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11 Best Electric Tea Kettle With Infuser – Updated for 2022!

Best Overall
Best Runner-up
Best Durable
Best 1.2Ltr
Best Design
KitchenAid Tea Kettle
Breville Tea Kettle
Buydeem Tea Kettle
Mr. Coffee Tea Kettle
Aicook Tea Kettle
Capacity 1.5L
Capacity 1.5L
Capacity 1.2L
Capacity 1.2L
Capacity 0.8L
Rating: 4.4/5.0
Rating: 4.7/5.0
Rating: 4.6/5.0
Rating: 4.6/5.0
Rating: 3.8/5.0
Price: $199.99
Price: $$$
Price: $110.99
Price: $$$
Price: $$$

If you are a tea drinker, having the best electric tea kettle with infuser is essential to help you enjoy your hot beverage. There are many different types of teas available, and many ways you can prepare them. Brewing up some gourmet tea can be done in just minutes, thanks to the invention of the electric tea kettle with infuser.

If you’re tired of waiting for the water in your traditional teakettle to boil and you want a faster way to get your hot beverage fix, this product is for you. It eliminates the time spent on the stove and gives you more time to enjoy other activities while still providing a hot cup of tea.

Below we have consolidated the list of best electric kettle with tea infuser so that it becomes easy for you to choose as per your requirements.

List of 11 Best Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser in 2022!

  1. Best Overall Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser KitchenAid Tea Kettle ($174.99)
  2. Best Runner-up Electric Tea Kettle with InfuserBreville Tea Kettle ($$)
  3. Best Durable Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser Buydeem Tea Kettle ($109.99)
  4. Best 1.2L Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser Mr. Coffee Tea Kettle ($$)
  5. Best Design Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser Aicook Tea Kettle ($$)
  6. Best Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser with Egg Cooker Zenph Tea Kettle ($49.99)
  7. Best Loose Leafe Electric Tea Kettle With InfuserCosori Electric Tea Kettle ($63.99)
  8. Best Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser with Temperature Control Chefman Tea Kettle ($39.99)
  9. Best Programable Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser ICOOKPOT Tea Kettle ($69.99)
  10. Best 1.8L Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser Megachef Tea Kettle ($23.99)
  11. Best Cordless Electric Tea Kettle with InfuserQUEEN SENSE Tea Kettle ($$)

1. Best Overall Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser – KitchenAid Tea Kettle

KitchenAid Electric Tea Kettle

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. It’s delicious and can be enjoyed any time of day, hot or cold. However, making it isn’t always easy.

There are so many different types of tea that you may not know where to start when it comes to brewing it properly.

It also takes a lot of work to steep just one cup because you have to bring out your kettle and heat up water on the stovetop over and over again just for one cup!

The KitchenAid, the best electric tea kettle with infuser, makes perfect loose leaf teas fast with its 5 specialty settings, including green/white/black/oolong/herbal infusions.

You can make a whole pitcher at a time if you want by using your favorite loose leaf blend or use the stainless steel tea steeper for brewing right in the pot!

Plus, this beautiful kitchen appliance has a keep warm mode which keeps water or tea warm at a perfect temperature.

2. Best Runner-up Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser – Breville Tea Kettle

Breville Tea Kettle Electric With Infuser

If you are looking for a tea kettle with a luxurious design then the Breville electric tea maker is the one for you. Its body is made of transparent glass material.  It is heat resistant and highly durable.

Breville electric Tea Kettle has five temperature settings to provide you with the perfect temperature for your tea. It has a keep-warm function so it will automatically keep your tea warm.

It is safe to use and clean. Now enjoy your full of aroma teacup with Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker.

3. Best Durable Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser - Buydeem Tea Kettle

Buydeem K2423 Tea Maker With Infuser

Buydeem tea kettle with infuser, has got a German Schott Glass and stainless steel exterior for more durability and strength.

It comes with a removable infuser so you can choose to make tea with or without it.

Furthermore, the auto shut-off and keep-warm feature turn your machine off, so you don’t have to worry about it and also keeps your beverage hot for a considerable amount of time; 60 minutes, to be precise. 

In terms of technology and features, to get six different controls on the machine, including Boil, Herbal, Oolong, White, Green, Stop. If technology intimidates you, don’t worry because the design is entirely user-friendly.

It’s got pre-programmed temperatures that work on a one-click mechanism. Plus, all the buttons have back lights that indicate their status. 

What’s more? The entire machine is BPA free and has convenient dimensions for easy storage in the kitchen. The device has FDA approvals and certifications, comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and has a 1-year warranty

4. Best 1.2L Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser – Mr. Coffee Tea Kettle

Mr Coffee Electric Tea Kettle

As compared to other electric kettles in the best electric kettle with tea infuser list, Mr. Coffee Hot Tea Kettle is the most affordable electric tea kettle that you can buy today.

Now you can enjoy a good quality at a cheap price.  Mr. Coffee electric tea kettle is made from high-quality Schott Duran glass for added durability. It is dishwasher safe because of the detachable stainless steel infuser.

You can brew tea at different temperatures with this electric kettle.  It can personalize the brew time as per your preferences.

It is safe to use due to the Auto-Off and Boil-dry protection function. It has a keep-warm function so you do not have to reheat tea. Despite having several functions, it is easy to use.

5. Best Design Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser – Aicook Tea Kettle

Aicook Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser

With 0.8L capacity in its glass body, Aicook electric tea kettle is a crowd favorite for many reasons.

First and foremost, it’s got the looks! The beautiful combination of tempered glass, high-quality plastic, and stainless steel components makes this tea kettle one of the best kettle for boiling milk.

Secondly, it is convenient and easy to use. The 1 Degree Fahrenheit Temperature control gives maximum accuracy and precision.

This feature minimizes your efforts. Plus, the kettle’s wide mouth and separate lid for the tea infuser make it very easy to clean

Last but not least, this machine is entirely safe to use since it is 100% BPA free and comes with a 2-year warranty. 24/7 customer service is also a bonus feature that comes with the purchase.

Thanks to this facility, you can inquire and get help if you are having trouble using the Aicook electric kettle. 

6. Best Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser with Egg Cooker – Zenph Tea Kettle

Electric Tea Kettle With Infuser

Zenph electric tea kettle is made of high borosilicate glass that can adjust to temperature differences. You can easily clean this kettle. It is safe and durable.

It is made using a high-quality stainless steel heating element. Now you can enjoy rapid and uniform heating. The kettle also auto-adjusts power when boiling, so you save energy.

It comes with a detachable tea strainer and a steamed egg holder. The filter is easy to clean.  You can use it to make all your favorite hot beverages.

7. Best Loose Leafe Electric Tea Kettle With Infuser – Cosori Electric Tea Kettle

Cosori 1.7L Electric Kettle

If you don’t like anyone messing with your coffee and you’re always in need of a strong boost of caffeine, then the Cosori electric tea kettle can be your new best friend.

It is designed with stainless steel with extra coverage of inner lids and pots. You just have to operate this easy to use kettle with just one touch, having built-in protection which lets the machine shut off after 30 seconds of boiling.

Cosori is popular for the small grain filters, which makes it impossible for any leaves or bean to pass through. It can be perfectly cleaned having an opening at the top.

It also involves light indicating that the machine is working. These smart features make Cosori electric kettle an ideal choice for most people.

8. Best Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser with Temperature Control – Chefman Tea Kettle

Chefman Electric Glass Kettle With Infuser & Temperature ControlChefman electric tea kettle with temperature control has a rapid boiling feature which boils a cup of water in just 1 minute, this is ideal for enjoying a piping cup of coffee.

Chefman electric tea kettle has 4 different temperature controls are available to you and you can choose the desired temperature and you can recognize the temperature by its color as well as shown in the video below.

You not only can make some traditional beverages in it, but also you can enjoy oatmeal, hot cocoa, French pressed coffee, etc.

You can also keep up with the latest trends by making some innovative coffee including lattes and Dalgona coffee all at home in some mere seconds.

An interesting thing about this super unique machine is the compact digital display which can be operable from the kettle handle itself, making the function easier.

This sophisticated kettle is destined to lift your countertop manufactured with tough, stylish glass and sleek stainless-steel accents completely elevating your kitchen.

9. Best Programable Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser – ICOOKPOT Tea Kettle

ICOOKPOT Electric Kettle

The IcookPot electric tea kettle with infuser is equally stunning as the rest of the machines on the list. It has an all-black body with stainless steel details and a glass kettle.

The kettle comes with programmable controls, 2 liters of capacity, and precise temperature control from 160 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It also offers a lot of versatility in terms of use. You can use it to make yogurt, pasta, baby drinks, warm milk, soups, oatmeal, etc.

You can also use it to disinfect baby bottles or as a slow cooker. The preset programs set the machine to the perfect temperatures to make coffee, tea, or boiled water. 

Furthermore, this ICOOK Electric tea Kettle is also very easy to use since it has an easy-pour spout and a convenient mesh filter with stainless steel cover. This lid prevents the infuser’s components from entering the water, so you don’t have to strain it separately.

The handle is cool-to-touch, providing safety from burns and the cordless base has the 360-degree capacity to move very smoothly.

10. Best 1.8L Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser – Megachef Tea Kettle

Megachef Electric Tea Kettle

Megachef 1.8L come is a cordless glass electric tea kettle that lets you make your favorite tea and more. It has a sleek design with a stainless steel finish.  You can see the water boiling through the clear glass construction.

Now you can heat things without overheating due to the Auto shut off feature. This kettle is the best tea kettle with the infuser being a one-stop tea maker.  To brew your favorite tea all you have to do is put the tea leaves in the infuser. Clean up is easy with the detachable and washable filter. Enjoy making your tea without any mess with the drip free nozzle.

11. Best Cordless Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser - QUEEN SENSE Tea Kettle

Queen Sense Electric Tea Kettle

QUEEN SENSE Electric Glass Temperature Control tea Kettle features a timer to automatically keep warm at the set temperature so you can drink your tea anytime. It is the best tea kettle with an infuser because of its dry protection function.

It can detect when there is no water and prevent heating up of the kettle. So, you do not have to worry about damaging the kettle with overheating.  The kettle turns off automatically after reaching the adequate temperature.

QUEEN SENSE Electric Glass Temperature Control Kettle body is made of safe material that is also heat resistant. You can view the warm contents because of the transparent glass body.

Lastly, this electric tea kettle comes with a LED light so you can view the kettle and the base conveniently when plugged in.

How to shop for the best electric tea kettle with infuser?

Before purchasing the best tea kettle with infuser, you always need to consider some features and characteristics about it that will suit your requirements.  Here, we have given the buyer’s guide, which will help you a lot in buying the best electric kettle with tea infuser.

You need to consider the following:


If you are a tea lover, you must know that how unique is the flavor and taste of loose leaves as compared to tea bags.

Consider buying a kettle that comes with tea infusers so that you can brew your tea with loose leaves to enjoy the tasteful tea.

Purchasing a tea kettle with an infuser, you need to make sure that it properly works and of good quality.

The first thing you need to look at is that the infuser must be spacious to accommodate tea leaves that will make the taste and flavor fully extracted. The smaller one will make it difficult.

Secondly, always choose the kettle that will allow you to remove the infuser. That will make it easy to clean and also allow you to make different drinks like coffee.

Lastly, the mesh of the infuser must be fine enough that will not lose tea leaves during the process.

Size & Capacity:

Choosing the size of the kettle that fits your needs is necessary.

If you wish to use it for yourself, a small kettle with a capacity of making 1 – 2 cups of tea will suffice.

The small-sized kettle requires little space to store and are also easy to take outside.

Normally electric kettle that comes in regular size can hold up to 1.7 liters of water, and you can make 6-7 cups easily.

It is perfect if you have a large family. Make sure that you have enough space to store because a large kettle will take a bit more space than the small one, but it is appropriate for generating more tea.

Variable Temperature Control:

Sometimes overheating or boiling changes the taste of special teas and coffees. To get the maximum flavor of your favorite tea or coffee, go for a kettle that features variable temperature control.

This is the most important feature in a kettle because it will allow you to brew your tea or coffee on the desired temperature. 

Heating Speed:

The heating speed of the kettle decides how fast you will get your cups ready. It is very beneficial, as it heats the water faster than the manual.

Make sure it contains layers, more layers will heat the water fast. It can also retain temperature, as it keeps inside’s tea hot for at least 15 minutes.

Some tea kettles can boil water in 3 minutes, and some can take 7-8 minutes. Typically, higher heating speed will raise the expense but will save you time in the long term.


Below we have listed some additional features to take into account to make the process easier.

  • Rust Free:

Check if the kettle is rust-resistant because corrosion damages its make.

  • Food Grade:

Confirm it from the product’s information booklet that the kitchen kettle you wish to buy contains built-in high food-grade elements.

In other words, the materials used in its making are non-toxic and safe for consumption. Food grade will keep the tea safe from unpleasant smell too.

  • Safety Against Overheating of Handle:

Usually, the handle tends to get hot when you boil water in the kettle. As a result, the user may get his/ her hands bur. Consider buying a kettle that offers burning safety security.

  • Automatic Shutoff:

If your tea is ready and you forget to turn it off, your kettle might be damaged. Therefore, choose an auto-shutoff featured kettle so that when water reaches the desired temperature, it doesn’t over-heat or even dry out. You can also stay away from other dangers.

  • Easy to Clean:

Limescale often builds up inside kettles. To scrub this chalky deposit, you need a kettle whose opening is wide enough to let your hand move inside it conveniently to scrub and remove any mineral traces or residues. A kettle with a removable lid will be easier to clean. 

  • Transparent Glass Pot:

This feature enables you to check how much water your kettle contains at any time.

  • Removable Base:

Although most of the kettles come with this feature, if you don’t find a removable base in a kettle, don’t waste your money in it since the base is necessary and convenient for the tea kettle.

  • Cord Storage Facility:

If the kettle contains a base to wrap its cord under it, you can conveniently store your kettle in the kitchen cabinet.

How to clean electric tea kettle with infuser?

Your electric tea kettle is the key to kick-start a good day. Nothing feels better than a cup of steaming hot coffee or hot lime shrimp ramen noodles on a chilly winter morning. All that, by just plugging in your kettle, and switching it on.

But there’s a slight catch to it, after repetitive use, your kettle will be full of whitish limestone scales, also known as “furring,” that will stop the kettle from boiling water quickly and properly.

Here are a few ways to help you clean your electric tea kettle.

Method 1: Clean With Distilled Vinegar

Vinegar is an acidic compound that is perfect for getting rid of the nasty scales in your tea kettle.

Add equal parts water with distilled white vinegar in the kettle. Make sure that the kettle is halfway full with this solution and bring it to boil. After that, let the boiled water and vinegar solution to stay in the kettle for about 20 minutes and then pour it away.

Rinse the kettle thoroughly and if any scales are left, clean them with a sponge or brush.

Method 2: Clean With Citric Acid

Citric acid is naturally found in many citrus fruits and is a strong cleansing agent. To use it, fill up your kettle halfway with water, squeeze a lemon in it and add the lemon slices in the water. Bring it to boil and let the solution sit for about 20 minutes. Now pour the solution away.

Scrub the kettle with a sponge or brush and then rinse thoroughly.

Method 3: Clean With Soda

Don’t toss your leftover Coke or Pepsi in the bin. Instead, pour it in your electric kettle and bring it to boil. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then pour the soda away.

Scrub if needed, and rinse thoroughly. This will help you get rid of unwanted scales.