timer, which shuts off inevitably after the job is done. In addition the product is exceptionally competent to make frozen yogurt, sorbet, or gelato.

The user’s guide contains complete instructions and a selection of recipes.

The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty for this ice-cream maker.   

2. Best Automatic Ice Cream Maker - Whynter Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Whynter Ice Cream Maker For Home - Best Ice Cream Maker for Home

Whynter ice-cream maker is the best ice cream maker for home which incorporates a built-in audible timer, contains an ice-cream scoop, easy-to-follow recipe guide, and boasts a sleek stainless steel housing. Watch Video Below!

Whynter ice cream maker is a self-sufficient machine that integrates a robust compressor freezer that permits constant use without necessitating beforehand freezing the mixing bowl. 

It is remarkably easy to use and provides you with the comfort of making delicious homemade ice-cream, frozen yogurt along with sorbet, and rich, creamy gelato.

Whynter ICM-200LS Automatic Ice Cream Maker can entertain a small family by making 2 quarts of customized ice-cream in a single batch.

The Whynter ice cream maker ICM-200LS structures an extended chilling utility to avoid the mixture from melting. When the mixture becomes solid, the machine has a motor protection application that stops the motor from mixing to halt overheating or harm to the motor.

The tactile LCD control panel accents any kitchen counter, and you don’t have to wait long to take up freezer space before being able to make your beloved frozen dessert.

3. Best High-end Ice Cream Maker - Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker

Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker

Breville Smart Scoop ice cream maker, with the capacity of 1.5qt, is the best ice cream maker for home that can smartly convert your kitchen into your preferred scoop shop. Watch Video Below!

It is perhaps the first ice cream maker that spontaneously judges the mixture’s stiffness based on your selection and keeps it ready until it is time to serve.

It is made fully automatic or manual and can maintain your frozen flavors at the perfect temperature for up to 3 hours. The machine ideally favors making home-based ice-cream, gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt.

Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop ice cream maker machine features 12 automatic hardness settings. It’s self-refrigerating compressor utilizes voltage of 110 – 120 volts. 

Breville smart scoop ice cream machine incorporates BPA free materials, features a child lock, and sounds an alert beep once the dessert is ready.

4 Best Budget Ice Cream Maker - Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart Frozen Yugart Ice Cream Maker

The mixing paddles of the completely automatic Cuisinart 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt ICE-21P1, the best Ice Cream Maker for home, transform your ingredients into your preferred frozen treat, whether it be drink, yogurt, sorbet, or an ice-cream. Watch Video Below!

All you need is to pool fresh ingredients to the mixing bowl and turn on the switch to let the machine do the rest in just 20 minutes with no fuss or mess.

Its easy lock-lid with a large spout makes up to 1½ quarts of frozen yogurt and ice cream for you and your family in the comforts of your home.

The double-insulated freezer bowl removes the need for ice and retains the bowl cool at an even temperature. The base of Cuisinart ice cream maker contains a heavy-duty electric motor solid enough to handle ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet, and frozen drinks.

The rubber feet attached beneath the machine keep the base motionless during use. The idle cord is easily pushed into the base to keep the counter neat and safe.

The product carries a limited three years warranty.

5. Best Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker - Lello Musso Lussino 4080 Ice Cream Maker

Lello Musso Ice Cream Maker For Home Use

Lello Musso fully automatic ice-cream maker is user friendly and seamless to make ice-cream at home within minutes. Watch Video Below

The body of the machine is made from stainless steel with a large non-removable bowl.

Lello Musso Lussino ice cream maker has a powerful and robust refrigeration system that delivers professional performance without pre-cooling the ice cream maker. .

The housing, bowl, and paddle of Lello Musso ice cream maker are made of stainless steel and is indeed operated through the timer where all you need is to put the ingredients into the bowl, set the timer, and in about 30 minutes later, 1.5 quarts of a frozen sweet ice cream is complete for feasting.

With the auto shutoff feature, Lello Musso ice cream maker doesn’t necessitate its bowl to be frozen for hours in a refrigerator’s freezer, it can instantly begin making another batch.

It has one year warranty, and you also get a user manual and recipe booklet in the package.

What is important to consider before buying the best ice cream maker for home?

Before making your decision for the best ice cream maker for home use in 2022, you need to take the following important aspects into consideration which will help you make an informed decision.


There isn’t one type of ice cream maker on the market. You will find one with a freezer bowl and one with a built-in freezer. The former requires freezing the bowl before using it. It means you have to pre-plan your ice cream-making adventure and it takes more time. If you don’t have that kind of patience, a built-in freezer would be a better option for you. It has the advantage of setting its own temperature, so you don’t have to pre-freeze it.

Size and Capacity

If you are buying an ice cream maker for your house, you don’t need one that serves fifty people. Get an ice maker suitable for the storage space you have in your kitchen and the number of people in your family.


Modern ice cream makers for domestic use come with plenty of great features. These characteristics include a timer, convenient openings for adding ingredients, and various modes. If there is a specific feature you think you really need, put it on your priority list when buying the appliance.

Power Source

Ice cream makers come in two different forms: electric ones and manual machines. While the former does the job for you, it needs a connection to a power supply. In contrast, manual machines are way more work and effort, but they’re portable, so you can move them around. Also, you save a lot of bucks on your electricity bill.


Are you worried your machine will ruin the overall aesthetics of your kitchen? While looks and designs aren’t crucial to some buyers, others disagree. To them, the appliance should go well with the interior of the kitchen. If you believe the same, make sure you check the machine’s color palette, design, and other aesthetic aspects. Modern designs come with transparent tops, sleek colors, and elegant finishes. So, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Maintenance and Care

When buying an appliance, think about the aftermath of displaying and using it. Make sure you investigate how hard or easy it is to clean and maintain. Notice the curves and bends of the machine. Is the bowl easy to wash? Is it dishwasher-safe? Find answers to these questions before purchasing the ice cream maker.


Machines that have warranties give you more confidence in your purchase. If you find manufacturing faults in the machine within a particular time frame, the brand takes responsibility i . They will either provide a refund or compensate in their own way. A warranty doesn’t guarantee that the product won’t fail you. Yet, a machine with a warranty is always better than one without it.


Is there a particular budget you want to stay in while you shop for the best ice cream maker for home use? If yes, narrow down your options based on the price range. It’ll help you find the best available machine without overspending.

Why do I need an ice cream maker for the home?

To make a perfect bowl of homemade ice cream, you must have an ice cream maker because, the most important element, besides all the ingredients, to make ice cream is to use the right amount of AIR during the process. If you make ice cream at home without an ice cream maker, it will be a lot different in texture and quality than the one you buy from the market because you are not using air while preparing your ice cream.

The ice cream maker causes the ice cream to flow in such a way that air is inserted into it in the right amount. The quality of the ice cream that you make at home using the ice cream maker is much healthier and cheaper than the ice cream you buy from the market.

What is a compressor ice cream maker?

A compressor ice-cream maker has a built-in compressor that keeps the mixture cool while it mixes. You need to pour the mixture in the ice-cream maker, initiate the button and let the wonder transpire. The convenience and flexibility of ice cream maker with compressor, allow you to make gelato, sorbet, or ice-cream instantly and you are free from worries to keep the ice-cream bowl in the freezer a day before.

The machine works consistently and turns off automatically once the dessert is ready. It makes the next batch immediately after the first batch is processed. It even maintains the brilliance of the final product at the right temperature. However, the noticeable thing is that despite having a bigger size and shape, this ice-cream maker doesn’t need bigger batches than the freezer bowl machines. Besides, it is an expensive product.

Do I need a compressor ice cream maker for the home?

Although a compressor ice-cream maker is an expensive appliance, you should consider it for home because of its features, flexibility and convenient use. You would want an extremely user-friendly ice cream maker that is fast and produces the perfect product without pushing you into hard work. The best thing is that it will make another batch of ice-cream for you within no time. If you need smoother and perfectly blended homemade ice cream in multiple batches without wasting any time, then you need to go for the ice cream maker with compressor.

What can I use at home instead of an ice cream maker?

If you have a food processor at home, you can use it to make many of your favorite ice-creams instead of using an ice-cream maker. Firstly, you need to stir your favorite ice-cream base and freeze it a plane. After freezing, you will get a piece of ice cream base to either break or cut into portions to place them inside the food processor. After that, pulse the icy ground in a food processor before freezing again.