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12 Best Coffee Creamer – Reviewed & Updated for 2021!

Choosing the Best Coffee Creamer isn’t always easy. And the situation gets even worse when you are not satisfied with the creamer you are already using.

So you are not sure which one to choose cause there are so many shiny colorful products available in the market.

To help you out, below we are listing down twelve Best Coffee Creamer which excited us and are the best ones available on Amazon.

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Best Coffee Creamer Reviews 2021

nutpods french vanilla coffee creamer
Product Description:
  • Nutpods produces some of the finest of coffee creamers.
  • This smooth creamer has the rich flavor of french vanilla.
  • Best thing about this creamer is that its dairy, Soy, Carrageenan, added sugars and all other sweeteners free.
  • Its made from wholesome recipe of almonds and coconuts.
  • This creamer is best for all those people who follow Keto, Paleo, or vegetarian diets.
  • For the best taste and experience, you should never freeze it. 
  • Another great thing about this creamer is that it is Unsweetened, means that you can add your desired sweetener.
coffee booster coffee creamer
Product Description:
  • Want to make a butter coffee, Coffee Booster is a perfect option.
  • The Coffee Booster creamer is high in fat and contains few carbs.
  • Just one scoop is sufficient to supplement a full meal worth of calories and good fats.
  • Every jar of Coffee Booster is packed with high quality non-GMO ingredients.
  • This high fat high calorie creamer is made of grass fed ghee and coconut oil.
  • This GMO free creamer give you a perfect taste and flavor with any style of coffee.
  • This organic creamer is perfect for all those people who are on Palio or Keto diets.
  • The creamer is easy to dissolve in coffee or tea and to make a rich blend, it can be combined with a mixer as well.
  • No refrigeration is necessary for Coffee Booster.
nestle coffee mate creamer
Product Description:
  • This coffee creamer jar contain 1.5ltr of creamer to makes 300 rich sweetened liquid servings per bottle.
  • Lactose and Cholesterol free.
  • Everyone who loves to have dairy foods, and milk, this coffee creamer is perfect for them.
  • The sweetened original coffee creamer should not be refrigerated. 
  • This creamer has a 30 day shelf life if the bottle is opened, so if you want to have an excellent experience with it, you should consume it within a month time.
  • The creamer blends seamlessly with both hot and cold beverages.
  • As mentioned, this 1.5ltr of bottle serves 300 servings, means one pump is one serving.
  • The pump gives you control over consumption which makes less mess and restricts wastage.
nutpods coffee creamer
Product Description:
  • The “nutpods ORIGINAL” gives you smooth original coffee taste without all sugars.
  • Nutpods coffee creamer is completely dairy free.
  • This unsweetened coffee creamer is artistically made from almonds and coconuts.
  • Nutpods products doesn’t have any added sugars or alternative sweeteners.
  • Perfect for all those people who follow whole 30, Paleo, Vegan, Keto diets.
  • You need to keep the container in refrigerator once opened.
  • The Nutpods products are a bit pricy but to some customers, “you get what you pay for”.
nestle coffee mate coffee creamer
Product Description:
  • Nestle Coffee mate creamy chocolate gives you rich warm creamy chocolate flavor coffee to satisfy your coffee craving every mornings.
  • Perfect for all those people who look for non dairy, gluten, lactose, sugar and cholesterol free coffee creamers.
  • The bottle contain approximately 58-60 servings. Each serving is about 2tsp.
  • This amazing coffee creamer has the ability to transform your good coffee into the best one.
  • It must be refrigerated all the time, before and after opening the bottle.
keto coffee creamer
Product Description:
  • So far we have talked about normal coffee creamers, but this isn’t your normal coffee creamer, this is “Butter Coffee Creamer”.
  • It needs some extra effort, you need to blend it first in one of the immersion blender or your regular counter top blender.
  • If not blended first, the oil will separate from the coffee.
  • This coffee creamer is best for those people who are weight conscious or following low carbs Keto diet.
  • If you are allergic to dairy or milk products, DO NOT USE this product.
  • Gluten free.
  • The cocoa flavor you find is not from any added sugars or flavors or anything else, but from cocoa butter, and it gives a superb taste. 


Nestle coffee mate coffee creamer
Product Description:
  • Coffee mate liquid vanilla has the perfect vanilla flavor to kick start your day.
  • Non dairy, Lactose free, Gluten free, Cholesterol free.
  • This liquid creamer needs to be chilled after opening.
  • Coffee mate liquid coffee creamer is the classic way to make your awesome cup of coffee for your mornings, noon or evenings.
  • All Coffee mate products are Kosher certified.
  • For best taste and experience, you need to use it within 14 days after opening.
KITU super coffee creamer
Product Description:
  • KITU super creamer is 100% sugar free.
  • This naturally sweetened KITU super coffee creamer will kick start your day exactly the way you want it.
  • It comes in three different flavors, Original, Hazelnut, and Vanilla.
  • Every serving contain 3gms of Protein and 5gms of good fat.
  • It also contain 10gms of Whey Protein Concentrate as well.
  • Super perfect for all beverages, either hot or cold.
  • One bottle contains 150mg of natural caffeine.
  • It contains milk protein which give a big boost of amino acid to this super coffee.
  • It contain healthy fats and no saturated fats.
  • You really need to refrigerate after opening the bottle.
  • The natural flavor in KITU products is extracted flavor from the source.
coffee creamer ketogenic creamer
Product Description:
  • This powder creamer is made up of MCT oil, Coconut and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt for that extra boost to super charge your day.
  • No Gluten, Soy or artificial ingredients.
  • Best for people who are on Keto and Palio diets.
  • Best for diet and weight conscious people because it contains only 100 calories and it gives you the feel of fullness.
  • By adding just 2tsp of this powder creamer will turn your beverage Ketogenic.
  • This Ketogenic creamer will help you maximize your weight loss goals, boost your metabolism and increase brain functionality.
  • It has a really mild taste, it just softens the black coffee taste a little. No distinct heavy flavor.
coffee creamer nestle coffee mate
Product Description:
  • The Coffee mate powder original is 3.5lbs in weight.
  • Perfect for all those people who prefers non dairy foods.
  • The shelf life is 2 years if not opened.
Califia Almondmilk coffee creamer
Product Description:
  • Califia Farms coffee creamer contains Almondmilk, Coconut Cream, Pure Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Sunflower Lecithin, and Sea Salt.
  • For best use, you need to refrigerate the bottle after opening.
  • This creamer contains 15 calories per tsp.
  • The taste is very flavorful and delicious and thin like milk, and not like thick cream.
  • It includes pure care sugar and caramel.
Delight coffee creamer
Product Description:
  • The ColdStone Sweet Cream coffee creamer is non dairy.
  • This creamer comes in single serve packing, which is easy to carry and great for parties, offices, and gathering events.

Is coffee creamer bad for health?

If we talk about “non-dairy” tea or coffee creamers, straight away, this thing comes to our mind that it is safe. But be advised, every coffee or tea creamer, also known as tea whiteners, which says its “non-dairy” that isn’t always true.

Many non-dairy creamers may not contain Lactose, but it may contain Casein. (Casein is the form milk protein), this can cause some medical reactions for all those people who have an intolerance for Lactose and milk allergies.

May Boost Your Calorie Count:


If you are a black coffee lover, that’s awesome because black coffee with no sugar has zero calorie count. But when you add flavors and creamers, the calorie count starts going up. It depends on how do you prefer your coffee to be rich in flavors and creamer.

Many coffee creamer brands offer low fat and low-calorie products, which is better cause you are getting flavor with a lesser amount of calorie count. The “Plain” or “Original” varieties of these brands most likely are having a lower amount of calorie as compared to flavored varieties.

Trans Fats:



Some powdered and liquid form of coffee/tea creamers in the market may contain “Trans Fats”.

Trans fats are those fats which increase your bad cholesterol and decrease your good cholesterol. With consistent usage, this may cause heart disease, stroke and diabetes.